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Since ride sharing apps in Poland are more convenient, more and more Poles are giving up car ownership. The primary reason they considered purchasing a car was the thought that they could do much more enjoyable road trips if they had one.

The growing use of cars has resulted in a number of issues that have had serious consequences for ecosystems and human health. As a result, it was anticipated that the transportation industry would warm up to ride sharing options like Uber, Lyft, and BlaBlaCars.

The convenience of calling a cab whenever and wherever you need one is a widespread benefit brought about by such apps. As methods of contact and movement get more developed, the idea of creating a service like Uber becomes more intriguing. But in today’s cutthroat startup scene, it’s reasonable to wonder if the ride sharing app business model can cut it.

ride sharing apps in poland

The soaring popularity of ride sharing apps in Poland is a direct result of the country’s increasing need for affordable and efficient transportation options. It’s no secret that the skyrocketing growth of ride sharing in recent years has been influenced by factors including the rising cost of car ownership, tighter restrictions, and the urgent need to cut traffic and carbon dioxide emissions. The global ride sharing market is expected to be worth $185 million by 2026, according to market research.

Best Ride Sharing Apps in Poland

Free Now

The Free Now Taxi service will pick you up when you need it, and you can even rate the drivers. The app’s streamlined design conceals a wealth of useful functionality, such as the option to schedule a ride in advance, keep track of your most frequent drivers and rides, gain access to high-end vehicles, transport pets, or have carpooling.

The app frequently crashes during busy travel times, the estimated arrival time is typically three times more than the actual wait, and the payment process is complex (you need to authorize it through the app in real time).


Ecocar is an innovative taxi service that prioritizes its presence on the internet over business operations. They offer cab services to both individuals and businesses. Vehicles used by this group are often no older than three years. In addition to limo rentals, they also offer a service to transport children. To help their business clients run more smoothly, they offer a custom dispatch system and an extensive dashboard.

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It was established in Warsaw in 2011, and its initial funding came from WinVentures.


You can book an iTaxi through their mobile app or their website. In addition to the mobile app and website, customers can also call a dedicated phone number to arrange for a cab. It allows users to monitor where their rented vehicle is at all times. Offer your cab service to local businesses as well. Over a hundred cities are serviced by the company’s 10,000+ taxis. Started in 2012 and located in Warsaw, Poland. The company has raised $2 million from investors including Experior Venture Fund, Dirlango, and Stefan Batory.


The ParkCash app provides a platform for trading parking spaces for ride sharing apps in Poland. Users can rent out their parking spots to others, and businesses can reserve parking spots for visitors. It has many useful functions, including remote control from a mobile device, mobile payments, reports, and statistics. The app may be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones. It began operations in Poland in 2018, and BLDG Venture has provided funding.

Taxi Polska

Taxi Polska is more than just one among the ride sharing apps in Poland; it also provides access to the highest-quality cabs in the country.  You can now enjoy both quality and affordability without sacrificing both. The first-class rides at Taxi Polska’s FREE4U are the least expensive option.

Simply register and log in to the Taxi Polska app, and you’ll have access to all of the app’s essential features. Because the GPS knows exactly where you are, calling a taxi is as easy as clicking a button. At any moment, you can also choose to manually enter the address in addition to the more common name of the departure location.

Monetization and Business Model of Ride sharing apps in Poland

Aggregator ride sharing business models have seen accelerated growth as a result of the popularity of ride sharing apps in Poland. To address client demand, the company does not create its own ride sharing product but rather works with other businesses to do so through partnerships. Even ride sharing businesses that rely on peer-to-peer technology nonetheless adhere to established corporate governance practices.

In these cases, it may be useful to employ app development frameworks such as Karry, the script for a taxi-sharing app.

Algorithms are used by services like Uber and Lyft to match passengers with drivers. Since prices are set at the whim of the market, there is no set schedule for when they will be revised. Using tools like ride tracking and driver ratings, ride sharing companies may be more open with their consumers, car owners, and the public.

Car owners can also benefit economically from the ride sharing business model by transitioning into service industries. Adding trust-building features like rider and driver ratings could be a good start. There is no need for service providers to get licenses or pay any kind of registration or tariff fees.

With the support of platforms like Karry, a web application for ride sharing apps in Poland, entrepreneurs may launch their own ride-hailing services. It’s a one-stop solution that will set your taxi booking service apart from the competition and make it more appealing to customers than services like Uber.

ride sharing apps in poland

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