5 Popular Marijuana App Models You Should Invest In 2018

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Ever since the boom of the cannabis industry, marijuana counterparts of famous trending apps have been spreading everywhere. Now with medical and recreational marijuana legalization spreading monthly, it is nothing less of a gold rush for entrepreneurs to get their own marijuana-based version of a trending app developed as quickly as possible. Here are our Top 5 Marijuana app models that as an entrepreneur, you should invest in developing.

1) Cannabis Delivery App / Eaze-Like App

Known as the “Uber for Marijuana” or “Amazon for Cannabis”, Eaze, is one of the forerunners for cannabis delivery apps. Eaze has raised $27 Million in the Series-B funding round this year and is considered as one of the highest funded cannabis startups yet. So an Eaze-like cannabis delivery app model is currently a very profitable investment for 2 main reasons –

So there is a huge market scope for more cannabis delivery apps that can –

  1.  Connect users to nearby cannabis dispensaries.
  2. Allow dispensaries to provide online medical consultations and prescriptions from a licensed doctor through the app itself.
  3. Provide a variety of strains and cannabis-related products for users to choose from.
  4. Connect nearby drivers/riders for deliveries from the cannabis dispensary.

Eaze weed delivery app

 2) Dating App For Marijuana Lovers / Tinder-Like App

Tinder is a popular dating app famed for its convenience for matching singles or groups with similar tastes and simplifying the entire dating process to a single left or right. Currently, the Tinder App has currently been valued at $3Billion  and on August 30th, the Tinder app took the #1 spot on Apple’s top-grossing app chart.

So its no surprise that a Tinder-like app focused on the cannabis community would kick off well.

A popular example is the High There! app. It has been described as the “Tinder of the cannabis community” or the “Tinder for stoners”. High There! currently has over 150,000 users who the app matches with each other by –

  • Location
  • The preferred method of consuming cannabis
  • Energy levels ie a Sativa or Indica consumer would be considered a medium-energy, so a high energy level user would be less likely paired with a low energy level user
  • Food preferences
  •  What you would like to do with the prospective date ie Chat, Stay In or Go Out

high there cannabis dating app

3) Instagram-Like Cannabis App

FORBES has estimated that Instagram – The popular photosharing platform – if broken out, is now worth somewhere between $25 billion and $50 billion. According to eMarketer, revenue generated by Instagram this year, are expected to nearly triple, to $1.5 billion, and triple again, to $5 billion, by 2018.

With even the Pope officially on the Instagram app (@franciscus), Instagram has become one of the fastest-growing platforms of all time, with about as many users as Twitter (310 million), Snapchat (100-million-plus) and Pinterest (100 million) combined.


Massroots is the “Instagram for Weed”. With over 1 Million active members and having raised $5Million in funding, Massroots is useful for creating networks of cannabis enthusiasts spanning from various sectors of the industry, recreation, and healthcare. This cannabis social networking platform allows users to –

  • View cannabis-related news in your local area or on a global scale
  • Connect and share anything cannabis-related with your “buds”( the Massroots version of friends or contacts) in the form of photos, videos, news etc
  • Follow favorite marijuana dispensaries and cannabis enthusiasts

Massroots App (Image cred: directcannabisnetwork.com) Marijuana app

4) Yelp-Like Cannabis App

Yelp is popular business review app that publishes reviews about local businesses, provides online reservation service Yelp Reservations. Yelp also trains small businesses in how to respond to reviews, hosts social events for reviewers, and provides data about businesses, including health inspection scores.

Currently, Yelp has a market valuation of over $3.5 Billion dollars, a monthly average of 30 million unique visitors who visited Yelp via the Yelp app, 74 million unique visitors who visited Yelp via mobile web in Q3 2017 and ‘Yelpers’ have written more than 142 million reviews by the end of Q3 2017.

The cannabis app counterpart for Yelp is Leafly. Titled as the “Yelp of weed”, Leafly is one of the cannabis industry’s first to raise more than $100 million in financing and claims to have over 10 million unique visitors each month.The Leafly app provides the following –

  • Users can find nearby cannabis dispensaries or products and look up the store’s information and menu
  • Users can rate and review strains, dispensaries, edibles and any other cannabis-related products or stores
  • Strain information, growing information, latest cannabis news, and legalization updates
  •  It’ll help users pick strains based on how they want to feel or which symptoms you’re hoping to combat; it will even tell users whether they can pair it with wine.

yelp-like cannabis app leafly Marijuana app

5) IoT-Based Cannabis Growing App 

IoT-based apps and devices have been on a rising trend since 2015. It is an inevitable future,

IoT Trends and Potential for IoT cannabis apps Marijuana apps

where almost any electronic gadget in a house, building or even a city can be accessed via a simple mobile app.

Growtronix in that respect is a forerunner for an IoT-based cannabis-software solution. It is an all-out automation software for a cannabis grow room. Their package includes

  • IoT cannabis app Marijuana appGrowtronix Controllable Power Outlets : Controls everything in the users grow room environment from lighting, pumps, humidifiers, sulfur burners…..just about anything connected to a socket required to grow cannabis.
  • Growtronix Software&Analytics(via Mobile and Web app) :
    1. Easy automation of the environment
    2. Remote monitoring from anywhere via the app-Calculates overall electric costs & per outlet
    3. Customizable alerts via text alerts or emails
    4. Time Lapse videos
    5. Min-Avg-Max readings for each sensor
    6. Long-term data storage in a built-in database
    7. Analytical charts and graphs synced with the grow room timer.

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 (Image Credits: thecannabisnetwork,thefrisky,budmanoc,growtronix)
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