Top 5 Grocery Delivery Apps in France

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Over the past few years, grocery delivery apps in France have steadily gotten better. Online grocery delivery, along with other comparable services, has recently seen a surge in popularity. Changing consumer preferences and maturing technologies are the root causes of this phenomenon.

There is a huge opportunity in the growing grocery e-commerce market for entrepreneurs willing to think outside the box and do the necessary research.

Online grocery shopping is one of the fastest-growing subsets of the larger eCommerce industry. During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a dramatic surge in the use of grocery delivery apps in France. Since many residents were afraid to leave their houses during the lockdown, online grocery delivery firms like Amazon’s, Walmart’s, and Instacart’s saw a huge uptick in business.

grocery delivery apps in france

Here are some of the most reliable and user-friendly French apps for online grocery shopping and doorstep delivery.

Best Grocery Delivery Apps in France


Deliveroo was founded in London and has now expanded to Paris. It’s a simple app for ordering groceries and food from local cafés and restaurants for delivery. Just a heads up, each order incurs a flat delivery fee of about 2.50 Euros.

One of Deliveroo’s claims to fame is that it can bring you food from a larger variety of supermarkets than those that offer their own delivery services. The majority of their deliverymen ride bicycles, making them an environmentally preferable alternative to other grocery delivery apps in France. Using Deliveroo is simple, and there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

Vite Mon Marche

If you’re looking for a place to buy groceries online, check out Vite My Market. Fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, creamery, desserts, dairy products, sauces, wine, tapenade, tea, bread goods, oil, wine, and more are just some of the items it sells.

The website is also a resource for recipes, with detailed instructions and tips provided. The company promises that orders will be fulfilled within one hour. The company offers shipping to the city of Nantes in France. It started operations in 2017 and has amassed USD 3 million in funding thus far.


Jow is an app for making grocery lists and purchases on the go. Users can make their own individualized menus with this feature. The software takes the user’s selections from the menu. It automatically adds all the necessary ingredients, after which the user can shop at one of the affiliated supermarkets and have their order delivered to their door.

Users can also edit the contents of their carts by adding and removing things. Users can access the mobile platform on both Android and iOS devices. It was founded in 2017 and has received USD 29M from Headline, DST Global,, and nine other investors.


Boxy is among the autonomous grocery delivery apps in France that can be accessed by smartphone app. It has a wide variety of groceries, including fresh produce, meat, fish, dairy, baked goods, beverages, and more. Users can select local retailers, build shopping carts, and check out. Both Android and iOS users can download the app. Founded in 2019, the company has raised USD 34M from Serena, Caphorn, LocalGlobe, and one other investor.

Wolt France

The Wolt app streamlines the ordering process for consumers, which benefits retailers and delivery services alike. It accomplishes so by building a wide range of technologies, such as local logistics, a retail app, and financial services, and by operating its own grocery delivery apps in France under the Wolt Market brand.

The Wolt app was updated in 2020 to include in-app grocery and food ordering and other enhancements to make Wolt deliveries as safe as possible, such as making delivery totally contactless. After initial funding of €75 million from the company’s angel investors and €50 million from Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, Delivery Hero’s co-founder Lukasz Gadowski contributed an additional €7.5 million.

Business Model of Grocery Delivery Apps in France and How they make money

It is essential for specialists and engineers to work together across disciplines when creating software, such as online grocery delivery apps in France.

Getting an online grocery delivery service off the ground requires a large group of people with diverse skill sets. Businessmen, analysts, developers, and designers are all covered. The best action is to team up with a company that has already developed grocery delivery apps in France. You have a lot of leeway in terms of customization, getting started support, and carrying out company strategies.

Apps for Grocery Shoppers – Customer Facing

It’s easy to get the groceries you need from the comfort of your phone. The company’s products and services are available both in traditional storefronts and online. Orders placed at any time of day or night can be delivered anywhere within the service region, making online shopping incredibly convenient. The supermarket ordering platform has various helpful features that will make grocery shopping a breeze for its customers.

Apps for Grocery Delivery Agents and Merchants

Online grocery services have been simplified with the help of grocery store apps. Service providers and grocery store owners alike stand to gain from improved delivery efficiency made possible by tools like order management (which could involve geolocation), billing and notification control (push notifications), and so on.

Businesses wanting to build grocery delivery apps in France can benefit greatly from all-in-one solutions like Grocer. This e-commerce platform was inspired by the progress of businesses like Big Basket, Amazon Pantry, Grofers, and Nature’s Basket.

grocery delivery apps in france

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