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Although cannabis use for recreational purposes is not yet legal in Norway, those caught with less than 15 grams face just a fine. So what happens if Cannabis Illegal in Norway?

Decriminalizing drug use and reorienting drug laws toward treatment was also approved by the Norwegian parliament in 2017. The Norwegian government presented a bill to legalize possession of small amounts of cannabis (up to 10 grams) in February 2021. However, Norway’s largest opposition party derailed the plan only two months later.

Fines if found with Cannabis Illegal in Norway

The entire decriminalization process seems paradoxical for a society with what are on paper extremely tough drug laws, which make no distinction between hard and soft drugs, but it has thus far failed. Any person found guilty of drug production, importation, or trafficking in Norway faces a minimum of 2 years in jail and, in the most extreme situations, 15 years.

Minor offenses involving cannabis in Norway, such as consumption or possession, generally result in a monetary consequence.

Medical use of Cannabis in Norway

As of the start of 2018, doctors who have been granted permission by the Norwegian Medicines Agency can prescribe medical cannabis to patients.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency states that the doctor must submit an application for clearance to the agency, but that the doctor need not contact the Norwegian Directorate of Health. There is no predetermined list of medical illnesses that can be treated with medical cannabis; nevertheless, the doctor must present an explanation for why the patient cannot be helped by more traditional medications and how medicinal cannabis could be of value.

cannabis illegal in norway

Currently, Sativex is the only cannabis-based drug available in Norway, though patients can apply to utilize products like Marinol and Cesamet. It is unknown how many patients in the country have access to medicinal cannabis, but the system is widely criticized for being overly stringent and providing patients with inadequate amounts of cannabis. Prohibition Partners reports that patients with official permission to use medical cannabis in Norway have done so to alleviate symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS), Tourette syndrome (TS), spasticity (caused by illnesses like TS), cancer, and epilepsy.

Public opinion regarding Cannabis Illegal in Norway

Researchers in 2021 surveyed 49,688 college and university students across the country and discovered that 15.3% of them had used cannabis in the previous year and that 23% were in favor of legalizing the drug. And 29.2% said they think cannabis is safe to use.

A 2019 survey claimed that usage of cannabis in Norway is the lowest in Europe, despite cannabis (most commonly taken as hashish in Norway) being the most extensively used illegal substance in Norway. However, “proportions of previous year cannabis usage have climbed among Norwegian adolescents in recent years,” as reported by a study in 2021.

Medical practitioners in this country may have a more positive view of cannabis than the country’s limited medical cannabis legislation would have you believe. A poll of 102 doctors conducted in 2019 indicated that 44.1 percent think medical cannabis is an acceptable treatment choice, and 86.0 percent think it has therapeutic value in relieving cancer and chemotherapy-related side effects.

According to the study’s authors, “this study found acceptance of cannabis as a medicinal agent and acceptance towards MC being introduced by prescription in Norway.” The Norwegian chapter of NORML claims that “strong voices among academics” including sociology professor Willy Pedersen from the University of Oslo and police professor Paul Larsson from the Police College openly support legalization.

Is CBD legal in Norway?

Unless they contain 0 percent of the psychoactive compound THC, cannabidiol products are illegal to purchase without a prescription from a medical professional, as mandated by the Medicines Agency. Privately importing CBD products into Norway, even with a prescription, is unlawful.

Being outside the EU means that industrial hemp has a different legal status in Norway than it does in the rest of the EU, where it is considered legal if it contains less than 0.2% THC.

Growing cannabis in Norway is prohibited for both recreational and medical use, and those caught doing so face severe penalties, including significant prison time.

Is bringing Cannabis Illegal in Norway on a visit?

Norway has a zero-tolerance policy on visitors carrying any amount of marijuana into the country, whether for recreational use or on a valid prescription from a home country doctor. To acquire marijuana in Norway, you must do it on the black market at your own risk, as there are no legal dispensaries. To obtain medical marijuana discretely and lawfully, a mobile application is available. These apps handle everything, including payment and delivery, after a user submits a prescription from their doctor.

BongMe was developed to facilitate the management of marijuana deliveries for marijuana dispensary owners. A Progressive Web App (PWA) is available for users, while native apps for dispensary owners and delivery drivers are available for iOS and Android.

cannabis illegal in norway

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