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The rise of prescription delivery apps in San Jose is rapidly transforming the landscape of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. These innovative platforms offer a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized experience, allowing patients to receive their medications right at their doorstep.

From large pharmacies developing their own apps to intermediaries bridging the gap between customers and medicine suppliers, these applications operate under various business models. The growing demand for such apps, fueled by their convenience and efficiency, is contributing to the predicted $206 billion e-pharmacy market by 2028.

Here we take a look at some of the popular prescription delivery apps in San Jose.

Best Prescription Delivery Apps in San Jose

The following are the best prescription delivery apps in San Jose, California.

CVS Pharmacy

Founder: CVS Pharmacy was founded by Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland in 1963. The company was initially a health and beauty aid store, later expanding into pharmacies. Today, it stands as one of the largest prescription delivery apps in San Jose.

Total Funding: CVS Pharmacy, being an established company, does not follow the typical startup funding model. Instead, it is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and generates its funding through stock sales and revenue.

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Unique Selling Proposition: CVS Pharmacy’s Unique Selling Proposition lies in its integrated approach to healthcare. The company has developed a comprehensive ecosystem that allows customers to manage their health needs in one place. This includes retail pharmacy services, clinic appointments, and even insurance coverage through Aetna, which CVS acquired in 2018.

Brief of the App with Revenue Details: The CVS Pharmacy mobile app provides an all-in-one platform for managing prescriptions, shopping for health products, and scheduling clinic visits. It also offers unique features like a pill identifier and medication reminders, which set it apart from competitors. As for revenue details, CVS Health Corporation reported a net revenue of approximately $268.7 billion in 2020. The mobile app contributes to this revenue by driving sales and customer engagement.

NowRx Pharmacy

Founder: NowRx Pharmacy is a revolutionary concept brought into existence by its founder Cary Breese who perceived the billion-dollar retail pharmacy industry as a broken model marred by inefficiencies and negative customer experiences.

Total Funding: An offering statement relating to NowRx’s securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. NowRX has raised around $79 million in total and the initiative is backed by substantial resources to challenge the traditional retail pharmacy model.

Unique Selling Proposition: The unique selling proposition of NowRx is its innovative, technology-driven approach to the pharmacy industry. It aims to save Americans the countless hours spent waiting in line at pharmacies by providing same-day prescription delivery. In addition, they plan to establish dispensing centers in cost-effective warehouse locations, further challenging the traditional retail pharmacy model.

Brief of the App with Revenue Details: NowRx has an application designed to streamline the process of obtaining prescriptions. It allows customers to place orders and have their medication delivered the same day. What sets NowRx apart is its business model which generates revenue from prescription delivery apps in San Jose rather than relying on high-margin retail locations. NowRx has already seen success in Mountain View, CA, and has plans for expansion with their last publicly disclosed revenue around 13.4 million dollars. This new approach to pharmacy services has garnered positive media attention, indicating promising potential for growth.

Capsule Pharmacy

Founder: Capsule Pharmacy was founded by Eric Kinariwala in 2016 following a frustrating experience at a traditional pharmacy. He saw a gap in the market for a streamlined, user-friendly digital pharmacy service that could simplify medication management for consumers.

Total Funding: To date, Capsule has raised a whopping $300 million in capital funding, elevating its valuation to over a billion dollars. The most recent funding round was led by Durable Capital Partners, with participation from new investors such as Baillie Gifford, T Rowe Price, and Whale Rock.

Unique Selling Proposition: Capsule’s unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to creating a seamless “one-stop-shop” digital healthcare experience. The app allows consumers to access a range of healthcare services, including a digital pharmacy, all within a single platform. This user-friendly approach sets Capsule apart from competitors in the increasingly crowded digital pharmacy market.

Brief of the App with Revenue Details: The Capsule app simplifies the process of managing prescriptions by enabling users to communicate with pharmacists, coordinate refills with doctors, and manage insurance communication. The company generates revenue by selling prescription drugs, earning around 1.8 million dollars annually, with payment coming from both the customer’s co-pay and insurance providers. Capsule operates one physical store in New York City but has expanded its digital services across the US, aiming to reach 100 million Americans by the end of the year.

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Founder: Walgreens was established by Charles R. Walgreen Sr. in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, it has grown into one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States.

Total Funding: As a public company that has been operational for over a century, Walgreens has been primarily funded through public equity and internally generated cash flows.

Unique Selling Proposition: Walgreens‘ Unique Selling Proposition lies in its convenience and commitment to health and wellness. The pharmacy chain ensures accessibility to health services and products, providing customers with a convenient and reliable shopping experience whether in-store or online. Their tagline, “At the corner of happy & healthy,” perfectly encapsulates this proposition.

Brief of the App with Revenue Details: The Walgreens app makes health and wellness even more accessible for its customers. It allows users to refill prescriptions, print photos, clip coupons, and find a store near them, all from their mobile devices. However, it’s clear that the digital convenience offered by the app, combined with the physical accessibility of Walgreens stores, forms a significant part of the company’s overall revenue stream which amounts to 132 billion dollars in 2022.


Founder: Nurx was founded by Hans Gangeskar and Dr. Edvard Engesæth with the objective of making healthcare more accessible.

Total Funding: Nurx has successfully raised significant capital in its fundraising endeavors. As of its latest round, the company has amassed a total of $115.92 million in funding over nine rounds. The most recent round comprised of $32 million in Series C equity funding and an additional $20 million in debt financing, bringing the total new capital for that cycle to $52 million.

Unique Selling Proposition: Nurx’s unique proposition lies in its commitment to making healthcare services more accessible and affordable. By using direct shipping methods among prescription delivery apps in San Jose, the company capitalizes on the convenience of digital health services. Nurx currently operates in 26 states, with plans to expand its coverage to 90% of the US population.

Brief of the App with Revenue Details: Nurx is a trailblazer in the telehealth industry, offering a platform that simplifies access to healthcare by delivering directly to the consumer’s doorstep. As of 2020, the company generated an impressive $150 million in annual revenue, indicating strong demand for its services. With a valuation of close to $300 million, Nurx shows significant promise in the digital health space. The company plans to utilize its funding to double its engineering team and introduce additional sensitive healthcare services.


The development of a prescription delivery app is not only a lucrative venture but also a beneficial solution for all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. A well-structured app, complete with features such as medication reminders, refill alerts, and personalized management services, can significantly improve medication adherence and elevate the patient experience. Pharmacies, clinics, and providers can boost customer engagement, increase revenue streams, and improve operational efficiency.

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