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The growing of cannabis for personal use has been made legal in Malta, making it the first country in the EU to do so. So is weed legal in Malta? Adults will be permitted to carry up to seven grams of cannabis with them at any given time, and they will be limited to cultivating no more than four plants at home. 

But smoking in public and in front of minors will be prohibited.

Other countries, such as Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, are also making preparations along the same lines. Cannabis use is permitted in limited quantities in countries such as the Netherlands, but only under specified conditions.

On Tuesday afternoon, the legislative assembly of Malta gave its approval to the reform by a vote of 36 in favour of 27 against the measure that proposed the reform.

Owen Bonnici, the Minister for Equality, referred to the decision as “historic,” stating that it would prevent infrequent cannabis users from having to deal with the criminal justice system and would “Curb drug trafficking by making sure that [users] now have a safe and regularised way from where they can obtain cannabis.”

According to The Times, in October, the leader of the group, Bernard Grech, who had previously backed the new law, expressed concern that it would “just lead to the expansion of the underground market, with organised crime taking advantage of the situation.”

The opposition has requested that George Vella, the President of Malta, refrain from is weed legal in Malta signing it into law, which is the final stage in the ceremonial process.

is weed legal in malta

Anybody caught in possession of more than seven grams but less than 28 grams of cannabis might face a fine of up to €100 (£85; $112), as a result of the revisions. The penalty for smoking in public will be a fine of 235 euros, and those who smoke cannabis around anyone younger than 18 years old face the possibility of a fine of up to 500 euros.

As a result, the amount of cannabis that an individual can purchase will be governed by these associations, of which they can only join one. These organisations will be responsible for distributing either the drug itself or the seeds needed to grow cannabis. All these points to a “yes” for the question is weed legal in Malta.

Additionally, there is support available for minors who have been charged in possession of cannabis. As an alternative to being arrested or facing prosecution for a criminal offence, a care plan or treatment will be suggested to them.

Cannabis legalisation policies in Malta and other countries – Is Weed legal in Malta?

The action by Malta, the smallest member state of the EU, is likely to be the first of a number of nations revising their rules regarding cannabis following the reclassification of cannabis by the UN in recognition of its therapeutic applications last year.

The ministries of Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland have all made public statements regarding their intentions to create a market that is legally regulated.

In the Netherlands, which is well known for its many cafes dedicated to serving cannabis, the drug is technically still banned. Tolerance for the drug can develop, though, when it is purchased in establishments such as coffee shops.

The topic will be put to a vote in a referendum in Italy the following year, while comparable laws have already been passed in South Africa, Mexico, Jamaica, Portugal, and a multitude of states in the United States.

In 2013, Uruguay became the first nation in the world to decriminalise cannabis for personal use. In 2018, Canada became the second nation in the world to do so.

The safe and government-approved purchases can be monitored using apps that are developed specifically for this purpose. Cannabis can be sold via apps and can be legally made possible to monitor the purchases and uses of customers who purchase them using apps and solutions like BongMe – designed to help marijuana dispensary owners with marijuana delivery management.

There is an easy-to-use online web portal and a Progressive Web App (PWA) for customers, a store app for dispensary owners and a driver app for delivery agents. The app allows customers to upload their government-verified IDs and obtain the legally permitted amount of cannabis delivered to their homes.

is weed legal in malta

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