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My mom’s a yard sale junkie. Even though she confides it’s only a hobby, dad swears that’s her part-time job. When spring looms in the horizon, spring cleaning is in – that translates to ‘out with the old’. And the mobile apps – garage sale finder and yard sale finder operates as a full-fledged office in itself.

Folks who know the benefits of a garage sale/yard sale are circumspect when they invest in home-goods. They purchase 90% stuff with the intention to resell. Don’t doubt those numbers.

A garage sale typically includes good condition clothes, tools, appliances, vintage dishes, glassware, hand-bags, costume jewelry, books, bicycles, garden tools, camping gear and exercise equipment.

Yard sale finder
A Typical Yard Sale In Sydney

You really don’t need to stick to the above list mate, anything in your garage or basement which you utilized sometime or the other could be of use to someone. Clean it up and display it on a garage sale finder App and earn some cash.

A garage sale not only gets you extra funds but also rids you off unwanted items. And then you could go about judiciously and cautiously investing in good condition garage sale purchase. It is here where you need tech as a partner; you need to flip items without huge investment in time or resources. And the Apps come to your rescue.

Years ago it was difficult to locate a garage sale or to set one up. You either had to pass information through word of mouth or then design a brochure and distribute it in the neighbourhood. But either ways your reach was limited. But now with technology to your aid via Apps, you have wide reach and publicity. You can search for items by keywords, titles or categories.

Rather than listing out the items that can be sold perennially (as most can be sold), let me chart out the 10 most popular garage sale apps for you.   

Garage / Yard Sale Finder Apps

  1. VarageSale

Yard finder sale

Varage sale is a buy and sell app. You could set up your profile and add all products that you would want to sell in the app. You would have to create an account and list out the items available and you are ready to sell. Users would have to connect with their Facebook account so that their identity and image is available. You can now browse local classified listing by title /category as in, household goods, appliances, furniture, electronic items and much more.

2. letgo

Garage finder sale

Letgo goes one up in comparison to other apps due to the fact that it is assisted by artificial intelligence. AI will classify the items you post into appropriate categories so that you can complete the process quickly and these items can be easily found by buyers. This enhances the efficiency of the app to sell promptly and assist buyers explore great deals. Products are catalogued into categories such as electronics, games, tools, apparel, automotive and others. This is a simple and easy to use app for online garage sale. So post items, include description and sell in a jiffy.

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3.  OfferUp

Sydney yard sale sign

Off the many garage sale apps in Australia OfferUp gives you the option of communicating securely with the buyer/seller via messages. This enables you to narrow down your search quickly and ensures that you don’t lose out on time or resources to either buy or sell. This makes OfferUp one of the quickest and easiest manner to buy or sell via yard sale in Australia.

OfferUp has an innovative UI that assists you to easily post an ad or list an item to be sold utilizing your smartphone or tab. You can also browse local items, such as in Sydney or Melbourne through title, picture, location, category or other features to narrow down you search.

4.  Yard Sale

Yard Sale Finder

A popular and easy to use app that assists you to access Craigslist garage sales on mobiles is Yard Sale Treasure Map. This App enables you to view local yard sale in list format or in map. Cloud storage abilities let you view sale specifics, images and directions – all on your smartphone.

This assists you to search items posted by day, location, distance and keywords. So you could post an ad and sell your goods nearby. Therefore go ahead and create a garage sale listing on Craigslist. The icing on the cake is in this app you get help to post ads for sale.You could even help your elderly neighbours to set up one.

5.  Garage Sales by Map

Garagesale by map

As the name suggests, Garage Sales by Map helps you find yard sales, garage sales or property sales on a map referencing your location. You are also provided driving directions. Search for these on your smartphone and chat with the seller before you take a decision. Sales are usually listed from various classified apps and sites. You can easily search product / items by title, category or filter for diverse options.

This yard sale finder in particular supports to locate sales that are nearby in an easy and brisk manner. Therefore browse for items selling on a map with pictures, details and an exhaustive list. There are filter options such as day, title, condition, keywords and many more.

6.   CPlus


The biggest advantage with CPlus is the App lets you search for items in multiple cities of Australia in real-time. This is possible as CPlus is a geolocation inspired garage sale finder that lets you sell and purchase promptly. Another notable feature is, now you can change location and search for products too. CPlus has given prominence to images and offers options during search results with diverse views of pictures in grid view, album view, map view, big picture view and descriptive view.

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7.   5miles


This garage and yard sale finder has the highest rating in Australia as a local marketplace App as the login and registration is aided through Facebook or an email account. This makes it a secure and safe option to buy and sell online. The App is free, uncomplicated, safe and secure with innovative and unique features. Folks acknowledge having purchased products at optimal cost on this yard sale finder app.

Videos and pictures can be uploaded and shared via SMS, Twitter, Facebook or other social media to enhance your product visibility by posting it to the top of the feed.

8.   Vintage


Biznetx LLC brought out this yard sale finder for both iOS and android users. It aids to buy and sell products online. The garage sale finder app is quite popular in certain regions of Australia. They specialize in products related to vintage apparel, designer clothing, foot-wear, retro games, home products and electronics. You can discover splendid bargains in and around your location and list the goods you want to dispose without too much sweat.

9.   Listia


Listia is an innovative yard sale finder app in comparison to other apps because they offer a barter system of working. Listia is a free online marketplace and mobile app that supports exchange of goods between individuals without using money. The platform has a system through which they offer Listia credits to facilitate trade. Users can garner credits by giving away items that they no longer need. They can then use these credits to get item that has been listed by others.

10.   Facebook Marketplace

FB marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is similar to Craigslist. Folks usually prefer this kind of garage sale finder app as you get plenty of information of the buyer/seller. Once you post an upcoming sale you get directions and could solicit more information. All this can be done directly from the App. But don’t expect a similar kind of yard sale community as Craigslist or any other dedicated yard sale finder app. But then we all are aware of the popularity of Facebook, therefore it is always a good idea to post a yard sale when you want to have one to let all you know about it.

It’s not quite as vibrant of a garage sale community as Craigslist or a dedicated yard sale app. However, Facebook is super popular so it’s not a bad idea to post a garage sale there every now and then.

Yard Sale Finder

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