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Mobile app development companies serve a significant purpose. They work with your brand to transform your app idea into a reality. They assist you to connect with your customers and improve your company’s latitude of offerings.

Startups, small business owners or entrepreneurs rush in to get their products and/or services out to the customers. Now the question arises, what do you look for in a mobile app development company?

In such a scenario, look for the following 5 qualities that will help you choose the right & top mobile app development company for your project.

Top mobile app developers in USA & IndiaEffective Approach & Work Ethics

A company’s work approach and practices will let you know many things about the project outcome.

Some companies adopt scrum methodology to develop MVP (Minimum Viable Product). MVP gets you the early version or basic product ready in a couple weeks to check, execute and launch.

With a few features and working demo, it’s easier for the client to be involved with the progress and give suggestions. Such a strategy helps clients to have the product in hand early and also allows developers to make updates later on.

Top mobile app developers in USA & IndiaImplementing User-centric Procedures

Is the mobile application well-designed keeping user’s perspective and usability in mind? Smart mobile app designers keep user-focused design and functionality so that the application is user-friendly and intuitive.

One of the most famous technique to do this is to download few apps that the company has already created. You can always ask for the list of previous clients and get their feedback too.

Top mobile app developers in USA & IndiaKnowledge of Cross-platform Development

This is one of the key qualities of top app development companies. Both Android and iOS platforms are equally important. The company must be knowledgeable about cross-platform development. There is less likelihood that users will only be interested in one platform.

Any company that specializes in developing for only one platform will lose out on a huge market.

Top mobile app developers in USA & IndiaEmploy An Agile Development Process

Your your app must be scalable and flexible enough in design and coding aspects. The app development process must be able to adopt the changes, suggestions, and feedback laid down by the project team which is in coherence with brand and services.

Top mobile app developers in USA & IndiaPerforms App Testing Before Delivering it to the Market

Many companies skip this step to keep up with the app launch date. Good mobile app development companies strictly perform the testing process to identify possible vulnerabilities and risks in a mobile app, and correct them before launching the app.

What Makes Appscrip Top Mobile App Developer in USA & India?

Top Mobile App Developer In USA

Appscrip has made headlines with their work for high-flying brands like Reliance Jio and Inmobi and also funded startups like Rapido , Baxi Taxi , Na-Kd. The company is headquartered in Bangalore,India and also has another office in Atlanta , USA.

How is Appscrip Different From Other Software Companies?

top mobile app developers in USA & India

The work process in Appscrip revolves around its unique PAAS ( Products As A Service) approach. Over the years it has built an arsenal of strong prebuilt platforms targeting several popular and trending business models.

These platforms are highly customizable and can efficiently accelerate time to market for both startups and enterprises within a very affordable budget.

If the pre-built platforms do not suit the requirement, Appscrip also provides full-service custom software development services leveraging the following skills:

Web Frontend – Angular JS, React JS
Mobile – iOS, Android, React Native
Web Backend – Node.JS, Python, Go, PHP, Erlang
Machine Learning & AI – Tensor Flow 2.0, PyTorch, Autokeras, Rasa
Salesforce – development

Appscrip pivoted into a platform company where the common denominator was hived and then split into the following high level models:

On-demand apps like Uber, Shypr , Convoy , Postmates , Instacart
Booking apps like AirBnB
Shopping apps like Wish , Fancy
Dating & Social apps like Tinder, Happn, OKCupid
Social media apps like Instagram, TikTok
Peer to peer marketplaces apps like LetGo, OfferUp
Chat apps like WhatsApp , Telegram

These apps all showed up in the top 100 apps on the stores.

The key is building clean code which was extensible and scalable. Long laborious hours were put in to achieve the quality that was required to achieve targets.

Today Appscrip delivers 365+ apps each year across the world with a lean and mean team of 120+. An average of 60 days is taken to build an app that would otherwise take almost 6-9 months to develop.

Not only clients time and money is saved and they receive some very good technology to help hit their business goals and kick-start their APPreneur journey.

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top mobile app developers in USA


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