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This is absolutely the RIGHT time to get into the delivery market. The pandemic has provided an impetus to the online delivery market like never before.

There’s is a lot more potential to be explored in this sector. Entrepreneurs, startups planning to launch their business can take a long hard look and come up with innovative ideas for an on demand delivery. Milk, food, grocery, liquor, medicines, flowers – If done right, then the sky is the limit.

For online delivery one of the most eseential things that need to be taken care of is the MOBILE APP. Without it there isnt anything to go.

So first lets understand what are the critical elements that are needed to make this app.

There are basically 3 modules around which the entire alcohol delivery revolves.

  1. Customer App
  2. Store/Picker App
  3. Driver App

In this article we will discuss the complete workflow of the Customer App.

customer flow of the delivery app part 1

  1. First step is ofcourse the SEARCH. The customer can either select from the Home Page or browse items or search from the search bar.
  2. If they like a product they can look at the details called the “Product description” screen. Various attributes like proice, color, weight/volume, manufacturer etc is displayed here.
  3. They can add an item to their cart.
  4. If the item is not available then there is an option “Notify Me”. A mail or push notification is generated when the item is available in the future.
  5. If it is available then check if there are variants of the item. If there are the user can select those. are also suggested. workflow of a delivery app
  6. Once the button “Add to the cart” is pressed, check if the item is low on stock.
  7. If it is available then proceed to add to the cart.
  8. If it is low on stock then check if substitute is available. There is a threshold that can be set on the backend, wherein if an item is below the mentioned threshold, it will ask for a subsitute.
  9. If the user decides not to pick a substitute or it isn’t available, the item anyway would get added to the cart.
  10. If the user wants to select a substitute then suggest alternatives. This improves the visibility of items across the app. If the user wasnt aware of the substitutes, they would be now.
  11. Once the shopping is completed, the next step would be to place and checkout the order.
  12. Add address to be delivered to.
  13. If the address isnt serviceable then prompt to add another one.
  14. If it can delivered to the customer’s address allow the user to schedule the delivery.
  15. Add a check to see if all items can be delivered in one shift or multiple shifts.customer flow of the delivery app part 3
  16. Select the preferred shift/schedule that you want your order to be delivered at.
  17. Pay for the order. It can have multiple options like a) Pay through loyalty points b) Cash on delivery c) Different card payments d) Netbanking
  18. You can also apply the promo code, add tips to the driver.
  19. Another option is “contactless delivery”
  20. Once all the above is done the order is placed.

The above covers all the aspects of a customer app for a delivery. Depending on what is being delivered say for example, alcohol, groceries, milk, flowers, medicine etc the options and variants may differ. For example you cant allow alcohol delivery to underage users, Hence ID proof is necessary to process the order. Medicine delivery amy require upload of prescription.

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If you are interested in launching a delivery app and are looking around for experts in this field, do talk to us. With severn years in the field of developing mobile app, we can help guide you in the right direction.

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