Messaging apps Or Social Apps? Which is Bigger?

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Think messaging apps are only a way to stay in touch with that one distant friend? Think again. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, line, telegram, Allo, iMessage, Facebook messenger, iMessage, Wechat, kakaoTalk are not just used for messaging anymore.

In fact, the number of downloads and the interactions indicates that messaging apps are bigger than social networking apps.

Also, professional teams and startups are using apps like Slack and Cotap to create groups, exchange files, brainstorm from remote locations, and join in video conferences and improve efficiency.

Messaging apps can also be used to work faster and smarter with internal and external teams.

When was the last time you used SMS? Traditional texting is now on the decline. Americans sent 1.9 trillion texts in 2015, according to the industry trade group CTIA.

That is down from a record high of 2.3 trillion in 2011. Globally, mobile-operators association GSMA predicts texting to steadily fall.

As of December 2016, a billion people every month will be using What’s App. Things helping the apps’ growth are falling data prices, improved features and cheaper devices.

Here are some noteworthy articles on the rise of messaging apps.

Business Insider 

Wall Street Journal


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