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By providing a venue for content creators to distribute subscriber-only content, Fanso has become a digital sensation in the dynamic world of content creation and consumption. Many are looking for Fanso alternative apps that provide comparable prospects but may have fewer restrictions or other features in response to current market demands and regulatory changes.

Although Fanso remains a dominant player, the digital horizon is dotted with emerging platforms vying for the spotlight as the next best Fanso alternative.

The Best Fanso Alternative Platforms For Creators

To help creators find new ways to engage with their audience, this blog explores the top five platforms that stand out in the competitive sector of content monetisation, as the search for alternatives to Fanso intensifies.

Just For Fans

Launched in 2018, Just For Fans (JFF) offers a specialised environment for adult content creators. This Fanso alternative prides itself on being particularly inclusive, nurturing a diverse creator base from the straight and LGBT communities. JFF has gained attention for allowing for a broader range of content within its guidelines, thus catering to a wide array of preferences and niches.

Key highlights of Just For Fans include:

Creators exploring alternatives to Fanso will find JFF’s features noteworthy:

Earnings: JFF pays out 70% of the earnings to its content creators. However, those who commit to using JFF exclusively as their only fan platform can elevate their earnings to 85%.

Additional Revenue Streams: Unlike Fanso, JFF incentivises creators with extra avenues for income including tips and store sales, providing more ways to monetise their presence beyond just content subscriptions.

Live Streaming: An option for real-time engagement with fans, which adds a personal touch and can significantly increase earnings.

Customised Merchandise: The ability to sell personalised items directly to fans, opens up another lucrative channel within the creator economy.

Through these features and considerations, Just For Fans establishes itself not only as a Fanso alternative but also as a potential platform of choice for content creators aiming to maximise their earnings and cater to a diverse audience.

fanso alternative apps and content subscription platforms


Appscrip’s Fanso alternative is a comprehensive platform designed to cater to creators and users by offering a range of features for content sharing, streaming, and monetization.

Key highlights of Fanzly include:

For Creators:

Create Posts & Stories: Creators can share ‘teaser’ or ‘exclusive’ content including images, videos, or GIFs.

Exclusive Posts: Creators can sell exclusive or price-locked posts to users, setting their own prices for content.

Creator-Subscriptions: They can set a monthly subscription price for their profile, allowing subscribed users to view all their posts and stories.

One-On-One Video Calls: The feature enables creators to have private video calls with users upon request.

VIP Chats / Locked Messages: Creators can send private content through locked messages, making exclusive content available to specific users.

Paid Livestreams / Earn Tips: Creators can host paid livestreams and receive tips from viewers, which can be managed through an in-app wallet.

Track New Subscribers & Followers: Allows creators to monitor their subscriber and follower growth.

Dashboard For Detailed Analytics: A comprehensive dashboard offers insights into post performances and engagement metrics.

For Users:

Subscription Access: Users can subscribe to their favorite creators to access exclusive content.

Interactive Content: Engage with creators through comments, likes, and direct messaging.

Secure Transactions: The platform offers a secure payment gateway for subscriptions and tips, ensuring user data protection.

Social Commerce Integration: A forthcoming feature that will allow in-app purchases of products endorsed by creators.

General Features:

User Engagement: The platform fosters community building through interactive features like comments and live sessions.

Secure PCI Compliance: Ensures safe payment processes for users engaging with the platform.

Appscrip’s Fanso alternative platform offers an extensive suite of features designed to support creators in monetizing their content while providing users with an engaging and secure platform for content consumption. The emphasis on creator tools, user engagement, and secure transactions positions it as a holistic solution for building a subscription-based content platform.


Fanvue serves as a versatile social media platform for a wide variety of content creators. Offering a subscription-based model, similar to its counterparts Fanso and Fansly, the platform extends its invitation to both adult and non-adult content developers, promising a space “for all creators, now and forever.” 

This assertion underlines Fanvue’s pledge to support the freedom of content without the looming threat of adult content bans. Creators benefit financially on Fanvue, starting with an attractively low commission fee of just 15%.

Key highlights of Fanvue include:

The platform’s features are designed to enrich the creator-fan interaction and enhance content monetisation, including:

Direct Communication: A functional chat system, ensuring seamless interaction between creators and fans.

Promotion Aids: A set of tools aimed at increasing a creator’s visibility and subscriber base.

Commercial Features: An integrated store that permits the sale of goods alongside a blog resource for creators to share insights and updates.

Feed Wall Design: An Instagram-style feed wall for immediate content immersion.

Promotional Boost: Creators can craft a channel promo video to attract a broader audience.

Discovery Feature: Increased discoverability helps fans find new content with ease.

Fanvue’s commitment to support extends beyond features, with superior customer service including live chat and a dedicated development team ready to resolve issues promptly. Content creators retain control over their digital offerings, setting subscription prices as they deem fit.

content subscription apps and fanso alternative


Acknowledged for its vigilance in security, Fancentro implements stringent measures to protect user data, offering peace of mind with geo-blocking capabilities that allow creators to restrict access from specific geographic areas. This reassurance in privacy is crucial for both creators and their audience in the digital space where discretion is prized.

Central to its operation is a subscription model, where fans pay a monthly fee to indulge in exclusive content from their favourite creators. 

Key highlights of Fancentro include:

Fancentro elevates the content monetisation game with:

Multiple Revenue Sources: Creators can craft customisable subscription tiers and offer pay-to-view content, enhancing their earning potential beyond basic monthly subscriptions.

Assured Payment Security: Dedicated to secure transactions, Fancentro ensures confidentiality in payments, shielding both creator and consumer interests.

Once on board, creators benefit from a competitive payout ratio of 75%, with weekly payouts to keep the finances fluid and minimum thresholds starting at an accessible $50.

Content creators on Fancentro often set their subscription charges between $10 to $20 per month, with variances based on the richness of the content offered. This pricing structure, along with the optional charges for exclusive content, positions Fancentro as a flexible Fanso alternative where creators capitalise on diverse revenue streams.


Fansly has emerged as a strong contender in the realm of subscription-based social media platforms, with a model resembling Fanso but possessing some distinctive features. It serves as an excellent Fanso alternative by providing a platform for creators to monetise their content through a subscription model. Fansly distinguishes itself with a tiered content access system, allowing creators to set up different levels of content access for their fans based on subscription tiers.

Key highlights of Fansly include:

Personalised Content Tiers: Creators can offer different content tiers with corresponding subscription prices, giving fans the option to choose their level of engagement and investment.

Engagement Tools: Interactive features such as direct messaging and the ability to like and comment on posts help maintain a close connection between creators and subscribers.

Creator-Focused Features: Intuitive tools for content scheduling and revenue tracking.

Competitive Payouts: Creators retain a significant portion of their earnings, with Fansly taking a modest percentage as a commission.

Community Support: Access to a support system and a community of creators sharing tips and experiences.

Although Fansly may not have the same level of brand recognition as Fanso just yet, its growing popularity and favourable conditions for content monetisation make it a platform to watch for creators and fans alike.

Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect distinguishes itself in the market of Fanso alternatives by serving as a robust white-label platform. It empowers creators to launch a custom-made adult subscription marketplace with their branding at the forefront. 

The service prides itself on offering a highly profitable avenue for content creators, ensuring they maximise their revenue without the hassle of commission fees on earnings.

Key highlights of Scrile Connect include:

Outstanding features that set Scrile Connect apart include:

Comprehensive Monetisation Tools: A wide range of revenue-generating options such as paid subscriptions, pay-per-view messages, and live streams are at creators’ disposal.

Customisation at Its Core: The platform allows for unlimited design tweaks and feature additions, giving creators the autonomy to tailor their marketplace exactly to their vision.

Seamless Payment Integrations: Easy setup with popular payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, and various cryptocurrencies, opens up a global audience for creators.

Robust Membership Management: Features include application management, automatic renewals, and comprehensive website management.

Engagement and Group Management: The platform supports content management, moderation tools, and event management.

The platform facilitates efficient management through a responsive admin dashboard and provides a safety net with its 24/7 technical assistance.

Pricing for Scrile Connect is structured to accommodate different needs, starting from a beginner-friendly $10/month for a Startup plan to a more comprehensive Pro plan for creators priced at $500/month, which includes a 14-day free trial.


Among the content subscription platforms, finding the right one to share your creations while maximising your earnings and maintaining a close relationship with your audience is key. Whether you’re looking for platforms with better revenue sharing models, more robust content control, or a more specialised audience, there’s likely a service out there that fits your needs.

However, for those who truly want to take control of their content and earnings, developing a custom app might be the ultimate solution. This is where Appscrip steps in. 

With our expertise in creating an innovative content subscription app solution, we empower creators to not only own their content fully but also to cultivate a direct relationship with their audience without the limitations imposed by third-party platforms.

Why Choose Appscrip?

Customisation: Tailored features that fit exactly what you and your audience need.

Ownership: Full control over your content and subscriber data.

Support: Ongoing technical support to keep your platform running smoothly.

Taking the step to create your personalised content subscription platform might seem daunting, but with Appscrip’s seasoned team by your side, it’s a journey filled with potential and promise. Contact us to explore how we help you build your dream content subscription app.

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