Is cannabis illegal in Denmark?

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Importing, exporting, selling, and distributing cannabis illegal in Denmark under the country’s Euphoriants Substances Act. As of 2016, the Consolidated Act on Controlled Substances made the possession of weed in Denmark illegal as well, despite the fact that it is permitted for personal use. Therefore, while it is technically possible for you to use it, you will be penalized if it is discovered that you are doing so. The country has some confusing laws that can be interpreted in many ways.

Why is Cannabis illegal in Denmark?

For first-time marijuana offenders, a warning or a small punishment of 70 euros is expected, as it is regarded as a mild substance in Denmark. Ten to sixteen years in prison are possible if you are discovered with more than 10 kilograms of marijuana. Is it safe to drive while under the influence of marijuana? Expect a fine and a revocation of your driver’s license if you are caught speeding.


cannabis illegal in denmark

In the same vein as the country’s policies on use and possession, the country’s regulations on domestic marijuana cultivation are a little murky. You can buy, trade, and even send cannabis seeds in Denmark, despite the fact that you cannot cultivate them yourself. As a result, if you’re found to be cultivating marijuana plants in your house, you could face legal repercussions.

Innovation in Denmark’s medical field

According to the Danish Medicines Agency, 12 firms were granted permission to distribute herbal cannabis in Denmark in January of this year. The chemical can be manufactured and distributed by such companies to pre-approved practitioners and pharmacies in Denmark. One of the 12 firms, Aurora Nordics, has a 9,200-square-foot high-tech cultivation facility in Odense, Denmark. One company, Aurora Nordics, estimated a yearly cannabis product production of 10,000 kg.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark made public its intention to create one of Europe’s largest medical cannabis ecosystems, with the goal of luring considerable foreign investment dollars as well as academic and clinical interest. As of August 2021, 42 European firms had requested a license to cultivate cannabis in Denmark, according to the country’s official statistics.

Denmark’s medical marijuana system

The following three forms of cannabis derivatives are currently available for usage in Denmark’s medical program:

  • Marinol
  • Sativex
  • Nabilone

Patients suffering from cancer and MS frequently receive prescriptions for these drugs in the hopes that they can reduce their feelings of nausea and pain.

In 2018, following the establishment of the Danish Medicines Agency and the enrollment of 1,700 new patients into the Danish health care system during that same year, the drugs became accessible for purchase with a physician’s prescription. In 2019, the number of patients increased to 2,967, and the initiative prescribed over 1800 medications at that time. Application numbers declined dramatically in the latter two years of the program since it is difficult to obtain true medicinal cannabis in Denmark and all marijuana-based medicines are now imported.

What do the people of Denmark think about weed?

Cannabis illegal in Denmark is a major political issue and frequently makes the news. Marijuana for recreational use is illegal under the present government’s policies, and most political parties are opposed to legalizing it. The Danish population, on the other hand, tends to be in favor of marijuana.

One-third of Danes aged 18 and over have smoked marijuana at some time in their lives according to a poll performed by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction in 2015. Fewer than 7% of Danes have tried it in the past year, despite the fact that marijuana possession is banned in Denmark. Marijuana use for recreational purposes is supported by more than half of Danes and a large majority of 80% approve its use for medical purposes.

It is possible to acquire cannabis for medical purposes through the use of specialized apps. These apps handle everything from the uploading of a doctor’s prescription to the selection of the appropriate dosage, as well as the processing of payments and shipping.

BongMe was developed to help marijuana dispensary owners with the handling of marijuana deliveries.  A Progressive Web App (PWA) is available for customers to use, while a store app and a driver app are available for dispensary owners and delivery agents, respectively.

cannabis illegal in denmark

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