Content Promotion Checklist : A Guide to Dazzling Blog Posts

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The first question is philosophical. The second one is 100% practical.

Our content should offer its readers something valuable to inspire them to take action. Without the audience there’s no value exchange, no potential for action, and very little point to the whole enterprise.

You should spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% amplifying it. Too often we reverse these percentages.

In a forest full of demands on our reader’s attention, our content becomes that tree crashing silently to the ground.

There are many different types of blog posts – and many sources of best practice. The focus here is how to use a corporate blog to distribute useful content to your target audience.

Content Promotion Checklist 1

Content Promotion Checklist 2 | Writing Headlines and Copy

Your post title is perhaps the most important part of marketing your blog post.

  • It includes keywords or phrases.
  • It is persuasive or encourages someone to click through.

If your title is weak — even if your content is great — then people are less likely to click through and actually read it. By creating a persuasive and descriptive title, you’ll get more people to check it out.

Headline must get to the point. The ideal length is between 8-12 words and under 70 characters.

Lead or introduction

Hook the audience with the introduction. Good introductions are compelling and promise the reader something of value.

Show that the blog post will yield:

  • New information
  • Provide something of use
  • Entertaining – ideally all three.

Be the bridge between your headline and the body of your post. Consider sharing something shocking, debunking a myth, or asking a question.


Very important part of the blog. Quotes make your post real. They validate your words and enhance its quality. Quote industry thought leaders, customers, employee experts and your own C-suite.


Credibility is critical. Always cite sources of any statistics that you reference. Only use reputable and up-to-date sources.

Body Copy

Body copy length varies by topic. HubSpot suggests 1,600 words. Longer posts tend to provide strong SEO value.

Content Promotion Checklist 4 | Sharing


Ask colleagues and employees to share with their networks. It will help them look like thought leaders as well.


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