Cloud Kitchen : Trump Card of The On Demand Revolution

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The advent of cloud technology facilitating online ordering has made cloud kitchens suddenly seem like the only logical thing to do to manage high rentals and poor margins.

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Cloud kitchen or the digital restaurant is the latest trend that has quickly established itself in the restaurant space as a formidable restaurant format. With extreme competition in the restaurant space, high rentals, and rising costs, Cloud Kitchens seem like a smarter way to run the restaurant business.

What’s a Cloud Kitchen & How It Functions

A cloud kitchen is basically a restaurant kitchen that accepts incoming orders only through online ordering systems and offers no dine-in facility. They have a base kitchen that delivers food to the customers’ doorstep.

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Cloud kitchens can have their online ordering website and online ordering app, or they can accept orders through the various food delivering platform.

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Since the primary source of revenue for these internet restaurants is through the various food ordering platforms, such as Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato, etc., it is essential to have a Point of Sales software that accepts orders from multiple sources.

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Why is opening a cloud kitchen a good idea?

Orders come in, meals are cooked, packed and then whisked immediately to their delivery locations by the assigned fleet. Why does this work?

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Because you’re cutting costs on front-of-house activities and concentrating on your food. With the availability of third-party services and the growing comfort of mobile ordering, this model seems just right to experiment with.

Building cloud kitchens for Millennials & Gen Z

Cloud Kitchens and online food delivery are essentially meeting the needs of the younger generations which we call – millennials and Gen Z.

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They value diversity, more choices, and urban living.

All one needs to start a cloud kitchen business

Starting a cloud kitchen involves various decisions. From the delivery areas and restaurant name to equipments, licensing and so much more.

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So, in every step no matter how much small the effort might take, having a proper plan of action is necessary.

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