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In the Arab world, perfumes are not merely a finishing touch added to an outfit but a part of the cultured lifestyle.

Arab is the most fragrance-obsessed culture in the world. Both men and women here approach Arabic Attar Perfumes ritualistically.

They believe that fragrance attracts angels and repels evil spirits. Therefore, they, not only layer on multiple oils, or attars (such as musk, oud, rose, or jasmine) but even infuse their clothing and hair with bakhoor or oud smoke. 

arabian perfume

Love bears the fragrance of musk: Sufi Rumi

Arabic Attar Perfume: Fragrance Of Desire


arabic perfume

Arabic attar perfumes are exotic, luxurious, attractive, and irresistible.

They are based on aromatic notes of jasmine, amber, musk, and oud. Their wearers leave their scent wherever they go. 

Arabic attar perfumes are a blend of oils that not only give a strong and enthralling fragrance but also have the power to uplift one’s spirit and refresh one’s soul

How To Wear Arabic Perfumes


  • Wear it either on the wrists, behind the ears or behind the knees. Spraying perfume on these places will make you appear with a pleasant smell for a long.
  • Apply the scent before putting on your clothes as well as jewellery. In this way, you will be having a heartwarming smell for a longer duration as well as your jewellery item will be protected from stains.
  • If you regularly wear the same perfume it will blend with your body chemistry and anyone around you will not smell it. Thus mixing your scent within a few days will prevent it from the fade smell.
  • Less is more: Just like any other perfume you apply every day, it is crucial to apply the right quantity of Arabic fragrances. If you will apply more quantity, the fragrance will be a bit overpowering, hiding your personality behind it. Moreover, it can be a bit uncomfortable for your senses as well as for people around you. If you are wearing this perfume to your office, make sure to stick to just one spray and for gatherings, two sprays are enough. Anything more than this will only make you seem like a wannabe person.
  • Choose according to the season: Although all the Arabic scents seem to be similar to each other, they all have a certain variation to them. This variation is according to the changing fragrance trends and the ongoing season. If you want to smell amazing every season with these classic fragrances, you need to get one to match the need of the season. For the summer season, go for the gentle notes having floral accords, for the monsoon season you can try refreshing aromatic herbs, for the winter season try out the woody and spice mixes. Top brands around the world are now offering a wide range of fragrances in this category.

Top 15 Best Attar in India

  • Al-nuaim White oud
  • Al-nauim Chocolate musk
  • Arochem Taj Omaar
  • Arochem Diamond Sukhad
  • Al-Rehab Silver
  • Al-Rehab Sabaya
  • Swiss Arabian Jannet El Firdaus Green.
  • Al Haramain Madinah Attar

5 Most Exquisite Attars In The World


1. Najm Gold Attar by Al Haramain


 Al Haramain is among the par excellence Middle Eastern companies based in the United Arab Emirates, producing attars, and concentrated oils since 1970. Najm Gold attar by Al Haramain is one of the best attars in the world.

 This Arabic attar perfume brings freshness and lights up one’s thoughts. It can be worn for evening occasions.

arabic attar perfume

 Fragrance notes consist of Bergamot, Coconut, Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Musk. 

 2. Oud Perfumes by Arabian Oud


 Arabian Oud is a prominent and trusted name with over 30 years of expertise in the production of authentic oud scents.

Oud perfume is one of the most expensive fragrances in the world that gives a strong, musky, and woody scent. It is often denoted as the liquid gold of the Gulf

 Oud oil is extracted from the fungus-infected heartwood of a rare tree found only in Southeast Asia, India, and Bangladesh.

arabian oud

 This unique Arabic attar perfume can calm one’s body and remove any destructive and negative energies. It’s best for daily usage.

 3. Rania perfume for Women by Rasai


Rasai is a well-known perfume manufacturing company based in Dubai. Over the years it has created many quality fragrances that are loved worldwide. 

Rania by Rasai is a floral, fruity, and woody concentrated oriental bouquet that reflects real elegance and luxury.

It gives the scent of luscious jasmine dipped in honey. It is very alluring and attractive and its luxury packaging adds to its charm.

arabic attar perfume

Fragrance notes consist of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, amber, and musk.

 4. Kayaani by Ajmal


Ajmal is the best representative of high-quality blended Middle Eastern fragrances.

It is a young, dynamic company dedicated to giving the world a bouquet of the finest contemporary fragrances with mesmerizing scents.  Kayaani is one of the most loved Arabic attar perfumes by Ajmal.

Ajmal attar

It is an exotic blend of oud, fruits, spices, roses, and amber. The fragrance is strong and animalic.

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 5. Dehen El Oud Mubarak Attar by Swiss Arabian


Swiss Arabian is the result of an alliance between an Arab pioneer and a European perfumery giant Swiss perfumery.

Dehen El Oud Mubarak attar is a warm, woody bouquet that is worn on special occasions like parties, anniversaries, social gatherings or festivals.

The scent of this Arabic attar perfume brings joy, energy, happiness, and a feeling of purity.

Swiss Arabian

This fragrance is for the bold, energetic personality. It is a mixture of rich extracts of agarwood from Cambodia and Indonesia. 

 The Middle East is the fastest-growing market in the world right now when it comes to fine fragrances: Xavier Renard

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The fragrance that you wear says a lot about your personality. Just like your fashion choices, it gives people a sneak peek into your likes, dislikes, and personality traits. 

Arabs often denote fragrances as a true window to one’s soul

In general it is advised that you choose attars that are alcohol-free. There isn’t any doubt that Attars with alcohol will lose their scent at a quicker rate than those without it. Therefore when checking out attars, check out the composition by reading about the absence or presence of alcohol would help you choose the attar that lasts longer.

P.S: Be extra careful while choosing your signature fragrance.

arabic attar perfume

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