How do promo codes, promo campaigns & referrals work in Uber or Uber clone apps?

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Customer loyalty & retention is always improved in Uber or similar Uber clone apps, with the addition of promo codes or referral programs. No matter the industry, promo codes have been used as an effective way to increase sales and drive conversions.

While we develop a variety of Uber-like apps for our clients, each with their own unique coupon code strategy, here are few tips on what you need to know with regards to coupon-based offers while setting up your own Uber clone.

Promo Codes

The cost associated with setting up promo codes is handled by the company & the discount is adjusted based on the app’s earnings.

When configuring a promo code, there are few things to keep in mind –


Cities applicable to avail it and ensuring the pickup point is within the city limits.

Promo Code City based Uber clone

Vehicle Type

Ensuring promo codes can only be applied to select vehicles.

Payment Method

You can choose select payment methods that can avail certain promo codes

Percentage vs Fixed

Choosing between a fixed discount price or one based off a percentage of the total ride fare. Check out the various kinds of fare types in Uber-like apps here


You can set up the total promo code availability based on a set expiration date or based on a usage count/per user.

Promo Code expires Uber Clones

Should be available to have an understanding of the kinds of trips/vehicles that a certain code was used on.


Certain checks need to implemented so a promo code usage is not violated by creating multiple accounts or unsolicited distribution.

Promo Campaigns

Also referred to as ‘Loyalty Programs’ in certain cases, promo campaigns are a great way for keeping your regular app users loyal and encourage new users to use your app for their rides.

Did you know if you can retain just 5% of your customers, you could potentially increase your profitability by 75%?

Promo campaigns are based on a trigger-workflow model. If certain conditions are met, then a reward workflow is triggered.

Conditions can be based on the same factors for promo codes and additional conditions such as

Campaign Duration & Type

You can set up a start & end date for a campaign with conditions that urge users to complete more trips within that duration. An example would be

Reward Type

If a user has successfully matched all the condition for your promo campaign, you can choose to reward your user either via discounted/free trips via one-time use promo code or even extra wallet credits into their accounts.

You can even add a gamification element to your campaigns by replacing immediate rewards to points, to be redeemed at a later date with the app or a third-party tie up.

Starbucks has completely revolutionized the gamification element in their app, with their loyalty reward system. You may just get some ideas from them, to add to your Uber clone.

(PS – We do have a loyalty program script you can check out here)


Innovative promo campaign ideas can end up putting you on a whole other level from your competition. Analytics are important to understanding which reward type worked best, or the sweet spot for qualifying trips required, that made users use your Uber-like app more during the promo campaign.

Referral Campaigns

Uber Referral Program
Uber Referral Program

Similar to promo campaigns, referral campaigns also work on a trigger-workflow model. If certain criteria are met, then the reward workflow is triggered for both the new user & the user whose referral code was consumed.

The criteria to avail the rewards can be similar to the set up in promo codes/campaigns such as city, no of trips to be completed by the new user, campaign duration etc. There are, however, few changes with regards to –


The rewards now have to be configured for both the new user and the referrer as well. Each party member can either receive the same rewards or different ones based on the loyalty value of the customer.


Security is a big feature when implementing referral codes, as they can be abused easily. You need to have checks preventing users from publishing their particular referral code all over the internet. Checks can be implemented via a usage count, duration for usage or even by warning users of the consequences of unsolicited referral code distribution.

Uber referral warning - Referal campaigns on Uber & Uber clones
Referral abuse warning on the Uber website


Setting up promo codes & referral Programs in our Uber clone, RoadYO

Keeping the best practices from top ride-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft, Ola etc We’ve implemented an advanced promo & referral control section on the RoadYO super admin panel.

RoadYO Uber Clone Promo code set up
Promo Code Set Up


RoadYO Uber Clone Referral Setup
Referral Set Up

Do note that these are just demo screens, the final product will be customized to your business idea and requirements. You will be able to view analytics with regards to your promo & referral campaigns and set up security checks accordingly as well.

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