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Ride sharing apps have revolutionised the transportation industry, ushering in a new era of convenience and accessibility. In this blog we bring you the top ride Sharing apps in San Jose. These digital platforms, operating on a business model that matches passengers with drivers of hire vehicles via websites and mobile apps, have transformed the way we commute.

This business model, known as ‘ride-hailing,’ operates on the simple principle of connecting passengers with a network of drivers offering their services, all managed through an easy-to-use mobile application. This digital disruption has changed not only how we travel but also how we view traditional taxi services.

The ride-hailing industry has seen exponential growth, with Uber leading the charge, paving the way for numerous other companies to adopt similar models. The success of these platforms lies in their ability to leverage technology to provide a seamless, cost-effective, and time-efficient way of getting from one place to another.

the most popular ride sharing apps in San Jose

Best Ride Sharing Apps in San Jose

Here are some of the best ride sharing apps popular in San Jose.


Founder: Uber was founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, who aimed to revolutionize urban transportation.

Total Funding: Uber received funding multiple times since the initial seed round in 2009 and this takes the total funding to be 15.8billion.

Business Model: Uber operates as a technology platform that seamlessly connects drivers and passengers for transportation services. The company successfully disrupted traditional taxi services and gained a significant market share due to its innovative approach.

Unique Selling Proposition: Uber’s USP lies in its ease of use and convenience. The service enables users to book a ride with a simple click, making transportation easily accessible in urban areas.

Brief on the App with Revenue Details: The Uber app revolutionized the ride-hailing industry by providing a robust supply of ride requests for drivers (partners) to accept and fulfill, thereby generating income. Uber is valued at over 96 billion as of 2023.


Founder: Lyft, a pioneering venture among the ride sharing apps in San Jose, was conceived by the visionary minds of Logan Green and John Zimmer.

Total Funding: Lyft has received a total of 4.9 billion in funding since its inception in 2012, with an undisclosed post-IPO round in 2021.

Business Model: Lyft operates on a multi-faceted business model, leveraging strategies like subscription revenue, commission revenue, and surge pricing to drive its income. This smart blend of models ensures a consistent revenue stream and enables the company to adapt to market trends.

Unique Selling Proposition: Lyft’s unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to providing reliable and convenient ride-hailing services, seamlessly connecting drivers with riders through a user-friendly mobile app.

Brief on the App with Revenue Details: The Lyft app, a technological marvel, has revolutionized the transportation sector by offering a platform that brings riders and drivers together with just a few clicks. The app generates income through a variety of revenue models such as subscription fees, surge pricing, and commissions on rides.

Its user-centric design and efficient operation have made Lyft a preferred choice for many users, contributing to its impressive success in the ride-hailing market. Lyft is now valued at over 3.2billion with almost 10000+ employees working for success.


Founder: Curb, initially known as Taxi Magic among the ride sharing apps in San Jose and rebranded in 2014, was launched by Sanders Partee, Tom DePasquale, and Matt Carrington. Their vision was to revolutionize the taxi industry by introducing the convenience of app-based hailing and payments.

Total Funding: As of September 2021, Curb had raised total funding of approximately $50 million. This includes a significant investment from Verifone Systems, which acquired the company in 2015.

Business Model: Curb operates on a simple yet effective business model. It connects riders to professional taxis and for-hire drivers via its app. Curb generates revenue by charging a commission from these rides.

Unique Selling Proposition: The unique selling proposition of Curb is its focus on professional taxi drivers rather than freelance drivers, ensuring a safer and more regulated ride experience. Furthermore, it provides an option for advance booking, which sets it apart from other on-demand ride-hailing apps.

Brief on the App with Revenue Details: Curb is a user-friendly app that lets users request rides instantly or schedule them up to 24 hours in advance. It operates in major US cities and connects riders to over 50,000 taxis and hired cars. Curb hasn’t publicly disclosed its specific revenue figures though, but the estimates are around 12.6 million dollars per annum. However, given its presence in major cities and a large fleet of vehicles, it’s safe to assume that the company generates significant revenues. Its business model, which includes charging a fee for rides and in-app advertisements, contributes to its earnings.

how does ride sharing apps in San Jose California work


Founder: Wingz was founded by Geoff Mathieux, Christof Baumbach, and Fred Gomez. This trio brought together their collective expertise in business and technology to create an innovative solution in the transportation industry.

Total Funding: Wingz has raised a significant amount of funding. To date, the company has accumulated a total of $11 million in funding, demonstrating investor confidence in the platform’s potential.

Business Model: Wingz operates on a unique business model. It’s a peer-to-peer transportation platform that connects passengers with personal drivers for pre-scheduled rides. The company generates revenue by taking a percentage of each transaction between the driver and the passenger.

Unique Selling Proposition: The unique selling proposition of Wingz is its focus on scheduled rides. Unlike other ride sharing apps in San Jose that provide on-demand services, Wingz allows its users to schedule rides in advance. This feature ensures reliability and convenience for its users.

Brief on the App with Revenue Details: The Wingz app is intuitive and user-friendly, making ride scheduling a breeze. It allows users to select their preferred driver, set up a ride schedule, and even save their favorite drivers for future rides. While exact revenue details are not publicly available, the company’s innovative approach to ride-booking and its popularity among users suggest a promising revenue trajectory.


Founder: Gett was founded by Dave (DaVid) Waiser in 2010 with the vision of revolutionizing transportation by making it reliable, quick, and efficient.

Total Funding: Since its inception, Gett has been successful among the ride sharing apps in San Jose in securing substantial funding. As of the latest reports, the company has raised a total of $838 million, demonstrating investor confidence in its growth potential and business model.

Business Model: Gett operates on a unique business model that distinguishes it from typical ride-hailing applications. The company partners with existing taxi services and car fleets, thereby eliminating the need for a fleet of its own. This model allows Gett to scale quickly and efficiently, reducing operational costs and increasing profitability.

Unique Selling Proposition: Gett’s unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to quality and convenience. The company prides itself on providing a high-end, reliable service. This is reflected in its stringent selection of partner taxi services and its dedication to customer satisfaction.

Brief on the App with Revenue Details: Gett’s app serves as a platform connecting customers with reputable and reliable taxi services in their vicinity. It offers a seamless booking experience, real-time tracking, and secure payment options. As of the latest data, Gett’s annual revenue is reported to be $1 billion, a testament to the app’s popularity and the company’s effective business model.

Overall, Gett has successfully redefined the taxi-booking experience, offering a blend of convenience, reliability, and quality through its innovative app and unique business model.


The ride sharing apps in San Jose have revolutionized the way we view transportation, offering a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional taxi services. Through innovative platforms, it connects passengers with drivers, facilitating a seamless commuting experience. Ride sharing apps are critical in this model, serving as the bridge between drivers and passengers. Their design, features, and target audience are the key determinants of success.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements is crucial. If you’re planning to venture into this lucrative industry, consider the dynamics of creating a custom ride-hailing app, taking into account market trends and the unique needs of your targeted users.

At Appscrip, we offer unparalleled ride sharing app development solutions. Our team combines industry insights with technological prowess to create intuitive and feature-rich apps tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, we can help you navigate the ride sharing landscape with a custom app that sets you apart from the competition.

the best ride sharing apps in San Jose
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