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Developers of online dating apps have hit it big in the past several years, and the gay dating app development market is no exception. In case you have a business concept that has the potential to assist members of the LGBTQ community in locating more suitable dates, then you should definitely be trying to make your concept a reality.

An estimated 280 million people will use an online dating service by 2024, with 40% of that number seeking casual hookups and 50% seeking meaningful matches. 

If the casual dating service market continues to grow at its current rate, revenue in 2024 might reach about $900 million.

The launch of a successful gay dating mobile app requires careful planning if you want to break into the industry and make a name for yourself.

Things to Consider During Gay Dating App Development

Apps like Grindr have changed the gay dating app space and offered an actual platform for LGBTQ community to mingle and find partners.

Beyond its primary function of matching users with compatible partners, the app is committed to supporting the LGBTQ community on a global scale through their development and social acceptance. They focus on matters that require swift intervention, such as sexual health, campaigns, and safety.

Here you will find all the details entrepreneurs and business owners need about gay dating app development like Grindr.

Determining the business objective

Make sure you know exactly what you want to give users of your gay dating app before you begin developing it. An app similar to Tinder, Grindr’s primary goal is to facilitate users’ matches to potential partners. With fewer community-focused apps on the market, you’ll have an easier time building a reputation for your app.

Developing LGBTQ dating apps is a way to show support for a community that is fighting for equality in many areas of the globe. The basic idea of dating apps is that not everyone does well at asking people out on dates or striking up discussions. And it’s a bit trickier to strike up a discussion with a complete stranger if you identify as LGBTQ.

Develop an app that serves its users well while protecting their privacy and interests.

guide to gay dating app development lgbtq

Know your target audience

Focus on making an app that helps the LGBTQ community. The app’s design should prioritize ease of use and include features to make the LGBTQ community feel comfortable because it caters to a big community that is largely ignored. 

There is a lot of room for growth in the gay dating app development industry because there isn’t much competition in this particular niche.

Making money with gay dating app development

If you have a clearly defined monetization strategy, you will be able to increase your profits significantly in a short period of time. Here are a few effective methods of monetization for your gay dating app:

  • Create multiple tiers of premium subscriptions – like Plus, Pro and Premium with varying set of features. We have an app development team that can assist you in brainstorming features that would make your app, both free and paid, very scalable and profitable.
  • Using in-app purchases. A set amount of connection requests per day are allowed, and further requests can be purchased for an additional fee.
  • Earn ad revenue by promoting businesses. You may choose to work together with other small businesses that are aiming to attract customers that are similar. You could earn an acceptable revenue by advertising them. In addition to assisting them in growing their business, this would also boost your reputation in the industry.
  • You may also incorporate an eCommerce store, provide games and quizzes, run video advertising, and more to monetize your LGBTQ dating app.

Building the Gay Dating App

The development process follows a thorough planning phase. Prior to beginning development of your Grindr clone app, you must determine whether you will use in-house staff or hire third-party development teams by outsourcing.

App development costs could rise if you hired an in-house staff. Instead, hire a third party to handle the project and pay them exclusively for the work they do. By outsourcing the design and development of your on-demand mobile app to a team of professionals, you can free up your core staff to focus on growing your business.

Determining the costs involved in development

There are a lot of factors that end up deciding the expense for developing a gay dating app. A gay dating app’s development cost is mostly dependent on its feature set, development technology, development team’s location, UI/UX design scheme, platforms, and so on.

At the most competitive rates, our cross-platform mobile app development team provides solutions that work with all platforms. 

  • Native App (with essential features) – $35k-$55k
  • Cross platform (with advanced features) – $75k-$110k

Finalising the UI/UX design of the Gay Dating App

The visual appeal of your app is very important when trying to attract users. Making use of current UI/UX trends in your app is a surefire way to increase user satisfaction. Your app’s user-friendliness and the fewest possible taps to complete tasks make it an attractive choice for long-term use.

Visual elements such as the logo, colour scheme, and in-app content are equally important for user engagement.

lgbtq gay dating app development guide

Popular Features That Should Be In a Dating App

A mobile app’s impressive feature set is what really makes a lasting impact on consumers. The features offered by the dating app should be user-centric and unique, which contributes to its reputation. There can be free features and premium features.

Free Features: You can get all of these features with the free, bare-bones edition of the app. There needs to be a relation between your business goal and the feature-set you provide for free so that users can be engaged while using the app. These include:

  • Account creation
  • Explore nearby
  • Age filter
  • Distance filter
  • Interest-based filter
  • Swipe to Like or Unlike
  • In-app translations

Premium Features: The paid version of your gay dating app can have extra features that can increase chances of matching.

  • No ads
  • Send photos in chat
  • Super-likes
  • Read receipts
  • Unlimited daily swipes
  • Profile boosting

Users can more easily engage with the app without worrying about their security and privacy thanks to these premium features and filters.

Deciding on the Tech Stack

Next step is to choose the appropriate tech stack for the gay dating app development. These are some of the frontend and backend technologies that we at Appscrip use to develop your app.

  • Front-end: Js, CSS, HTML, Flutter, Kotlin, C, and Swift.
  • Cloud-services: Amazon AWS, Google Cloud.
  • Payment integration: Braintree, Razorpay, Stripe, Net banking, e-wallet, PayUMoney.
  • Database management: MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra, PostgreSQL.
  • Push notifications: Twilio, Apple push notifications, Firebase.
  • UI/UX: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD.
  • Back-end: Xamarin, Angular, React.

Launching your Gay Dating App to the Market

Go ahead and release your app to the market and watch how people react after it’s ready and tested. Verify reviews on a regular basis to catch any bugs in the app and address faulty features and elements.

Marketing your app the right way

Marketing your app is vital for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it enhances your brand’s reach. By employing the right strategies and ensuring your app performs well, you can reach a much wider audience. This constant engagement helps to attract their interest in your product or service. 

Furthermore, given the highly competitive nature of the app market, effective marketing is essential for standing out and ensuring your gay dating app is discovered and downloaded by potential users.


The concept of a gay dating app is an excellent one to launch into the market. With an extensive background in market research, our tech-savvy team of developers can assist you in creating a successful business centered around LGBTQ dating and matchmaking apps.

Appscrip’s gay dating app development solution has features like distance and age filters, uploading images, super likes, and other premium dating app features including profile boosting. Partner with us to develop your own gay dating app now!

gay dating app development
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