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Create a custom AI chatbot for your website in minutes

custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot
Build a custom GPT on your website and mobile apps to automate engagement, marketing, sales, and support with conversational AI.
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot


1 platform manages thousands of AI agents

Full power control

Covering reporting, access  and token consumption

Be a co-worker

Setting up workflows between AI agents and humans

Address employee challenges

With frequently changing data

Meet ‚ÄúThe Enterprise Grade AI Agents‚ÄĚ

custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

Knowledge Management Module

Transform enterprise-specific knowledge into AI-first contents
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

Accuracy Management Module

Control and Configuring AI agents to ensure Accuracy
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

Integrations & APIs

Connect to external systems via APIs
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

AI Performance  Module

Measure & tune AI performance
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

Management & Reporting Module

Monitor and draw insight from conversational data
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

Built-in Touchpoints

Mainstream platforms (LINE, FB, Whatsapp, etc.)

Build your own custom AI chatbot with no code

custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

Make an AI chatbot in 5 simple steps

Follow our straightforward onboarding flow to create and deploy a custom AI chatbot on your website.

custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

Customize your AI chatbot UI

Tailor every customer interaction and deliver unparalleled AI customer service using your first-party data.

custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot

Gain customer insights

Refine your services, products, and business strategies with critical customer data from your AI chatbot conversations.

Appscrip Agent Framework abstracts the complexity

Move away from complex architectures involving endless chains and indexes. Appscrip's fully integrated agents streamline AI development for rapid launch.
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot
Move on from complex architectures involving endless chain and indexes.
Isometrik’s fully integrated agents streamline AI development for rapid launch.

Design custom GPTs tailored to your business needs

Create highly customizable AI chatbots with no code straight from the Appscrip dashboard.
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot
custom AI chatbot Custom AI Chatbot
Create bespoke AI prompts
Define your AI chatbot behavior and persona with custom prompts and ensure a unique and engaging user experience.
Boost response accuracy with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), leveraging neural search across your knowledge base spanning web content, files, wikis, and data from conversations, CRMs, databases, and more.
Personalize your AI chatbot widget with our user-friendly web widget UI builder, and create a branded experience that resonates with your audience.

Ensure your chatbot’s knowledge and response quality meet your standards by testing it in the Appscrip dashboard before releasing it to your website and mobile applications.

Produce custom AI chatbots for various roles across your business

Lead generation

Get your visitor's data using a lead-generation AI chatbot.

Shopping assistance

Unleash AI in your e-commerce website and drive sales through a chat widget window.

Customer service

Enable round-the-clock, global, conversational AI customer service.


You can start by scheduling a consultation with our team to discuss your specific business needs. We'll guide you through the customization options to ensure the chatbot aligns with your brand and business processes. 
Our custom AI chatbots can be tailored to include a variety of features such as natural language processing, automated responses, user behavior tracking, and integration with analytics tools to enhance user interaction and business insights.
The pricing is flexible and is determined by the plan you select. Costs range from $100 to $500, depending on the customization options you require.
We can have the AI chatbot up and running on your website within minutes once you've tailored it to fit your business requirements.
A custom AI chatbot can significantly improve customer service by providing instant responses, handling multiple inquiries simultaneously, and delivering personalized customer interactions, thereby increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Yes, our AI chatbots can be integrated with various external systems and business processes to provide seamless functionality across your operations.
We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your AI chatbot continues to operate effectively and evolves with your business needs. This includes regular updates and improvements based on user feedback and changing technologies.
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