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In order to manage fleets, optimise operations, and obtain more high-paying loads, particularly for dedicated lanes, carriers must have efficient truck dispatch software. Given that not all software is equal and that different providers have different strengths, it is important to thoroughly research and select the correct supplier for your specific needs based on your company’s size, development trajectory, and area of concentration. 

Here we’ll take a look at the functionality, intended audience, and general efficiency of truck dispatch software.

The Top 5 Truck Dispatch Software

These are some of the best truck dispatch software for freight brokers and carriers.


Truckbase stands out as a modern and intuitive cloud-based dispatch software tailored for small to mid-sized asset-based carriers with a fleet of 10-100 trucks. The software offers a collaborative environment ideal for multiple users such as dispatchers and office managers. Key features include automated load building and dispatch through an AI-powered PDF importer, instant communication with drivers via text or email, and mobile-friendly applications that provide clear route information.

Additionally, Truckbase supports integrated mobile scanning for Bills of Lading, instant invoicing, and transparent settlement generation without the need for extra data input. The system is designed to allow easy addition of stop pay and reimbursements with just a few clicks. Truckbase excels in usability for drivers and requires very little training. The software also includes pro features like live vehicle tracking, EDI & ELD integrations, and customer portals.

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Appscrip’s truck management software Truckr offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the operations of trucking and logistics businesses.

Single Pickup & Multiple Drop: This allows shippers to create Less Than Truckload (LTL) loads for pickup from a single location and delivery to multiple destinations. It enhances the flexibility and efficiency of shipping operations, making it easier to manage partial loads.

Book Single/Multiple Trailers: Depending on the volume of goods to be shipped, users have the option to book either a single truck or multiple trucks. This scalability feature ensures that businesses can easily adjust to varying load requirements without hassle.

Route Optimisation: For shipments with multiple stops, the software automatically optimises the delivery routes. This not only saves time but also reduces fuel consumption, ensuring timely deliveries and cost savings for both carriers and shippers.

Enterprise Account: Business customers, typically those who ship bulk loads, can operate under an enterprise account. This account type allows for custom pricing and payment through a credit line, tailored to the business’s specific needs.

Customer/Shipper UI Features: It enables shippers to easily book a truck as per their requirements. Shippers can select the type of goods and specify packaging, ensuring the right transportation conditions. Before confirming, shippers can review load details and get an estimate of the fare, adding transparency to the process. They can schedule pickups at their convenience and track the shipment in real-time, enhancing visibility and control over the shipping process.

Driver/Carrier UI Features: Carriers receive booking requests in the app, which they can either accept or reject based on their availability and preferences. They have access to detailed information about each order and stop, ensuring clarity and efficiency in operations. Carriers upload proof of pickup and delivery directly in the app, streamlining documentation and verification processes.

Fleet Operator Features: Fleet operators can view all active loads and directly negotiate prices with shippers, enhancing operational flexibility. Operators can assign loads to drivers and track their real-time location, ensuring efficient load management and driver utilisation.

Truck Management System UI: Dashboard View & Book A Truck provides an overarching view of all bookings and allows dispatchers to book trucks on behalf of customers, ensuring operational oversight and customer service efficiency. Dispatchers can manage driver assignments and access detailed load information, facilitating smooth operation coordination.

Super Admin UI: Institution Buyers & Fleet Operator Module offers tools for managing institutional buyers and fleet operations, including credit line management and analytics, ensuring comprehensive administrative control.


Samsara offers a comprehensive suite of features suitable for large fleets, scaling from mid-sized operations to multinational transportation companies with 20 to over 10,000 vehicles. The software focuses on all aspects of fleet operations and communication, including fleet maintenance, route planning, fuel management, delivery scheduling, trailer tracking, dash cams, real-time vehicle diagnostics, and compliance with industry regulations.

Samsara is praised for its excellent value, strong functionality, ease of use, and responsive customer support. However, some users have reported occasional bugs and a slowdown of the app following new updates. The software may be more than necessary for very small fleets but remains a top choice for larger operations.


TruckSpy is an all-in-one fleet management platform that emphasises driver compliance, safety, and productivity. It is best suited for FedEx contractors due to its long-standing relationship with FedEx. TruckSpy’s platform features include a drag-and-drop dispatch system, a route deviation checker, and real-time estimated time of arrival for all stops, which helps in keeping customers informed.

The real-time dispatch updates allow truck monitoring and navigation updates for freight brokers. It can also alert if any trucks happen to do route deviations.

Xpert Dispatch

Xpert Dispatch software, designed by Xpert IT Solutions, is an advanced solution catering to the nuanced needs of Owner Operators, Carriers, and Brokerages in the logistics field. One of the core benefits of Xpert Dispatch is its ability to significantly reduce unnecessary paperwork. By digitising processes, it helps logistics companies manage their operations more smoothly and with greater accuracy.

The software’s automation and streamlined processes reduce the dependency of hiring more workers for record-keeping and operational management, thereby lowering operational costs. Through automation and digitization, Xpert Dispatch minimises the risk of manual errors in booking, dispatching, and managing loads, ensuring more reliable and error-free operations.

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Key Factors To Consider While Choosing Truck Dispatch Software

When selecting a truck dispatch software for your business, there are several key factors to consider to ensure that the software aligns with your operational needs, budget, and long-term business goals. Here’s a list of crucial elements to evaluate:

Compatibility with Business Size and Type

  • Different software solutions cater to varying business sizes—from small owner-operators to large fleet operators.
  • Ensure the software can scale with your business growth to avoid future switching costs.

Ease of Use and User Interface

  • Software should be intuitive and user-friendly to minimise the learning curve for your team.
  • An efficient interface can enhance productivity and reduce training time.

Feature Set and Customizability

  • Evaluate the features offered, such as dispatching, routing, tracking, invoicing, and compliance reporting.
  • Check if the software allows customisation to meet your specific business processes and needs.

Integration Capabilities

  • The ability to integrate with other systems (e.g., accounting software, ELDs, GPS tracking) is crucial for streamlined operations.
  • Ensure the software can communicate seamlessly with your existing technology stack.

Mobile Accessibility and Support

  • Access to a mobile app or mobile-friendly interface is essential for real-time communication with drivers.
  • Mobile support enables on-the-go management and access to critical information.

Real-Time Tracking and Updates

  • Features like live GPS tracking help in managing fleet operations efficiently.
  • Real-time updates are critical for dispatching, rerouting, and managing ETAs.

Compliance with Industry Regulations

  • The software should help you stay compliant with industry-specific regulations, such as Hours of Service (HOS) and the ELD mandate.
  • Compliance features reduce the risk of penalties and help maintain a good safety record.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Detailed reports and analytics help in making informed decisions based on historical data and trends.
  • Look for software that provides insights into fleet performance, expenses, and driver productivity.


  • Evaluate the pricing model of the software and determine if it fits within your budget.
  • Consider the total cost of ownership, including setup, subscription, training, and support.

Customer Support and Training

  • Reliable customer support is critical for resolving issues and minimising downtime.
  • Check if the provider offers adequate training resources and support channels.

Security and Data Protection

  • Ensure the software has robust security measures to protect your business and customer data.
  • Understand the data backup and recovery options in case of system failure.

Vendor Stability and Reputation

  • Consider the vendor’s track record and stability in the market.
  • A reputable vendor is more likely to provide consistent updates and long-term support.


Finding the best truck dispatch software is pivotal for the seamless operation and growth of your trucking business. The right software can streamline your dispatch operations, enhance driver communication, improve route efficiency, and ensure compliance with industry regulations, all while saving time and reducing operational costs. It’s important to consider factors such as business size compatibility, ease of use, feature set, integration capabilities, and cost-effectiveness when choosing a software solution.

For businesses aiming to revolutionise their truck dispatch processes with cutting-edge technology, Appscrip’s truck dispatch software Truckr presents an ideal choice. With a robust set of features designed to cater to the unique needs of the logistics and transportation industry, Appscrip offers a customizable, scalable platform that promises to enhance operational efficiency, improve driver satisfaction, and boost customer service.

Don’t let outdated processes hold your business back. Embrace innovation and elevate your truck dispatch operations with our tailored software solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your dispatch management and drive your business forward.

best truck dispatch software
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