What is Salesforce Software Used For?

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Salesforce has revealed the ideal way to connect with customers and fundamentally altered how enterprise software is delivered and utilized. The software is cloud-based and hence doesn’t need IT experts to set up anything. It’s the cloud-computing strategy that is the game changer.

Salesforce enables you to build meaningful and lasting alliance with customers, identifying their needs, addressing problems faster and deploy apps that are customer-centric.

Initially Customer Relationship Management (CRM) requirements were hosted on individual servers. Due to this the revenue and timelines involved for CRM solutions were humongous. But benefits did not justify the efforts, time and money invested. Therefore Salesforce came up with a solution that is affordable and absolutely online.

What is Salesforce Software Used For
Stats to prove Salesforce is trending

Salesforce is now the fifth-largest software firm world-over. Salesforce has a market capitalization of $77 billion and is fast growing. Salesforce is continuously innovating, one reason why it is managing to be on the top of its game. Last year it achieved revenue of $20 billion becoming the first cloud computing company to achieve this feat.

Here we shall elucidate salesforce application in four major areas.

What is Salesforce Software Used For 

Sales Cloud

Customer information and interactions transpire in a single site – the sales cloud of Salesforce. This permits better usage of sales data by the sales personnel. Deals are endorsed at a quicker pace as ingenious practices are infused with online intelligence. Decisions can be made quickly based on the latest information available as all the data are stored in one place location.

As an industry pundit puts it – the future of sales is a social one, hence social intelligence should be incorporated into your sales process.

This information is compatible enough to be viewed on a phone, PC, laptop, or tab. Leads can be provided to ideal representatives as per skill set at a preferable time. Converting leads happens much more easily. Companies that circumvent social selling and are reluctant to forge a path to put social intelligence in their CRM will be at a considerable disadvantage.

What is salesforce software used for

Marketing cloud

There are various ways to make an optimal marketing strategy work. Companies that failed miserably in marketing overwhelm their customers with misleading ads are going down the wrong path. Most have faced this issue with a load of unwanted emails. For firms that are in the marketing niche, gathering necessary inputs on clients can make you shrewd and predictive on the kind of approach to adopt.

This is enabled by bestowing an intelligent platform encompassing marketing, sales, service, and finance. Making a collaborative CRM equipped with the tools and data to make sanctions based on past purchases. This is particularly helpful in solving issues your customers may have encountered with certain products.

What is salesforce software used for

You can increase engagement through custom communities and connect to your customers through any device on any channel from social media to your connected products. Gathering key insights to strengthen your relationship with each customer at every stage of the product cycle will be made efficient with Salesforce technology of the marketing cloud. With Salesforce marketing facility you can easily tweak campaigns to help drive leads in the pipeline while you get a complete view of the customer data to optimize your marketing strategy.

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Community cloud

Community cloud is one of the newer domains that Salesforce has ventured into. It already has its presence in sales, marketing and service. The cloud permits you to connect with clients directly so as to increase success of all participants and thereby enhances employee productivity. Diverse communities can be formed and explored for various requirements while being fashioned to symbolize any brand. You can personalize each customer’s experience by including their specific interests.

What is salesforce software used for

Hence clients can search specific communities to research information quickly and the community can be requested to pursue solutions while difficult issues can be attempted in-house. Deals can be quickly sealed due to accessibility to specialists in the field and leads can be managed within the ambit of the community. Campaigns can be created by marketing teams by collaborating with several agencies and collate prospective leads/clients.

Deliveries can be managed by producers/manufacturers by monitoring promotional activity and other client engagement operations. Risks of delivery schedules within the supply chain is taken care by the supplier community as they are better equipped to respond.

Similarly patients can be given timely and optimal medical care by Doctors who can apportion their expertise. Patients can also access the community remotely. Productivity of employees surge by sharing valuable insights and relevant information in real-time.

What is salesforce software used for

Topics can be created automatically via the social intelligence of the community that helps participants to access information. Discussions with experts in real-time on the subject of their expertise can be made possible. Badges can be created by community owners to encourage participation of members. Finally built-in dashboards can quantify community success.

App cloud

Salesforce app cloud is the latest genre of platform-as-a-service. This is pretty much similar to a play-store but is specifically for CRM needs. The environment is for constructing, discovering and operating of apps. Frameworks from the latest programming-languages are utilized by developers and business admins through drag-drop featuring tools such as app-builder or process builder to leverage the app cloud.

Customers can be connected via Apps so as to create an unparalleled personal experience. The platform can help reorganize legacy information into mobile apps so that all employees benefit through it.

Now partnerships with anyone across your domain will become easier to create and activate. Practical steps can be taken by designing Apps to gather information from sensors, mobile devices, and websites.

AppExchange can discover several pre-built apps. Apps can be run on a safe and protected framework that the world’s leading brands trusts to scale across all devices from several hundreds to millions at an instant. This is true advantage of Salesforce in the development of Apps.

Headless Commerce

In its simplest form, headless commerce is a separation of the front end and back end of a website that allows each to operate independently so that changes on one end do not require reciprocal changes on the other. At the same time, both parts can still work together through the use of APIs. The important thing to know is that it removes IT dependency (in other words, the back end) for user experience and user interface projects (the front end). That way, user-centric changes can happen faster because they often don’t require IT resources.

Headless ecommerce makes your site more flexible. Customers engage with your brand through your website using their desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphones, and a variety of other connected devices. In a few years, the formats consumers use to interact with your business will multiply further.

The Benefits of Headless Commerce for Your Customers and Your Company

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What is Salesforce Used for

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