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The Uberization of the economy, and logistics market at large, was driven mainly by the success of Uber. Its model is one everyone wants to replicate, and for good reason.

The taxi industry is fast expanding and cab aggregators are reinventing the logistics of the transportation industry by eliminating the middle man broker.

Using taxis for delivery is the latest experiment by large retail companies, and they are always looking for alternatives to the major carrier options to get packages to customers on time.

The logistics services offered by international giants such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL are well known.  However, it is often unknown that the common taxis are also involved in the courier industry.

Advantages of taxi with courier service

Taxi With Courier Delivery

The advantage cab aggregators have is that they already have a fleet of drivers on the road, and could offer them delivery jobs without the overhead of creating a new courier network from scratch. It makes sense as it helps connect people with stuff to send to drivers already heading that way.

Taxi With Courier Delivery

Taxi companies also offer package delivery services that can be utilized in the same way one would call to request a personal taxi ride.   Whether it is the delivery of a large package or one envelope, taxis can prove to be an X-factor for courier services.

Taxi With Courier Delivery

Taxi courier services have key benefits that Taxis provide great advantage for customers who require fast delivery services at odd hours or on holidays. This differentiates them from traditional delivery service competitors.

Taxi With Courier Delivery

Taxi companies offer services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year mainly because people depend on taxis for transportation and companies cannot simply shut down as other businesses are able to.

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Courier Delivery | Package Delivery | Uber

To build a package or courier delivery into the taxi booking app, a separate module has to be developed into it.

Taxi With Courier Delivery

Parcel delivery can appear as an option during checkout with supported retailers, having a brick-and-mortar store nearby.

Merchants can either integrate service directly, or use an existing e-commerce provider such as Shopify or Bigcommerce.

Goals & Deliverables | Taxi With Courier Service

You can develop the app for two types of users – clients and drivers.

Clients should be able to order a delivery, depending on package size. Drivers should be able to get these delivery requests, process and deliver packages.

The challenge is to make it a single application, for both type of users.

To integrate the parcel delivery module the following features can be incorporated:

Credit Wallet for shippers to keep track of shipper spend in cash / card.

Credit Wallet for drivers to keep track of driver cash collection.

Allow shippers to enable drivers to collect delivery fee and shipment value. This is perfect for small merchants when they need drivers to collect fees.

Option for shipper or the receiver to pay the delivery fee.


Shipper can opt to first get receiver’s confirmation before shipping goods


Receivers get a link to confirm the shipment and even pay for it by adding card details


Receivers get a link to track the delivery in real time


Accounting system to manage driver payouts and shipper settlements


Create a well thought-out application, that can be used by clients, and drivers at the same time.

Clients can ship small packages/letters without going to a post office. Drivers can get paid for small deliveries within their city, when they have free time.
Provide people with the technology that could turn package delivery into something like Uber for trucks.

Taxi With Courier Delivery

The courier services provided by common taxis are often unknown and under-utilized by consumers.

The availability, convenience, & level of intimacy throughout the business transaction can be truly beneficial to those consumers who require fast and efficient deliveries, whether for business/personal purposes.

The usefulness of taxis with courier service cannot be overlooked.

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