7 Top Tips For Writing A Good Company Blog

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At first, blogging was only a web log, in which an individual would write about their day. From “Web log” the term evolved to “Blog”.

After the latest innovations on the Internet, blog emerged as one of the main tool for marketing and promotion for the entrepreneurs.

Tips to write company blog

The following are the best practices for writing a pretty good blog for your company.

1. Stay consistent always

To assemble and gather more audience, you have to set desires around the amount and recurrence of articles. If companies post blog for one day and stop doing it frequently, they won’t get the expected no.of visitors.

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience is through consistent blogging – Shane Mcgeorge, CEO, Complete Business Online

Reason being, the blog readers expect that there would be something new and interesting each time they visit your blog. Latest statistics reveal that marketers who blog consistently will receive 126% extra leads than those who do not.

2. Concentrate on quality not quantity 

Do in-depth research before you start writing an article. Post relevant and keyword-optimized content and something new and informative to keep your readers engaged.

Tips to write company blog

Avoid posting duplicate content in your blog unless it’s a definition or a quote, otherwise google will penalize your blog content.

Do not engage in “keyword stuffing” which is basically considered as a web spam, in which keywords are loaded into the web page for manipulating a site’s ranking in the google search results.

3. Ensure that the perfect individuals discover it 

The first step for optimizing your content starts with keyword research. Find the right focus keyword for your blog and use it wisely throughout your blog including title, url and meta-description. Also the core concept behind the best SEO practice is improving the user experience.

Tips to write company blog

Relevancy is an important factor of SEO optimization, so you have to be relevant to a blog topic. Use Inbound links  in your blog because google analyze relevant inbound links as a sign to verify that your blog content is useful.

Optimize your images by adding keywords in the alt text, which is a short description about the media file.

Alt tags are also useful for users viewing a web page on screen readers or browsers that can’t process images.

4. Use multimedia in your blog  

Companies that write blogs must add multimedia content such as images, videos and animations which are visually engaging and keeps the readers attracted.

A picture is worth a thousand words- Fred R Barnard,Victorian English Illustrator

Using multimedia helps to enhance the time spent by visitor on your blog and optimizes the on-page SEO by adding metadata for every media you upload.

Since people have become immensely visual, including multimedia is an effective way for attracting more viewers and building brand recognition

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 5. Keep track of the volume, value and cost of each post 

Use quality, volume, value and cost as your essential KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) to evaluate the unique visitors you are getting.

Tips to write company blog
Source-Flychart.co (Will Blunt)

Assess whether they are converting, understand what they are worth (cost per lead, cost per visit) and measure the ROI in your campaigns.

6. Effective CTA(Call to action) 

CTA is a marketing term for persuading the users to perform a particular  action in the form of clicking on  a text, image or a button. Example- Signup, register, buy etc.

Tips to write company blog

CTA will help you to enhance your conversion rate.

If a reader do not find any CTA at the bottom of the blog article, there are chances that they will  leave from your blog page without checking out your product or website associated with your article.

7. Social media sharing  

Leveraging social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. is a simple route for your company blog to reach a group of people that might not have discovered the articles through the search engines.

Tips to write company blog
Credits-Neil Patel

Sharing your blog on social media will increase your google rankings and also it’s very cost effective.

People would also share your content for free on social media sites if they find it interesting and informative. Do research on trending topics to get an idea for shareable and viral content.


Understand your audience better than they understand themselves. It takes a lot of upfront research, and often means being a member of the very tribe you’re trying to lead, but it pays off – Brian Clark, founder and CEO, Copyblogger

You shouldn’t expect instant success for your blog, it’s essential to remember that in case if you’ve just began a corporate blog, then it takes some time to rank higher on google.

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