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Smartphones have become the game-changer in the on-demand delivery business models. Buying groceries, ordering food, purchasing medicine, renting furniture, has all been eased out due to the rise of on-demand apps. Consumers now prefer to get all their basic need services at their doorstep so that they can save time and can relax till their order gets delivered.

These on-demand apps have brought about the speedy acceptance to one such business that is known as hyperlocal business. The hyperlocal delivery business model is a best example as to how technological advancements can bring about a change from the usual shopping methods.

The digital age has finally come to a stage where it can assist the buyer with everything. The on-demand economy has strengthened itself with the rise in hyperlocal startups.


If you are an entrepreneur and have not begun thinking about getting into the industry, read the following FAQs and the affordable Hyperlocal business ideas along the way!

What is a Hyperlocal business?

A Hyperlocal marketplace is building a local ecosystem from where people can access the services of the stores near them.  People can order items from these stores online, mostly on apps (Android/iOS).

Let us consider a hyperlocal on-demand business in the food industry. After a customer places an order on the dedicated mobile application – the aggregator receives the order and forwards the order details to a delivery partner. The delivery partner dispatches an agent to procure the requested item from a local store and makes sure that it reaches the customer, which should also be within the set location. The aggregator drives the entire system and earns a commission for the role it handles.

What does Hyperlocal mean?

The term Hyperlocal basically means a geographically restricted on-demand marketplace. It only focuses on catering to the demands of smaller geolocation.

The term ‘Hyperlocal’ refers to ‘a defined geographical area’. Hyperlocal delivery model is when delivery of products is done within a defined geographical area. The pick up location from where the order is packed and the customer’s address should lie within a given geolocation.

How is Hyperlocal business different from eCommerce?

The easiest way to differentiate between the two is to check if they have you regular shops listed with them, instead of the brands.

Your local service providers, Kirana stores, restaurants, etc.  are listed on the Hyperlocal apps and users can track their orders in real-time.

eCommerce businesses offer brands, national and international to everybody, not restricting the distribution to geographical boundaries.

What is a Hyperlocal model of delivery and how does it work?

In the Hyperlocal delivery model, the provider acquires the requested product from the local or nearby shops registered with them and delivers them to the clients. These clients are from the same geographical location.

The entire process can be monitored by the clients in real-time.

Products offered can be Grocery, Food, Service Providing Professionals, etc.

Who are the biggest players of Hyperlocal businesses around the globe?

Following is the list of biggest Hyperlocal businesses:

Food and Grocery Delivery

  1. Postmates
  2. FoodPanda
  3. Olo
  4. Instacart
  5. JustEat
  6. Dunzo

Home Utility Services

  1. Taskbob
  2. Handy
  3. Serviz
  4. UrbanClap
  5. AirTasker

Healthcare Services

  1. Doctor on Demand
  2. Healthtap
  3. Pillpack

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Most Affordable Hyperlocal Business Ideas 2020

Listing down some really cool, trending and lowcost Hyperlocal business ideas you must know about in 2020.

Personal Care Services

Thankfully enough we get weekends to spend at home, who would want to face all the traffic and the driving, to go to the Salon, Masseuse, Spa or Beauty Parlour.

How nice would it be to have it all at home!

Moving to, how does it ensure profitability to the entrepreneur launching the business?

  1. You are saving the hassle of traveling to the salon, who doesn’t want that?
  2. Saving them the jargon of booking an appointment and sticking to the timing.
  3. Service quality is basically the same, customers would not mind paying a little more.

Food Ordering Services

I wanted to cover this at the end, but the significance of this Hyperlocal business idea wouldn’t let me.

This is a huge niche, a lot of players to compete with, very difficult to sustain and get the restaurants and grocery stores on board, requires a deep sense of business strategies.

Hyperlocal Business

But, the good thing is, people are ready to experiment with Hyperlocal businesses. They can easily switch from Zomato to FoodPanda.

Even though the competition is cut-throat, the startups have a chance at surviving.

Handyman and Services

Cleaning services, Plumbers, Electricians, Gardeners, etc are the recurring requirements of people. This way, they can book appointments with them as per the requirement and the time that best suits them.

Hyperlocal Business

Drawing investors, rise in demand, price effectiveness, increase in working population are some of the factors leading the growth of the Hyperlocal businesses that are providing professional home services and handyman services

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Home Healthcare Services

Home healthcare is an umbrella term that includes, senior care services, baby care services, Caregiving services,  Health care services (Nurses), etc. With the increase in the rate of stays in hospitals, home healthcare services are really coming handy.

The developed countries are already utilizing this to the fullest, the trend has started to get attention in the developing and rising economies. The market players are shifting their focus in accords to the market trends.

Hyperlocal Business

The home healthcare industry is expected to reach US$ 340 Billion by 2024. This promising estimate should sure act as a motivation for you to get into the business before the newfound markets have been exhausted by the existing players.


Looking at the trend, Hyperlocal business sure is a smart way to go.

Due to lockdown restrictions many hotels and restaurants shut down. In fact this is a good time to get your business going online. Especially for offline merchants who were facing ups and downs. Many restaurant’s went online as they knew it was the right time. The future is never going to be like the past. Businesses will continue to operate in the new manner as people feel and enjoy the convenience being offered.

A robust admin panel is a necessity to survive and thrive in the industry. An efficient and effective customer tracking app and a powerful delivery driver app is necessary too. Consumer satisfaction is important. Hence measuring customer satisfaction should be looked into through reviews and ratings. There would be massive growth of such businesses in the near future.

The business is a little less explored in the economically growing countries compared to the rich and developed countries. It will be wise to understand the needs of the geographical location and then launching a Hyperlocal startup. The deeper the niche you select, the more you are likely to succeed.

Hyperlocal Business

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