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Women are passionate about jewellery as it adorns them beautifully to reflect an enchanting feminine aura. It makes them feel beautiful and confident.

Jewellery can highlight a woman’s personality and represent her social status. Whether it is gold, diamond, pearl, Kundan or fashion jewellery women know to carry it with elegance according to different occasions.

To suit their needs and preferences jewellery designs have been constantly evolving. But, what has changed recently is the way women shop jewellery.

With the significant rise of the online jewellery shopping industry, the foot-fall in the brick-and-mortar store has decreased. Jewel junkies prefer online jewellery stores rather than visiting a physical shop.

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Changing Trends of Jewellery Shopping

Online jewellery shopping has become the newest trend among casual and heavy jewellery shoppers.

The unprecedented growth of e-commerce has opened a whole new realm of opportunities for the jewellery industry. The online jewellery industry, which has grown manifold over the last couple of years, will reportedly reach USD 34 billion globally by 2023.

According to a report, the online jewellery market size in the US is expected to become worth USD 9.73 billion by 2025.

Even in Asia, the share of the online jewellery market is set to double, from 6% to 12% by the end of 2020,  according to a report by McKinsey and Company,

Estimates indicate that this would make e-commerce the world’s third-largest luxury market, after China and the United States.

5 fabulous online jewellery shopping sites:

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Online Jewellery Shopping- Is it Safe?

Absolutely! But only if you buy from a reputable online store.

Most of the good online jewellery shopping sites such as Chungath Jewellery allow customers to inspect the delivered item and make sure it is undamaged. While placing the order online, the customer has to state the full name of the recipient as it is stated in their Government approved photo ID proof, so that it can be verified upon delivery.

Also, online jewellery shopping sites give an option to compare the prices of jewellery while the physical retailer believes that ‘the less you know, the better it is for them.’

However, you have to be extra careful while shopping online otherwise you can end up with a fake diamond.

The important Dos and Don’ts

Here is a checklist of dos and don’ts of online jewellery shopping:

  • Do go through the official websites of the online stores. This is important because it will give you a clue as to whether the website has a user-friendly interface or not.
  • Do opt for jewellery stores that offer a ‘Try at home’ option. This option has made Caratlane and Bluestone famous among online shoppers.
  • Do check the shipping policy of the online jewellery shopping sites. Select that jewellery store that has the fastest and safest delivery system.
  • Do use a secure payment processor. Do not buy, if you cannot pay by a credit card. Or use another secure payment processor such as PayPal.
  • Don’t disregard the privacy policy of online jewellery websites: Always make it a point to go through the privacy policy.
  • Don’t forget to compare prices offered by different stores. While buying jewellery from online stores, you can examine the price difference of the same product to buy it at the cheapest price.

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How to Win Customers Trust?

1.Top-notch customer service

Jewellery is a luxury; therefore, consumers have a trail of questions while purchasing online. They want to feel assured and secured about their purchases. This can be done when they converse in person.

  • Provide live support feature in your online jewellery shopping site and app.
  • Make it easy for consumers to reach you by minimizing the number of actions they need to take.

2. Testimonials play its own part

In the case of online jewellery shopping, building trust among the customers is difficult.

Customers who are beginning to shop jewellery online need some sort of affirmation about their buying decision and other customers’ reviews have a share in that.

Make it easy for your consumers to review because they will do it only if it gets done in minimum steps.

3. Use trust signals

SEO consultant and trainer Danny Richman advised: Use clear trust signals such as security seals, free returns, good-looking photos and a physical location on the contact page to reduce any perceived risk.

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The online jewellery market is a big piece of cake yet to be developed fully. However, the mushrooming of online jewellery shopping stores indicates the promising future of this industry.

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