Uber Freight Benefits For Shippers

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Uber Freight has spruced the rules of the game in the freight business making it further efficient and lucrative.

The main objective of the founders behind the formation of Uber Freight was to make logistics hassle-free, easy, organised, affordable, and instant. In this blog we bring to light Uber freight benefits for shippers.

Moreover, the founders believed that their innovative technology would be a solution to the basic challenges faced by shippers. Uber freight is customised to the specifics and requirements of the freight forwarding market.

To understand why Uber freight benefits for shippers, read this blog entirely. In here you will find how shippers save costs and improve the efficiency of their service. Due to which, more and more shippers are making the switch to Uber freight. Some benefits that stand out include transparent pricing, real-time tracking and dynamic scheduling.

Uber Freight benefits for shippers

Introduction To Uber Freight

Uber freight connects shippers and carriers of all sizes. To find a perfect carrier, the app requires the following information: –

  •     Pickup and drop-off locations
  •     Date and time of delivery
  •     Basic information about the shipment

This will help generate shipping quotes instantly. These will be based on real-time market conditions like time of the year, distance, cargo condition and carrier availability. A shipper can quickly book a load by tapping on the shipping option button that suits them best.

Shippers can easily schedule pick-ups and follow loads online throughout till the destination point. After reaching the destination, required documents will be arranged automatically and stored for permanent access.

What Is Uber Freight?

Uber Freight app connects truckers with shippers. This app which was launched back in 2017. Shippers can now easily transport cargo as they can locate an ideal carrier without much ado. Shippers can now book freight on their volition.

This makes Uber Freight is a revolutionary app set to change road freight domain forever.

This app will allow trucking companies to have better control of the entire process. Truckers can increase their profit margin by eliminating middlemen, reducing TAT and cutting unnecessary expenses.

The shipper needs to provide basic information like pickup and drop off location, date and time of delivery, info about the cargo, etc. The app will then automatically provide them several quotes based on factors such as volume of cargo, driver availability, distance, weather, etc.

Uber Freight Benefits For Shippers
Uber Freight Revenue

What Makes Uber Freight Extraordinary?

Uber Freight has managed to set the bar high in the existing market, thus paving the way to new industry standards. The company has been able to resolve many major pain points faced by truck drivers and shippers with their unique thinking.

Top Benefits (Uber Freight Benefits For Shippers)

Truckers also gain financially here, unlike in traditional freight systems. In traditional systems, payment takes 60 days to process because of the paper-work that needs to be completed. But Uber Freight guarantees payments within a week, while offering higher rates to wait for a load.

1. Time-management process

In order to cater to the fast-paced requirements that businesses expect these days, Uber freight came into existence.

The app enables shippers to utilise absolute shipping capacity with just a few clicks, and schedule shipment pickups even 24 hours in advance. This saves a lot of time that was usually lost in micromanagement of different chores.

2. Managing 24/7 freight shipping

Uber Freight offers flexibility to shippers. It can book a load at any time without making any calls to the carrier’s agent. The app will notify the driver if there are any modifications to  the initial shipping needs or conditions.

The Uber freight app will also inform shippers in case of any delays or issues from the carriers’ end. Moreover, shippers can track their shipments in real-time.

3. Reasonable Prices

Uber freight benefits shippers by providing transparency of freight prices, which was not possible in manual bidding. Also, carriers had to guess the kind of market conditions that will impact freight rates in the near future. However, one cannot rely on such predictions as they are not 100% correct at all times. Thus a price fixed in the contract is neither fair for shippers nor for truck drivers.

Uber freight benefits for shippers: The USP of Uber freight is that it develops all quotes, taking into consideration real-time parameters.

Moreover, these quotes are valid only for 10 minutes. Hence, shippers can be rest assured that the price they are getting perfectly follows the ongoing situation of the market. Also, Uber fright quotes cannot be modified, once a load is booked – provided load details do not change.

Uber freight benefits for shippers - Supply & Demand

4. Dependability

Uber freight benefits for shippers is they are highly dependable and trustworthy. They check the information provided by trucks using various sources like public databases from state authorities.

All shipments delivered through this app are insured for safety of both carriers and shippers. Uber freight makes sure all carriers have $100,000 in cargo liability coverage.

5. Efficiency

Every minute counts in logistics. Hence, one should be well-equipped with reliable data to make immediate decisions.

If a load planner is informed regarding a shipment of 10 extra loads on a new lane as urgent. In the traditional procedure, he would have to call or mail carriers to get the rate. And then, post loads to an internal spot board and wait for carriers to reply.

This is waste of time as the trucks are getting booked and prices are rising in the open market.

Now think of an alternative, where as soon as a load request is submitted in the system for a new lane, at that very same time, it hits Uber Freight’s instant pricing API and receives a quote. The rate is devised as per standard business logic.

Which is used to decide whether the rate is in the correct price range depending on the parameters provided. All this happens without any calls or emails, and the load will be booked within minutes.

6. Simplifying shipper operations with APIs

Uber freight benefits for shippers, is that the company’s pricing API removes endless hours of manual labour for shippers, reducing friction and replacing such time-consuming processes.

APIs enhance efficiency and source instant, reliable capacity, building up supply chains. Furthermore, it enables shippers to provide the best possible customer service at a crucial time.

Is Uber Freight A Threat To Traditional Shipping?

The increasing popularity of Uber freight among shippers makes us wonder if it will be a threat to independent freight forwarders? It wouldn’t, this app altered the rules of the game but it will not disrupt the freight forwarding industry.

Instead it will help the small and mid-sized logistics companies to better organise their road freight shipments. It has empowered truck drivers and independent freight forwarders to now easily take care of small road freight shipments by knocking at the doors of truck operators.

Uber freight benefits for shippers
Operating profit for Uber Freight

Uber freight is surely giving a tough time to traditional shipping options. But it has not taken over the logistics market, it has just brought new beginnings in the transportation business. Below you will find a few tips as to how one can be successful in such market conditions: –

  •  Be unique- Offer features which are innovative and out of the box, this can take your business places. Just like Uber freight, which has gained immense popularity due to its unique thinking.
  • Be wise to invest in Technology- Uber freight became popular as it automates processes making it time-efficient and easy. Manual work can be time-consuming, inefficient, and full of mistakes, these are some Uber freight benefits for shippers.
  • Revise and Rework customer expectations- In order to stay and survive the competition, one should always try to meet new industry standards. Also, one should rework their businesses depending on customers’ ever-changing needs.

 Conclusion: Uber Freight Benefits For Shippers

Uber Freight has brought lot of positive changes to the table. It has helped businesses of all sizes in managing their shipment efficiently and instantly. Uber freight benefits for shippers is getting transportation options at fair prices with instant access to a network of reliable carriers.

Uber freight has been positively paving the way even for other traditional shipping options. It has encouraged them to follow a path of innovation and deliver the best logistic services.

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Uber freight benefits for shippers

Disclaimer: The Blog has been created with consideration and care. We strive to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date as possible. Despite our continuing efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate or up-to-date.

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