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WhatsApp’s impact in the communication industry has been phenomenal. Infused into our day to day communication, WhatsApp is now an inevitable part of our daily routine and has already replaced SMS as the numero uno mode of chat-based communication. Since the success of WhatsApp, WhatsApp clone has started to rise.

Using cutting-edge technology, WhatsApp like apps can be used on different platforms as well as for a variety of applications such as in-house communication, in-app chat, medical consultation, product marketing etc.

Let’s have look at how WhatsApp clone can be used by businesses.

WhatsApp clone- Medium for internal communication

WhatsApp clone for in-house communicationThe advantage of using WhatsApp like apps for internal communication purpose is, everyone, who has a smartphone can use it. So it becomes much easier for employees to communicate within a group. For example, a small group of marketing team members can exchange information instantly within the designated group, as compared to creating an email, CC’ing various members and waiting for a reply. 

WhatsApp Clone- Marketing tool to promote products or services

Whatsapp clone as a marketing tool

WhatsApp is the next big thing which can be used as a strong marketing tool. It creates a direct communication platform with target audiences.

WhatsApp clones can be used in a similar manner for sending creatives, audio files, or a short video clip to potential target customers, in order to attract their attention. There is no restriction on sharing such content as we face in emails or SMS.

WhatsApp clone- Tool to provide medical consultation

Whatsapp clone to provide medical consultation

Doctors can use WhatsApp like apps as a medium to provide medical consultation for minor queries. According to Cello Health Insight, nearly 9 out of 10 doctors in Brazil communicate with patients using apps like WhatsApp because of its strong privacy controls. WhatsApp played a key role in tracking Brazil’s Zika virus outbreak, as doctors used it to share common symptoms they were witnessing and possible cures instantly.

Furthermore, Brazil, China & Germany has the highest percentage of doctors who use WhatsApp like apps to communicate with patients.

WhatsApp clone- Medium for chat based payments

WhatsApp clone as a payment app


WhatsApp clones are not limited to just being a chat application for users to interact with their friends and family. It can be helpful for users to directly connect with different businesses like Uber,  bidding apps, payments app etc. However, customers will have the option of choosing which business they wish to interact with and can also block a particular business from any further transactions. An added feature of accepting payments can be attached which enable users to make payments directly to the businesses. The business in-turn can give users offers, send discount coupons, etc to the customers.


With growing trends in mobile technology, new features being added into daily apps we use and the convenience of WhatsApp like apps in our day to day lives, it is abundantly clear that WhatsApp like business models are the future of communication services for all corporates as well as for personal usage.

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