Taptalk – Another Snapchat Clone!

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If you’ve always wondered what a clone app could help you with or do for you, here’s an example of Taptalk, a new Snapchat like app that’s been making it big in the headlines recently.

Taptalk, most simply, is a camera viewfinder above a grid of your friends’ faces. Tap on a face to send that person a photo. Tap and hold on a face to send that person a video. Like in Snapchat, you can caption a photo if you’d like. And that’s about it. There are no ticking timers, profiles, pull-to-refreshes, or navigation buttons.

It takes the concept of photo messaging to a brand new level, with just ONE screen in the whole app! The app opens up to the viewfinder and a grid of at most 11 friends on that screen. What’s different in this app is the fact that it uses your location along with the app to share with people! It essentially reduces the number of taps you require for each photo sent, thus encouraging users to send even more snaps in a day, and here’s where the brilliant thinking put into the app comes in!

One screen, lesser taps than its competitors and no option to broadcast messages make using this app more intimate than any other today and that is perhaps one of the reasons users will turn to it today!

Nevertheless, apps (or snapchat clone) like these are showing the world what an idea can do and how it can revolutionize the world of apps and mobiles. Mobile clones like the one we offer give this very tool into your hands, whether it be the next big thing like this or just another app for personal usage.

Think out of the box and who knows, you’ll have an idea like this one!


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