Why You Need The ‘X’ Factor In Your Dating App

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Own a dating app? Want to launch your dating app idea?

Here is your guide to make it big and make your way into the list of best dating apps 2019.

Swiping LEFT & RIGHT has become very crucial and relevant in the new age dating. You can say it’s the opening act for most of the relationships today.

 A statistical report states people who get their partners via online dating sites tend to marry sooner.

There are approximately 8000 online dating apps in the world. It might seem difficult to get your dating app idea to rank amongst the best dating apps 2019 but also the combined user base is around 50 million people worldwide.

Don’t freak out looking at the stats, understand that larger the market better you have a chance of people accepting you.

Take care of the ‘X’ factor and you can make your way in the list of best dating apps 2019:

What is this X-Factor

As I said, the bigger audience helps you experiment with the newer concepts. They are always looking for newer experiences.

One more benefit of having a larger set of audience to target is that they contain a various set of audiences within. Having specific needs they want to satisfy.

Here are examples of dating apps that bloomed their way into the industry because of their unique dating ideas.

Plum: Better Version Of Tinder & Bumble

Plum is considered as the evolution of Tinder & Bumble.


Plum is trying to overcome the drawbacks (Safety Related) of dating on Tinder & Bumble. Plum goes with the tagline “Where respect is rewarded”!

There ‘X’ factor is giving special attention to women’s safety.

They let women rate the guys they have been on a date with, based on the following criteria:

  1. Profile Authenticity
  2. Communication
  3. Follow-through

How do they utilize this?

 The guys who get good ratings have better visibility on the dating site than the guys with lower ratings. More visibility more matches.

Spark Networks: Community Based Dating Conglomerate

Niche dating app conglomerate, Spark Networks is another example where the X-Factor has kept them going since 1997.

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They started off with dating site for Jewish Community, JDate and then moving to the EliteSingles, designed for educated and successful single professionals, a Christian dating site for single men and women looking for a God-centered relationship. Then SilverSingles, for singles aged 50 and over.

Ship: Set a Date For Your Friends

Dating app conglomerate Match Group partnered with content platform Betches to launch a similar app called Ship. It helps your friends to hook you up for a date!


Even if you are committed you can help your friend to get into the dating game.

Spottle: Bottle Twisted Amazing 

Spottle is a very new concept in the online match-making industry. Users have to spin the virtual bottle and meet for a 30-sec video call. If they like each other they kiss and its a match!


There are new dating apps entering the market on a regular basis, but the good news is that the user base is touching skies. With every new ‘Tinder For X’ idea, you have an audience waiting for it with open arms.

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What benefits the newly launched dating apps is that they overcome the existing issues of their big counterparts in the business.  The audience is more accepting than it was before.


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