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In Part 1 of this series we looked at the workflow of a delivery app from the customer’s side. In part 2 we take a walk through of the workflow from the driver of the app.

The driver app must be easy to use and understand. It must be intuitive as most drivers may not be skilled at using difficult ot navigate interface.


workflow of driver app for any delivey app software 1

  1. As soon as an order is placed, check if job acceptance is needed from the nearby available drivers.
  2. If job acceptance is needed then does the driver accepts the job. If no then update teh dispatch system the job is denied.
  3. If driver accepts the job then is it single pickup – from same store/restaurant and multi drop?
  4. If Yes then create a task “Single pickup and multiple drops”
  5. Check route optimisation for best route for the driver to take as he has multiple drops.
  6. If job acceptance isnt needed follow step 4 and 5.
  7. If there is only a single pickup and single drop create a task accordingly with “Single pickup- single drop“. No need of route optimisation here.
  8. After the task has been created for the driver, he/she can start the pickup.
  9. If job acceptance is not needed in the beginning then the driver will automatically get assigned the job. However he will get notified that a pickup & delivery is assigned to him, In this case steps 4 onwards will follow.
  10. workflow of driver app for any delivey app software 2
  11. If the order gets cancelled, then select the reason for cancellation.
  12. Update the disptch system of the reason of the cancellation and update the dispatch system.
  13. If not cancelled then proceed to the store/restaurant to pick up the order.
  14. Locate the order and check if a scan of the bag/package is required. If it is required then scan the required bag. If the scanning works then check if mire bags need to be scanned. Scan all of them. If the scanning doesn’t work then do a manual scan of the bag by entering th package ID. This completes the pickup process.
  15. workflow of driver app for any delivey app software 3
  16.  Check if the store/restaurant is paying for the delivery.  If yes check if the payment is in cash. If yes collect it from the shipper. This amount will be taken from the shipper’s wallet.
  17. If the shipper is not paying for the delivery then start the delivery process.
  18. Start from the jobs that are in the queue if there are multiple deliveries to be made.
  19. Arrive at the customer’s location and deliver it to the customer. If customer isnt present then re-attempt the delivery at a later time. The delivery will be added to the existing job queue.
  20. If the customer isnt present even after re-attempting the delivery then cancel the delivery and create a return request to be added to the job.
  21. While delivery, the Driver marks that he is at the location waiting to deliver the items/products
  22. For high value items a One Time Password (OTP) is generated to the receiver’s phone. This ensures that the package is being delivered to the right person as it is of substantial value.
  23. In case the driver is carrying multiple bags, check if scanning the bags required. If yes scan the bag. If it scanned properly then scan more bags if required.
  24. If scanning is not working then enter the bag ID manually.Delivery app Driver workflow
  25. For Covid safety check if the customer has opted for the contactless delivery. If yes then leave the bag at the customer’s designated point.
  26. For proof take a pic of the delivered item and upload it to the order and mark it as completed.
  27. If the customer has opted for delivery in person, check if a signature is required from the customer. If it is required then take the signature and hand over the delivery item to the customer.
  28. If case payment is the preferred mode of payment then take cash and mark the delivery as completed.
  29. The driver can rate the customer if the app receive ratings from the driver’s side.
  30. The driver checks if there are additional deliveries pending. If yes then teh whole cycle is repeated for the next customer from Step no 19.
  31. Once all deliveries are completed, return to base job.

A driver delivery app must follow the above workflow in order to build a robust app. Though a customer app is essential for a app’s success, it also depends on how efficient the deliveries by the driver are.

We have been making delivery apps since more than seven years now and have perfected the flow. A delivery app can be customised to suit any kind of delivery items be it: Grocery, Food, Alcohol, Flowers, Packages, Meat, Cannabis and more. Talk to us if you are venturing into the delivery business and would like to get advise on what technology to use and how to build an app.

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