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No.1 Restaurant Reservation Software | Appscrip

Loyalty and Rewards Program

This feature can incentivize users to use the app and make repeat reservations by offering loyalty points and rewards. These can include discounts, free meals, or exclusive access to events or promotions.

No.1 Restaurant Reservation Software | Appscrip

Smart Waitlist

This feature can help users to get a real-time update on the waitlist along with a virtual queue number. The restaurant can assign a table to the waitlist users as per the availability and the user will get an update for the same.

No.1 Restaurant Reservation Software | Appscrip

Analytics and Reporting

This feature can provide valuable insights to restaurants about their performance which can help them identify areas where they can improve their services, optimize their resources, and enhance customer satisfaction

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No.1 Restaurant Reservation Software | Appscrip

Payment Partners

Customer App UI

Restaurant App UI

Super Admin Features

Reservation Management

User Management

Restaurant Management

Analytics Dashboard

Marketing Tools

Financial Accounting

Technologies Used
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No.1 Restaurant Reservation Software | Appscrip


No.1 Restaurant Reservation Software | Appscrip

Android & IOS

No.1 Restaurant Reservation Software | Appscrip


No.1 Restaurant Reservation Software | Appscrip

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Food Delivery Flow

Loyalty Program

Apple Watch App

App Localization

POS Integration

Advanced Filters


What is a restaurant reservation app, and how does it work?

A restaurant reservation app is a mobile application that allows users to search for and make reservations at restaurants. The app typically provides users with access to a database of participating restaurants, along with information on available tables, menus, and pricing. Once a user selects a restaurant and desired reservation time, the app sends a notification to the restaurant. As soon as the restaurant confirms the reservation, the app provides the user with a confirmation notification of their reservation.

Is there a mobile app for your software?

Yes, there is a mobile app for our restaurant reservation software similar to Opentable. The mobile app allows users to easily search for restaurants, view available slots, make reservations, and receive confirmation notifications all from the convenience of their mobile device.

Can I customize the features and functionality of the app to meet my business's unique needs?

Yes, our app is 100% customizable to meet a business’s unique needs. This may include custom branding, third-party integrations, and the ability to collect and analyze data on reservations and customer behavior.

Is it possible to integrate additional payment gateways, APIs, and other third-party services?

Yes, additional payment gateways, APIs, and other third-party services can be integrated subject to the requirements with additional charges. Please get in touch to discuss this in detail.

Is it possible to integrate loyalty or rewards programs with your software?

Yes, it is possible to integrate loyalty or rewards programs with our restaurant reservation app. By integrating these programs into our reservation software, businesses can offer their customers the ability to earn points or rewards for making reservations at the restaurants through their platform. This can be a valuable tool for driving customer engagement and building a loyal customer base.

Do you provide multilingual and multicurrency support?

Yes, our app supports multiple languages and currencies as add-on features, making it a great fit for global usage.

What have you done to make the app more secure?

Our restaurant reservation software has the most secure app infrastructure in the market where security extends from the mobile app to the APIs.

  1. Use of keychain on iOS and Android to store all credentials
  2. All APIs are secured with a wildcard SSL certificate
  3. Use of JWT and JWE for securing all APIs
  4. Load Balancer supported for horizontal scaling
  5. All customer data on the server is encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption
  6. Rate limit API and controller access to minimize the harm from automated attack tooling
  7. App secured from any DB injection
  8. App protected from clickjacking protection, XSS, MIME-Sniffing, HSTS, HPKP, or set the CORS settings
  9. Security headers are enabled
  10. Scripts are not deployed with default credentials, particularly for admin users
  11. Uses a server-side, secure, built-in session manager that generates a new random session ID with high entropy after login. Session IDs should not be in the URL. Ids should also be securely stored and invalidated after logout, idle, and absolute timeouts
  12. JWT tokens are invalidated on the server after logout
Do you provide technical support after the purchase?

We provide free patches for bugs on our core products for a year after purchase. These patches are supplied via GIT pushes to your source code repository. We however don’t do the actual code merge for you as that would cost us man-hours.

We have paid support plans available. We know our apps best so for most of our customers, it makes a lot of sense to hire our team for support. We have different support packages available depending on the SLA required (Service Level Agreements).

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