Best Ways To Monetise A Dating App And Make Money

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Dating apps have revolutionised the way people connect, turning the search for a partner into a swipe and a click affair. The proliferation of these platforms have not only altered the social fabric of dating but has also unveiled a plethora of monetisation opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses.

This booming industry presents a lucrative canvas for innovators to craft revenue-generating strategies. From traditional subscription models and in-app purchases to advertising and premium services, there are myriad ways to turn a matchmaking tool into a profit-making enterprise. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the most effective and innovative methods to monetise a dating app, ensuring that while hearts are being matched, the coffers are brimming, too.

How Do Popular Dating Apps Make Money?

Without destroying the freemium model, there are a lot of ways to make money off of a dating app. A freemium model is fundamental to the business model because it provides for a wider user base.

Listed below are some potential revenue streams for a dating app.

In-App Purchases

Even with a premium subscription, users may still desire more of the app’s features—like profile boosts and super-likes—that require further in-app purchases. A profile boost, for instance, might temporarily increase views for a set amount of time (say, one hour or twelve hours). By introducing the opportunity to purchase additional boosts, users will have the freedom to enhance their profiles for extended durations.

Users who would rather not commit to a subscription plan with regular billing but would still like to purchase a specific number of features can do so through in-app purchases. Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid are just a few of the dating apps that offer these capabilities.

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Most popular app monetisation methods according to Statista (2024)

Affiliate Marketing

In addition to ads, some dating apps make money through affiliate marketing with other businesses’ applications and products. For a limited time, users of certain dating apps can take advantage of timed offers that combine their services with those of other companies, giving them the chance to join up for both apps while saving money on things like premium subscriptions.

Like the Grindr Halloween parties that take place simultaneously in several cities, affiliate marketing can also take the shape of events that are produced in collaboration with other companies. The parties are a great place to meet new people and try your luck at winning “rewards,” like a free premium subscription.

A dating app might arrange a similar get-together, allowing users to meet others based on shared interests or local celebrations.

Paid Subscriptions with Added Features

The most prevalent and widely used type of monetization is through premium memberships, which provide additional benefits such as the following:

  • Allow for a longer period of time to respond to someone.
  • Boost profile to increase the number of people who see it.
  • Get a set amount of perks like gifts, super likes, etc.
  • Find out who has expressed interest in your profile.
  • Be able to adjust the profile filters to your liking.
  • Enable an “incognito” mode to enhance profile privacy
  • Read receipts.
  • Messages can be unsent.
  • Photos and texts expire automatically.
  • Additional profiles displayed in the feed.

Pricing tiers can be determined by factors such as user base or geographic location. A combination of longer and shorter billing periods might be a good choice for those who want to take dating pauses on occasion.

Offering free trials or marking features as “locked” on free accounts is a great method to encourage this model because it lets consumers know what they’re missing out on until they pay for the upgrade. With minor tweaks to the features and price points, this is the fundamental business model of virtually all dating applications.

Merchandising or E-commerce

Some apps also make money by selling interesting products to their customers through their online store. As an example, Grindr’s “Bloop” online store caters specifically to the LGBTQ community by selling LGBTQ-themed items.

For app users, the store offers a good alternative because LGBTQ+ people don’t usually have easy access to this kind of stuff. Since it is the first app of its kind, Grindr has a global user base. Thus, their store makes it simple to purchase tangible presents for dates on occasion.

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Social Media Collaborations

Given the prevalence of social media platforms in the dating app industry, one potential revenue stream is social media partnerships. In these types of partnerships, the dating app’s account promotes a non-competing product or service to the app’s followers in exchange for a price.

A content partnership is another method of monetization. In this model, the dating app and the advertiser work together to generate material for the app’s social media or content sites. In return, the advertiser pays the app to promote their content.

Online Games

As an added perk, dating applications can connect users with a variety of online games, such as video games, online chess, etc., where they can “chill out” or talk about things they have in common in a private and safe environment. This may function as its own revenue stream, allowing users to purchase the game for both themselves and their partners. The game may incorporate features such as chat and video calling.

Just like in-game quizzes, users of dating apps can create their own for a fee and share them with potential partners. It might be a paid add-on for premium users or a free bonus for free users alike.

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The majority of apps use a freemium model, which means that the free plans have online ads from Google Adsense or another provider. Users can opt out of the app’s advertisements by a one-time payment to a version that does not display them. Even while users aren’t charged under the free model, the app may still make money by advertising to its massive user base. This doesn’t affect the user’s ability to utilize the app’s other functions, though.


The landscape of monetizing dating apps is as diverse as the myriad of personalities that use them. Entrepreneurs and developers can choose from a variety of monetization strategies, from freemium models and subscription tiers to in-app advertising and value-added services. Each approach offers its own blend of user engagement and revenue generation, and the right choice depends on the app’s target audience and overall business goals.

Features such as advanced matching algorithms, secure in-app messaging, and user-friendly interfaces are essential. For those looking to dive into the profitable world of dating apps or looking to enhance their current offerings, Appscrip’s Dating App Development solutions provide a robust foundation. Appscrip ensures your app is equipped with cutting-edge features like better matching algorithms, secure video calling, and efficient monetization channels.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this thriving industry. Visit Appscrip today, and take the first step towards developing a top-tier dating app that’s as profitable as it is engaging.

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