Maternity Gown Rentals: Doll Up For Your New Designation!

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“Shopping for clothes is all fun until you get a baby bump.”

Let no one ever tell you this!

As the bump goes over time, it is obvious that the regular clothes won’t fit. That’s when you need maternity gown rental. Maternity clothing then becomes an absolute necessity. Of all the other ways to address this need, maternity clothing rentals win an edge over!

Today, pregnant women are all about celebrating this phase of their life with style. They don’t just want to look happy and healthy, but also feel stylish, ravishing, and sexy. And why not?

The maternity gown rental industry has shown promising growth in recent years and is expected to continue to grow in the future. The market is fuelled by several factors, including the increasing demand for maternity fashion and the rising trend of sustainable fashion practices.

maternity gown rental

Maternity Gown Rentals: The Talk Of The Town

Several benefits have led these services to become a superior option.

  • Variety of choices for different occasions
  • Affordable prices
  • Flexible service – you can swap clothes whenever you want
  • No clogging up in closet and other storage space, post-pregnancy

5 Maternity Gown Rental Services: Choose Your Elegant Bump Friendly Dress

As more women are seeking stylish and comfortable maternity wear, renting a maternity gown is a cost-effective and sustainable option. Additionally, renting allows women to have access to a wider variety of styles and sizes without the need to invest in expensive garments that may only be worn for a short period.

Muumuu-style maternity clothes are very last century. It is time to re-vamp. Let us look at the 5 trend-setters:

Mama Bump Rentals

This maternity gown rental company became a light-bulb fashion idea. It was first created by Maternity Designer Rebecca Chaves of J&L Designs Boutique. Her mission and vision were very simple, yet out of this world!

maternity gown rental

Mama Bump Rentals’ aim is to offer an affordable rental service of maternity gowns to help them look radiant without having to break the wallet.

Borrow For Your Bump

The maternity gown rental industry has also seen an increase in online rental platforms, which offer convenience and accessibility to customers. This trend is expected to continue as more consumers opt for online shopping and rental services.

It was founded by Krystal Stubbendeck in 2012. This maternity gown rental specialises in providing one-time dress rentals, and subscription boxes for everyday maternity fashion.

maternity gown rental

BFYB has a diverse collection of summer dresses, evening gowns, and cocktail attire. This collection has something for every mama-to-be, whether you need something formal for a wedding or simple, fun, and breezy maxi for a vacation. 

Good News Maternity Wear

If you are planning for a dreamy photo shoot, then this maternity gown rental service should be your choice. They offer the best gowns at very affordable prices.

maternity gown rental

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La Belle Bump

It was founded by a mother of three who found difficulty in reusing her maternity clothes throughout her pregnancies. Her frustration led to the creation of this maternity rental service. La Belle Bump is a subscription site that offers one-time maternity gown rentals for special occasions.

This rental service has a wide range of maternity dress collection of Cocktail dresses, floor-length, sleeveless, and maxi dresses.

In terms of profitability, the maternity gown rental business can be worthwhile if managed properly. As with any business, success will depend on factors such as pricing, marketing, customer service, and operational efficiency. A key challenge for the industry is managing the inventory and ensuring that the gowns are kept in good condition, which can require significant investment in storage and maintenance.

Devine Maternity Gown

Devine maternity gown rental service offers affordable and stunning maternity gown for occasions like baby showers, maternity shoots, or other special occasions.

maternity gown rental

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Maternity Clothing Rental Business is Booming

From high-end maternity designers like Liz Lange and A Pea in the Pod to mid-priced maternity wear newcomers The Gap and Old Navy, clothing designers have contributed to the potential of this growing market. Approximately 4 million babies are born annually- the reason why the maternity clothing market is buzzing. On an average, if an expectant mother purchases only five new maternity garments, that alone adds up to a whopping 20 million maternity garments sale each year.

Although profit potential will vary from one business to another, markups of 100 percent are not uncommon in this industry.

There are two ways to cash in on this very large and lucrative market.

  1. To design, manufacture and sell the maternity clothing
  2. To purchase maternity clothing on a wholesale basis and resell the clothing for a profit

Both options are viable in terms of generating profits.

However, an app for this business (besides a website) has the potential to garner more sales and profits. It increases purchase rate by 85%. Apps also offer a way better user experience and boost average order value- giving more opportunity to see what the business is offering.

Overall, the maternity gown rental industry presents a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in the necessary resources and are able to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Besides being a trendy concept, maternity clothing is a profitable venture in developed countries. It is also catching up in the developing economies of Asia-Pacific. If you are an entrepreneur aiming to capitalise on this trend, then this is the time!

maternity gown rental

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