Newspaper Delivery Software: Reviving The Newspaper Industry

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Do you still prefer reading printed newspapers with your morning coffee? Are you one who still cuts out important newspaper articles and saves them? Do you prefer printed newspapers over digital ones? 

If you believe printed newspapers are still an important media, then why not launch a newspaper delivery software and start a newspaper delivery business? 

Newspaper Delivery software used by vendors

The way we consume news today has drastically changed from what it was 20 years ago. People who flocked around the street holding newspapers are now holding smartphones, on the same street, scrolling for news and latest updates. But printed newspapers are still favored by a large audience and it has its benefits like no other medium. 

Benefits Of Newspapers And Print Media 

In today’s digital age, media agencies are losing their target market by saturating readers with online advertisements and email marketing. According to Forbes Magazine, print materials and publications offer customers and prospects an experience that can’t be replicated online.

Print Newspapers Are Credible 

Like the feeling you get when you see your favorite magazine sitting on a rack? There is a feeling of legitimacy, a feeling of credibility that comes attached with printed media: a feeling that gives us a sense of purpose. We couldn’t control but get up and grab that magazine.

Newspaper publications are able to increase reader loyalty and trust by being credible. Many people believe that information in newspapers and magazines is well researched and accurate. Since there is this pressure on accuracy and credibility on print media, readers are more likely to trust this platform. 

Accurate Target Audience 

Newspapers allow you to choose a publication that your target audience is most likely to read. Print allows you to advertise directly to your audience, by publishing your ad in newspapers and magazines that rely on subscriptions. Internet is a collective hallucination. That said, digital ads tend to get lost on the internet and are subject to algorithms

Connecting Offline And Online Channels

With more companies shifting their marketing efforts online, newspapers have revived by converting their offline audience online.

Newspapers have combined both digital and print marketing efforts by using QR Codes, info-graphics, and social media icons and tags. 

How Does A Newspaper Delivery Software Work? 

Newspaper delivery software key roles

The traditional newspaper industry involves three major players. 

  • Publishers 
  • Distributors 
  • Readers 

In the same way, a newspaper delivery software seamlessly integrates the functions of newspaper publishers, distributors, and readers. 

Step 1: A reader who wants to purchase the newspaper has to create an account on the newspaper delivery app. 

Step 2: Reader selects one or more newspapers from the list of available newspapers and pays money for those newspapers. 

Note: The person can tell the vendor, through the app, that on which day he doesn’t want the newspaper. The person can also cancel the subscription of a particular newspaper whenever he wants to.

Step 3: A registered newspaper publication can monitor the requirements and subscriptions of various readers. They have the admin access to assign the distribution of the newspapers to vendors. 

Step 4: Vendors mark their availability and each vendor is assigned nearby newspaper deliveries. 

Step 5: The app provides vendors an optimized route to reach the address of delivery. Distributors and publishers can track them in real-time. 

Step 6: Vendors deliver the newspapers and update the delivery status on the app. 

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Benefits Of Newspaper Delivery Software 

benefits of newspaper delivery software

There are multiple benefits of newspaper delivery software for publishers, distributors, and readers respectively.


1. No Signup Or Subscription Required

Readers can order newspapers for a one-time basis. There’s no contract or long term commitment. They can demand newspapers on particular days and unsubscribe whenever they feel like. 

2. Wide Range Of Choices From Local To International Titles

Readers can find publications from all around the world. They can subscribe to newspapers of different languages and from different regions of the world. 

3. Personalized Service And Delivery

The app caters to individual preferences and provides various newspapers depending on the reader’s taste. 

Newspapers are delivered to any place on the reader’s preference like a home, office, or a hotel room. Delivery of newspapers can be paused at any instance or can be customized to limited days.


For large publishers, your newspaper delivery software can be a good solution for managing details of home delivery and single copy activities. 

1. Integrated Solution 

Managing newspaper delivery services in large urban and suburban areas is a difficult task for publishers.

A newspaper delivery software will help them manage and integrate various operations of the delivery and distribution.

2. Centralized Control 

A common circulation environment for all their print materials. Centralized function to manage all newspaper products locally.

Also, gives them visibility to monitor the performance of each division and aggregate the data for analysis of operations collectively. 


Newspaper delivery distribution

Whether they are a publisher or an independent distributor, they still need an efficient way to determine the requirements for each issue of newspapers.

They have to provide accurate and clear directions for delivery drivers and a means of efficiently communicating with them. 

Upon this, they have to manage and completely track the receivable and payments involved. 

Newspaper delivery software can be a one-stop solution for all these problems. 

1. Mobile Access 

Accessible from all smartphones. Vendors get updated about deliveries in real-time. 

2. Delivery Report 

Vendors can track their daily newspaper deliveries and track their completed deliveries from the app itself. 

3. Automatic Delivery System 

Automatic routing for home delivery that supports the need of both customers and vendors. Customers can track the arrival of newspapers in real-time. 

4. Merging Various Publishers 

Your newspaper delivery software can merge delivery instructions from multiple publishers like NY Times, USA Today, News Corp Home, and distribute accordingly to vendors.

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An Opportunity For Entrepreneurs 

newspaper delivery software online

The printed newspaper industry is going on a decline with readers subscribing every year shifting to digital mediums. Digital newspaper industry revenue is forecast to grow by 9.8 percent annually. 

But to the contrary, 58% of newspaper subscribers describe themselves as primarily print-oriented. 

With advancements in combining digital and print marketing channels, the newspaper industry has got a new potential to invest in. 

Instead of considering it as a dead industry, it’s important to see that there still exists a demographic of audiences who still prefer reading printed newspapers over digital ones.

newspaper readership by age

  • By combining the aspects of the modern-day app delivery system you can revive the newspaper industry and make it more efficient. 
  • You can provide a wide variety of newspaper choices to your readers from all around the world. 
  • You can collaborate with top newspaper publishers like Wall Street, NY Times, and establish an efficient distribution system that can be analyzed over various metrics. 

Your newspaper delivery software can attain success with a good plan of action and collaboration with an efficient app development company. Imagine how much time you would save distributors by launching a newspaper delivery app, which they would have otherwise spent planning routes on papers. 

newspaper delivery software for entrepreneurs

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