Bringing your Uber for trucks app to life: The Basics

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Before jumping into your million dollar Uber for trucks like app idea – You need to make sure your app covers the basic functionality.

Remember Sustainable Businesses are built on Strong Foundations.The same follows for your Uber for trucks mobile app.

Most great ideas are never sustainable in the long run because design efforts are focussed around the “Big Idea”, due to which the important core elements never get properly designed and tested.

Doing so will ensure you burn through your funds and run your Uber for moving business into a loss before you can get any traction for it.

As Cameron Sinclair – Founder of Small Works and Head of Social Innovation, Airbnb once said

When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change.”

Wondering why entering the Uber for trucks industry is a good move now?

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So the first step to being cost-efficient and sustainable is ensuring your Uber for trucks app covers the basic requirements.

Live Tracking

Uber for trucks - Customer app

When it comes to uber for trucks apps, live tracking is a cannot-do-without feature for customer experience.Customers need to be able to view the trucks location and load details at any given moment.


Uber for trucks - Driver App

Varying fuel prices and location tracking for truck drivers are clear immediate reasons why you need a proper routing software setup for your uber for trucks app.Real-time data is important to understand fuel consumptions for each driver, chosen routes, speed and if there are more fuel-efficient routes to be taken. This is invaluable to your business to help you cut costs and manage your drivers at a more efficient level

No point starting your uber for trucks business if you are gonna burn through all your money just because of inefficient fuel and route planning.

GPS System

Uber for trucks

Real-time location monitoring for you and your drivers is essential. Whether your real-time mapping system is GPS, E-map, GLONASS etc setting it up properly is key for running your uber for trucks business.

Central Dispatch Coordination

Uber for trucks - Central Dispatch


An efficient central dispatch system is required to ensure a streamlined process for your customers, drivers and your business. If customers can’t find the drivers nearby, you need to give them an option to request for one manually.Overall fleet management will also be handled from your central dispatch.

Rating system

Uber for trucks - Rating

Top uber for trucks like apps all allow their users to rate their drivers and sometimes even vice versa.It is an important feature for customer experience and helps to set a high-quality standard for your truck drivers.


Uber for trucks - Book later

Allow your customers to be able to schedule their loads. Either on demand moving or at a later date/time.

This enhances the customer experience by allowing them to feel comfortable when they can schedule their loads for early or late pickups, or even if they need to setup a process for their business where their truck drivers will arrive at a particular time daily.

Push Notifications

Uber for trucks - Notification

Pick up, delivery, on route based notifications are important for customer experience. Similarly, your drivers can be notified about earnings, delivery deadlines and route/traffic changes through push notifications.

Real-time Chat


In-app chat features are starting to be a useful trend in delivery based apps. Shippers and receivers can get quick updates from the truck drivers. Central Dispatch can also use this to interact with the truck drivers with respect to route changes and load details. 

In conclusion, make sure the above core features and properly designed and implemented first. It sets a strong foundation on which you can build your own unique uber for trucks app.

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