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Telemedicine has evolved rapidly, becoming a cornerstone in the growth of modern healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its adoption, proving its critical role in providing accessible, efficient, and cost-effective care. As technology continues to advance, telemedicine companies are poised to further revolutionise the healthcare industry.

This blog explores some of the top telemedicine companies, highlighting their founders, business models, unique selling propositions (USPs), revenue details, and the pros and cons of their services. We will give you a peep into the top telemedicine companies, namely Amwell, Teladoc Health, GoodRX Care, and MDLive to understand their contributions in the telemedicine landscape.

Top Telemedicine Companies

Teladoc Health

Founders: Michael Gorton and Byron Brooks

Year of Inception & USP: Incepted in the year 2002. Extensive network of healthcare professionals, comprehensive range of services, 24/7 availability, and a user-friendly app.

Business Model: Teladoc operates on a subscription-based model and per-visit fees. It partners with employers, health plans, hospitals, and health systems to provide telehealth services to members.

Overview: Teladoc Health is a leader in the telemedicine industry, offering a wide range of virtual healthcare services including general medical consultations, mental health support, and specialist care. The platform connects patients with healthcare professionals via phone, video, or mobile app.

Revenue Details:In 2023, Teladoc earned around $2.4 billion and continues to show signs of growth in the telehealth market.

Pros & Cons:

Pros: Wide range of services, easy access, extensive network of healthcare professionals, and a broad range of services.

Cons: Some users report variability in the quality of care, higher costs for certain services compared to some competitors.


Founder: Randy Parker

Year of Inception & USP: Incepted in the year 2009. Immediate access to healthcare professionals, a broad range of medical and mental health services, efficient user-interface.

Business Model: MDLive works on per-visit fee and subscription model. It partners with health plans, employers, and health systems to provide telehealth services.

Overview: MDLive offers virtual consultations with board-certified doctors and licensed therapists, focuses on urgent care, behavioural health, and dermatology. The service is available 24/7 via app, phone, or online.

Revenue Details: In 2021 MDLive was acquired by Cigna’s Evernorth. Financial specifics post-acquisition is integrated into Evernorth’s numbers, with MDLive being the main contributor to telehealth revenue growth.

Pros & Cons:

Pros: 24/7 availability, extensive network of healthcare providers, user-friendly platform, and focuses on mental health.

Cons: Costs can be high without insurance, some limitations in specialist care.

Top telemedicine companies - Telemedicine market

Amwell (American Well)

Founder: Dr. Ido Schoenberg and Dr. Roy Schoenberg

Year of Inception & USP: Incepted in the year 2006. Strong partnerships with healthcare systems, robust and scalable telehealth platform, comprehensive service offerings.

Business Model: Amwell uses a combination of subscription and fee-for-service models. Telehealth services is provided in partnership with health systems, insurers, and employers.

Overview: Amwell is among the top telemedicine companies and provides telehealth solutions to healthcare providers, insurers, and patients, facilitating virtual visits through its scalable platform. Services include urgent care, psychiatry, therapy, and chronic disease management.

Revenue Details: During 2023, Amwell earned around $324.5 million and continues to show steady growth.

Pros & Cons:

Pros: Comprehensive platform, strong partnerships, scalability.

Cons: Some users report technical issues with the platform, higher costs for uninsured patients.

Cleveland Clinic Express Care Online

Founder: The service is an extension of the Cleveland Clinic, founded by Dr. George Crile, Dr. Frank Bunts, Dr. William Lower, and Dr. John Phillips.

Year of Inception & USP: The Cleveland Clinic was founded in 1921, but the Express Care Online service was launched in 2014 integrating it with one of the leading healthcare institutions in the U.S, providing direct access to Cleveland Clinic’s renowned healthcare professionals.

Business Model: The platform operates on a fee-for-service model. Patients can pay per visit, and it also integrates with insurance providers for covered services.

Overview: Cleveland Clinic Express Care Online provides virtual consultations with Cleveland Clinic providers for urgent care and follow-up appointments. It integrates with the renowned Cleveland Clinic healthcare services.

Revenue Details: As a service under the Cleveland Clinic, specific revenue details for Express Care Online are not typically broken out separately from the overall revenue of the Cleveland Clinic. In 2022 Cleveland Clinic reported $9.8 billion revenue.

Pros & Cons:

Pros: Access to top-tier medical professionals, seamless integration with Cleveland Clinic services, high-quality care. Integration with Cleveland Clinic’s renowned healthcare services, access to specialist care, reliable medical expertise.

Cons: Higher costs compared to some telehealth services, limited availability outside of urgent care and follow-up consultations.

GoodRx Care (formerly HeyDoctor)

Founder: Doug Hirsch, Trevor Bezdek, and Scott Marlette

Year of Inception & USP: HeyDoctor was founded in 2017 and rebranded as GoodRx. Affordable telehealth services, integration with GoodRx’s prescription discount platform, and a wide range of accessible healthcare services.

Business Model: GoodRx Care operates on a fee-for-service model, with low-cost consultations. It integrates with GoodRx’s platform to provide prescription discounts and access to affordable medications.

Overview: GoodRx Care is among the top telemedicine companies and offers affordable telehealth services, including virtual visits with medical professionals for a variety of conditions such as common illnesses, sexual health, and chronic disease management.

Care after its acquisition by GoodRx in 2019.

Revenue Details: GoodRx reported total revenue of $745 million in 2022, with GoodRx Care contributing to its expanding telehealth and prescription services.

Pros & Cons:

Pros: Affordable consultation fees, easy access to prescription discounts, broad range of services.

Cons: Limited availability of in-depth specialist care, primarily focused on cost-effective solutions rather than comprehensive care.

Conclusion: Top Telemedicine Companies

The future of telemedicine companies is bright, driven by technological advancements and evolving consumer preferences. As these companies continue to innovate and expand their services, they are likely to play an increasingly significant role in the healthcare ecosystem.

By addressing regulatory challenges, enhancing user experience, and leveraging new technologies, telemedicine providers can offer accessible, efficient, and high-quality care to a broader population. As we look ahead, the integration of AI, machine learning, and personalised medicine will further enhance the capabilities and reach of telemedicine, making it an indispensable part of healthcare delivery.

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Top telemedicine companies - in the U.S
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