How To Create A Dating App – Key Features and Monetisation

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Dating apps have become the modern-day cupid’s bow, enabling people to search for love outside conventional limits in this digital age. Demand for creative and simple dating services is growing as millions of people swipe left and right in quest of a serious relationship. Anyone hoping to break into this profitable industry as a developer or entrepreneur must be well-versed in the nuances of dating app development.

Successful dating app development is about more than simply writing excellent code; it’s also about making people feel welcome, included, and encouraged. In this blog, we’ll give you a rundown on different ways to create a dating app, covering all the bases from how to attract users to how to make money off of your app. These insights can help you succeed in the ever-changing world of digital love, whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting out.

The Six-Step Process To Create A Dating App

Here are the six easy steps to take before building a dating app.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Before anything else, you must have a solid understanding of who you are targeting. The kind of dating solution and its commercial aims determine the potential user base of the app. Users can range in age from early teens to senior citizens, and they all have different goals and tastes. Get to know your target demographic and make sure you’re moving in the proper way to satisfy their needs.

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Conducting market research is an essential first step for every company launching a new product. Numerous dating applications have already been released to the public. In general, some of them are quite successful; others have carved out a special niche for themselves and are dominating it; and yet others provide value by introducing innovative, proprietary features. Get to know your rivals and find out how you may get an edge over them.

create a dating app easily using these six steps

Choosing a Development Team

When you’re ready to make your dating app a reality, finding a trustworthy technology partner is crucial. Choosing the right IT service provider from the many available options could be difficult.

Research the firm by looking at past work, customer reviews, and references. Verify that your team has the necessary technical knowledge and experience to meet your needs and build a solid foundation for your dating app.

Once you’ve teamed up with an IT firm, the next step is to pitch the development team on your app idea and enter the exploration phase. The remaining work will be done by the technology partner who will assist you in tailoring the solution to your specific requirements, timeline, and budget.

Decide the Features

The development team that you have will assist you in making your app more user-friendly and efficient. The user experience, the solution’s aesthetics, and the value it provides to users are all impacted by the features and functionality chosen at this stage, making it one of the most important processes.

We will go over some of the most important features that you should think about implementing. That said, it’s not required that you accept all of them. Think outside the box while keeping your app’s purpose, targeted audience, budget, and type in mind.

Pick The Development Tech Stack

While developing your solution, it is critical to select a technology stack that can provide peak performance. It is important to seek out a team with the following expertise when outsourcing mobile app development for the purpose of creating an online dating solution.

  • Programming languages: Swift, Kotlin, Java
  • Frameworks: React, Node.js, Express.js, Next.js
  • Database: SQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • Cloud storage: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Web servers: Nginx, Apache
  • Payment gateways: RazorPay, PayPal, Stripe

Design a Great UX

Think carefully about the aesthetics of your app. The key to keeping users engaged with your solution is the user interface and experience design. The goal should be consistent colour palettes and typefaces, easy navigation, and fluid transitions between the various parts of the app.

Helping you out will be a group of seasoned UI/UX designers armed with a variety of tools, including wireframes and mockups. Always keep in mind that providing a consistent experience relies on having simple and intuitive images.

Key Features To Include When You Create A Dating App

Building a dating app requires thinking about what features people would utilise and what they would find interesting.

First, it’s safe to assume that the development cost of your dating app will increase in direct proportion to the number of features you intend to implement. You can always begin with a minimum viable product. Make sure users get the essentials first by offering basic features; you can always add more later on if you feel the necessity.

We will go over the key features that any dating app should have in order to be competitive.

Easy Sign-Up Process

It seems like a bad idea to make users fill out a lengthy form just to sign up. In contrast, signing up is a breeze with social login; all it takes is a few clicks. Logging in to your app is as easy as using your Facebook or Google account, and now you can even use a confirmed phone number.

In addition, provide new users with a brief but effective onboarding before you ask them to create a profile. Users will have an easy and clear experience with your app from the get-go if you introduce essential functionality. Doing so will assist you in drawing in and retaining users.

best ways to create a dating app
Dating app downloads per month in 2023

Descriptive User Profiles

An extensive user profile goes beyond simply copying and pasting content from an existing social account’s bio. More information on the user’s dating tastes, hobbies, lifestyle, and values is crucial for a smooth and fast matching process. Therefore, make it possible for users to provide this data when they create their profile.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to picture online dating without profile images. A dating app should have the ability to let users upload photos from their devices or select pictures from Instagram.

Connecting your app to Spotify also allows users to exchange music preferences, which can enhance the likelihood of finding someone with similar likes.

Location-based Search

Numerous dating apps make use of geolocation as the primary means for displaying and connecting individuals with one another. We are inclined to choose and meet people who are physically close to us. Let your users choose the location, area, or distance range they’re looking for a match.

Swipe To Like or Dislike

Swiping is a typical approach for people to convey likes or dislikes to someone on online dating sites. In order to increase engagement and user experience, the best dating apps incorporate this gamification function. Users can see the profiles of possible matches and swipe right or left based on their preferences.

Matchmaking Algorithms

Dating apps can use a broad range of matching algorithms; some of these algorithms take into account users’ locations while others look for common interests. It is crucial to carefully consider and implement it into the app architecture because it is a critical differentiator for your app.

Mathematical Algorithms: The matchmaking methods you use will typically be specific to the app type you go with. For instance, mathematical algorithms pair individuals based on their shared beliefs, interests, and preferences.

Behavioural Matching: Matching based on behaviour is another possibility. Here, AI and big data assist in identifying trends in user actions both within and outside of the app, such as when using social media or music apps.

Location-Based Rules: Most dating apps utilise rules based on users’ locations to pair them together. Since the majority of users look for local matches, it’s normal practice to mix this algorithm with others.

how to create a dating app easily

In-App Chats, Voice and Video Calls

Feeling awkward or anxious before a date is normal. When you’ve never really met the individual, it becomes much more overwhelming. To reduce their anxiety and get them ready for what’s coming up, voice and video calling capabilities are to be made available.

The in-app chat feature lets users communicate through text, stickers, and the sharing of films and other media. More conversational variety means more chances for your mobile app to engage users while helping to express their intent.

Make Money With Dating App Development

We have compiled a list of the most popular ways that app owners typically monetize their apps below.

In-app Purchases: If an in-app purchase is appealing enough, it becomes simple to express interest in another person and guide the conversation in a positive path.

Premium Membership Plans: Adding premium membership options that let users boost their profiles, earn unlimited likes, and access other features is the next step to monetise your app.

Ads: You shouldn’t overlook the tried-and-true approach of advertising. To avoid annoying your users to the point where they remove your app, you should not bombard them with advertisements.

Partnerships: You can implement a cost-per-click or cost-per-mile model to charge third-party companies for promoting their products and services through your app. Users can plan their first date within the app with the help of relevant offerings like bouquet delivery, dining, and hotel booking, or cab booking.


There are more things to think about when developing a great dating app than just adding the above features. Asking experts, behavioural analysts, and matchmakers who specialise in dating psychology and sociology for their advice is an additional approach. You can use their knowledge to build an app that improves the dating experience.

Then you can build and launch dating apps with ease with the help of Appscrip’s dating app solutions. Datum, dating solution software (Tinder clone software), offers all the attributes listed above and can simplify your venture into the world of online dating.

Cost to create a dating app
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