Uber like app for business

Uber like App for Business

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How much does it cost to develop an App Like Uber or Uber Like App or Uber For X? We come across this exact question with some variation approximately 10 times a day. The answer always is – It depends!

Uber for Anything / Uber for X

Uber’s business model has given rise to a large number of On-Demand Platforms being adapted for different verticals. They are being positioned as disruptive forces tapping the demand and supply trends we are seeing all over the world. Many entrenched industry value chains stand to be disrupted. The online-offline nature and involvement of multiple stakeholders make these platforms difficult to design, master and scale.

On demand apps or Uber like apps at test.test.appscrip.com, Uber for X

Entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to build something similar – adapted to different verticals often find this analogy easiest to articulate and hence the genesis of the question.

Uber for X or an Uber Like App can be best described as a platform looking to deliver a product or provide a service On-demand with demand being aggregated online and serviced offline. But there are so many variations that can come up when we start analyzing different implementations in this field.

Uber for food, Uber for services, Uber for taxi, Uber for X at test.test.appscrip.com

When we talk about an App Like Uber or Uber For X:

  1. We can assume – supply is loosely bound to the platform and we are merely aggregating the supply.
  2. Demand is not scheduling the product/service for a time in the future and everything is instantaneous.
  3. Demand is not choosing the service provider and he is being allocated the one based on his choice and other variables.
  4. Service/product that we are talking about has a standardized flow and doesn’t involve customer making a selection across lot of different variables.

Clearly, for most of the entrepreneurs their business model will have many stark differences from Uber’s business model cited above. These considerations have a direct impact on how you deal with decisions related to identity, scheduling, matching, payment, etc. while designing the product and thus the cost associated with defining the MVP.

Uber Technologies Inc./ Uber for X

With a modular approach that takes advantage of pre-built IP, we at Appscrip are able to reduce the time and cost involved by around 30%-50% to develop Uber for X or Uber Like App. In addition, since Appscrip’s engineering teams are based out of India we bring a huge cost arbitrage to the table while still ensuring smoothness in communication generally associated with in-house teams. The engagement processes have evolved over more than 5 years of distributed product development. All in all the costs for an MVP while taking the Appscrip approach can be as low as USD 10k to USD 50k. But more than the cost advantage the bigger value proposition that we bring to the table is experience drawn from developing more than 50+ On Demand Platform in different geographies and domains.

To accelerate the development process further we have build a bunch of Uber Like Apps which come pre-built and with full source code access which you can buy off the shelf.

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  1. Katherine Davis

    Uber has certainly grown exponentially, inspiring a lot of businesses and has provided a direction to the whole On-Demand industry. Kudos!! to your whole team for making this approach easily adaptable for any business around the globe with your platoon of On-Demand App Scripts. Hope you cover more and more industries & help businesses easily transition to a mobile first model.

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