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A car break-down is any motorist worst nightmare.

Now he requires help to get it either fixed or towed to a repair facility. But how does anybody go about contacting a towing service provider? The stranded motorist can search for towing/roadside assistance services. But getting a number to reach the service without too many details is a difficult scenario and he is fishing in the dark.

But instead the motorist can reach for his smartphone and search for a “Towing Apps Like Uber or Roadside Assistance App”. The app would provide all necessary information and the motorist has the option to choose exactly what he needs. He can provide his location and find out how much it would cost for the service. Once he confirms the service requirement, the estimated time for the tow truck to reach is provided and details of the service provider.

Mobile technology and the rise of on demand app solution has alleviated a difficult situation. Tow trucks or roadside assistance is available anytime and anywhere on-demand for customers.

What is Uber for Tow Trucks? How it helps to increase profits?

Uber for tow trucks app is a platform that ensures tow truck owners or companies offering towing services get an opportunity to display their services and secure business. Customers can download the app and use it effectively to engage with towing services.

The app would display time required to reach them and the costing.

The Uber for tow trucks offer intuitive modules that provide the best support for customers and aids your business process. Uber for tow trucks equips businesses to expand along with functionalities that support it along with cloud assist for business processes.

Top Towing Apps Like Uber & Uber for tow trucks around the world

  1. Urgently (US)Towing Apps Like Uber is an US based towing service provider of on-demand tow truck and roadside assistance via an app. Customers can connect with clients needing roadside assistance with their tow trucks and roadside assistance providers. Customers can pay for the service directly using the app.

  2. Honk (US)

    Towing Apps Like Uber Honk For HelpHonk is yet another roadside assistance / tow truck app that is pretty popular in multiple US cities. The app has an exhaustive list of roadside assistance services such as flatbed towing, specialized car towing, tire change, dead battery start, lockout, replenishing fuel and other emergency scenarios.

  3. StrandD (India)

    StrandD - On-Demand Roadside AssistanceThis startup operating in India offers services 24/7 on-demand towing services / roadside assistance. Strand-D has exhaustive coverage in over 1500 town and cities. It has an expansive list of more than 16,000 certified roadside assistance service providers and towing professionals affiliated with them. Membership is not a necessity, you just have to pay as per usage.

  4. Morni (Saudi Arabia)

    Morni Provider - Apps on Google Play

    Morni is pretty popular roadside assistance service that operates in Saudi Arabia and few Gulf countries providing roadside assistance services to the customers anytime, anywhere. This app covers basic breakdown needs such as flat tire replacement/repair, towing services, fuel delivery, and battery trouble. All you got to do in register you request on the App and a service provider will be dispatched in quick time and do the needful.

Features Of The Uber For Roadside Assistance App

Real-Time Tracking With GPS

  • Track the agent or vehicle journey in real-time with unified GPS to check the status
  • User can view the agent arriving to the location or even while the vehicle is being towed away
  • Truck drivers can use the GPS to check out the best navigation to the client location

Define Zones

  • Admin can check various zones available and using a dashboard disable service in specific regions
  • Admin can set a pricing strategy with a base fare for zones and categorize them
  • A service radius can be set using geo-fencing wherein a particular agent can provide their services

Call Screening

  • Uber for tow trucks app provides secure calling feature between clients and drivers
  • Clients can call the driver directly with the call masking kicking in and ensuring the privacy of their contact details
  • Or if comfortable the client can chat with the in-app provision to discuss and resolve queries

Analyze Earnings

  • Uber for tow trucks ensures admins view earning details. They can also export the same for offline use.
  • The agent/business can analyze the earning details in the app on daily, weekly, and monthly intervals
  • Joint owners of businesses can check out earnings at regular intervals

Manage Fleets

  • Admin can manage all the vehicles that are registered with them and view details of all individuals
  • Admin can define different types of tow trucks and categorize them
  • Admin can store driver details and vehicle maintenance information for customers to assign rating

Cloud Support

  • The Uber for roadside assistance is cross-platform software that provides amazing user experience
  • Data can be stored and shared across all modules and devices in a smooth and synchronized manner
  • Therefore it enables users to access their account and request services from any of them with cloud support

White Label Provision

  • Our white-label tow trucks software solution can be personalized as per your need
  • Edit the app theme, design, color combination, assign a name or logo and market it as your product
  • System admin has rights to enable or disable certain features as per their liking

Track Booking

  • Admin can track bookings and view its real-time status
  • Any updates by the service provider generates notifications for the user as well as updates the service status
  • Admin can track the entire visit of a towing agent and check service status in real-time until its completion


Working of Uber for tow trucks/roadside assistance app


  1. Registration

    (one-time or optional)
    Customer can register on the app using an email address or phone number or via social login

  2. Service selection

    Customer can opt for the service he needs from a list of options provided such as towing, battery replacement, tire repair, accident damage, etc.

  3. Share location

    Customer can share his location with the towing service provider.

  4. Share vehicle info

    Customer also provides vehicle information such as make, model and registration number. This is for the service provider to gear himself up for the job.

  5. Service fulfilment

    After the towing service provider reaches the client’s vehicle, the vehicle is either repaired or then towed to a service centre.

Features in Towing App Like Uber/roadside assistance software

An on-demand tow truck/roadside assistance service business consists of three key stakeholders.

  1. The customer– Needs assistance
  2. The service provider/tow truck driver– Provides assistance
  3. The business admin / towing company owner– Manages the show

Let us check out basic features of each of modules.

Tow truck/roadside assistance app features

  1. Easy Onboarding

    Simple registration gets you started with the app – email, phone number or social login.

  2. Service list

    Customers are provided with a list of service options available such as towing service, battery repair, tire replacement, etc. The service options would depend on each service provider and their offerings.

  3. Location sharing

    Customers would have to share their vehicle’s location so that the service provider can find your vehicle.

  4. Add vehicles

    Customers can add include all vehicles owned by them in their profile. This information would help the service provider to arrive at the location armed with necessary tools.

  5. Cost information

    Customers are provided with the details about the service charges based on the work involved.

  6. Real-time notifications

    Customers get notifications and regular updates via push and SMS channels about the service status.

  7. Seamless payments

    Customers can pay without any hassle for the services rendered to them. Multiple payment modes are available such as cash, card, and wallets.

  8. Reviews ratings

    Reviews and ratings ensures that users are able to share their experience and provide necessary feedback to improve the service as well as encourage other clients to use the service. Feedback mechanism helps to enhance the quality of the service.

  9. SOS panic button

    A panic button is placed on the tow truck app in a prominent location. Customers can use it in case of any emergency. An SOS signal will be transmitted to concerned authorities.

Tow truck driver/service provider app features

  1. Easy login

    As in the customer app, tow truck driver app also needs registration and and sign-in.

  2. Real-time requests

    Towing requests are relayed to service providers in real-time via the app. The provider can either accept or reject a call within a given timeframe.

  3. Availability status

    The app has an ‘Availability Toggle’ whereby the service provider can decide to either be present online to receive service requests.

  4. Job details

    Drivers receive the vehicle location, contact details and other relevant information after accepting a request.

  5. Built-in navigation

    There is in-app Google Maps provided for service providers to use and reach the customer location quickly.

  6. Collect payments

    After the job is completed, an invoice is raised that is visible on the service providers app screen that is titled as “collect payment”. The client can pay online or using other means as provided in the app.

  7. Driver/service provider dashboard

    An overview of both completed services, upcoming requests, feedback information, earnings information and more.

Uber for tow trucks admin panel

  1. Secure login

    2-factor authentication so as to login securely into the admin dashboard.

  2. Dashboard

    A bird’s eye view of the towing business operations with key metrics, analytics and highlights.

  3. Tow trucks/fleet management

    Admin can add, manage and track their entire fleet of tow trucks on a real-time map.

  4. Driver/service provider management

    Add and manage towing / service professionals who are part of the network. Keep an eye on their schedules, payments, feedback and more.

  5. Customer management

    Provide customers with all necessary information such as number of service providers, details of work that can be done, request status, feedback mechanism, payments received and more.

  6. Promotions management

    Towing businesses have the option to send promo codes and coupons through SMS, push notifications and email to towing service app users.

  7. Rate and pricing management

    Rates for services offered by a towing business to be available on the app. Manage pricing strategy based on service type, pickup, costing as per distance, time taken, and other options.

  8. Reporting & analytics

    Towing businesses can collate useful business insights based on the app usage patterns and improve roadside assistance services being offered.

Towing App Like Uber

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