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If you ask me what’s my favorite food, it’s steak!

Investing in healthy meat products is one of the best ventures anyone can start. Intaking meat daily helps to curb the risk of heart disease and cancer. Most expectant moms and their babies need kinds of seafood that helps to boost brainpower and enhances fetal growth & development. 

Those juicy chicken breasts and protein-packed legs of lamb are now made available just within a click. Many meat delivery startups are leveraging on this opportunity by inculcating an on-demand delivery model with online meat & seafood delivery services. 

meat & seafood delivery service

Investing On Meat & Seafood Delivery Service- A Meaty Treaty

In most countries, meat and seafood service has been an unorganized sector. There have been instances where customers had to resort to stale and frozen meat products in the name of fresh meat. 

meat and seafood delivery service


The changing consumer behaviour lenient towards the on-demand services is now demanding quality meat and seafood products through a personalized meat delivery app. 

This presents a wonderful opportunity for startups to set up meat & seafood delivery services that connect consumers to a wide range of high-quality beef, pork, chicken, and fish from local farms, producers, and fisheries.

Research suggests that the global processed meat market projected to reach levels worth US$ 1,327 Billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of around 12% during 2020-2025.

By subscribing to these services, shoppers can get sustainable meat without affecting their busy schedules of work.

Features That Entice Your Meat & Seafood Delivery Service?

meat and seafood delivery service


Convenient Pickup – Delivery Scheduling


Customers can receive their favourite meat cuts at their convenience by scheduling the delivery date and time through the meat and seafood delivery service app.

Advanced Search With Filters


The customer can easily browse for a variety of meats just by filling in the keyword like chicken, Mutton, beef, pork, lamb or veal.

Monthly Subscription Of Meat 

monthly subscription

Users can subscribe to a monthly subscription of necessary meat products and save money.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics


Admin can analyze reports and customer data, daily sales, and expenses with a customized real-time graph on the dashboard.

Product List Management

product management

Store managers can add or delete the specific item from the ones present in the store according to their availability status.

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Challenges Faced In Meaty Affairs

Online meat and seafood delivery seems to have an ample amount of opportunities but also has a share of challenges.

  • It’s the most difficult in the food delivery category as it has been in the unorganized scenario for many years.
  • There is no standardization at the farm level.
  • There is a gap in the demand and supply chain of meat with an inefficient supply chain and retail market predominantly occupied by local butcher shops.
  • Maintaining highly perishable meat products in cold chain temperatures throughout their life cycle is an expensive affair.
  • The meat industry has little or no intervention from governments and the major risk is some kind of meat ban, new rules, or notifications being declared which will hamper functioning.

Top Meat & Seafood Delivery Startups For Your Inspiration 

1. Licious

Licious, a Bangalore based meat and seafood startup, delivers hand-cut individually vacuum-sealed, packed fresh, marinated, or cold cut meat. Has a central processing plant and several storage units in multiple cities. It also offers a subscription model that allows pre-set delivery dates and products.

2. ZappFresh

founders of zapp fresh

Starting operation from Gurgaon and also operates in South Delhi. Claims to have achieved the operational break-even point in Feb 2016, delivering nearly 12,000 orders per month. They have set up an online platform offering a fresh meat delivery service that sells fresh meat procured from partnering farms in and around the city.

3. Crowd Cow

crowd cow meat and sea food delivery service


Crowd Cow is a Seattle based online marketplace for users to purchase beef in a group. The company lists a full beef from the independent local ranches on the platform, allowing users to choose the meat cuts and quantity. As of Dec’16, they are delivering to 2976 cities and towns in the USA.

4. MuscleFood


MuscleFood promoting health and fitness through its products

Started in 2012 in Nottingham, the United Kingdom as a small business now Muscle Food is a top retailer of premium lean meats and sports nutrition. Its offerings are chicken, turkeys, pork, bacon, burgers, snacks, seafood, and other sports nutrition products such as protein powder, fat burners, amino acids, and other supplements.

5. TenderCuts

tender cuts meat and seafood delivery service


Tender Cuts is a web & mobile-based platform to order fresh meat and seafood. Went operational in Chennai in July 2017 as an online venture, today offers freshly cut meat and seafood products such as chicken, mutton, marinades, lamb, prawns, and more. 

Even though quality food is neglected in these modern times, there is always everyone craving to add flavours with substantial amounts of nutrition. 

As long as you understand the growing customer demand for meat & seafood delivery services you are assured of enormous amounts of success in the meat business.

meat & seafood delivery service

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