The Top 5 Grocery Delivery Apps in Malta

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In recent years, the grocery business has undergone significant transformations. Technology-driven alternatives are gradually replacing more conventional approaches to grocery shopping. All of this is a direct result of advances in technology as well as shifting preferences on the part of consumers.

The online grocery delivery apps in Malta is one of the subsectors of the eCommerce industry that is expanding at one of the highest rates. The pandemic caused by the Coronavirus last year provided a boost to the industry of online grocery shopping.

The combination of people’s reluctance to leave their homes and the government’s implementation of a lockdown increased the demand for online grocery delivery services provided by e-commerce conglomerates such as Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and others.

Here are some of the online grocery delivery apps in Malta that have successfully built their own delivery solutions and completed their funding rounds.

The Top Five Online Grocery Delivery Apps in Malta


The platform for online grocery delivery apps in Malta provided by Wolt makes it simple for customers to place orders for whatever they require within a single app, enabling merchants to generate additional revenue and providing flexible opportunities for couriers to make meaningful earnings. This is made possible by Wolt’s development of a diverse set of technologies, ranging from local logistics to retail app and financial services, as well as by the company’s operation of its very own grocery stores under the brand name Wolt Market.

Wolt’s Chief Executive Officer is Miki Kuusi. In 2015, the business completed a seed round of financing for a total of 2.5 million euros, and in 2016 it completed an A-round of financing for a total of 10 million euros. EQT Ventures acted as the lead investor in this round.

grocery delivery apps in malta


In the year 2020, they included shopping for groceries and other items in the Wolt app and made changes to make ordering through Wolt as secure as possible, such as making deliveries completely contactless. The company was able to secure funding of €100 Million from its previous investors as well as from Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, in addition to €7.5 Million from Delivery Hero’s co-founder Lukasz Gadowski.

Smart Supermarket Malta

The Smart supermarket is a reputable grocery store that first opened its doors for business in the retail sector in 1981. They recently launched an online grocery delivery app in Malta, marking their first foray into the world of online delivery.

The supermarket can be found right in the middle of the city of Birkirkara. The fact that it is spread out over a single level, has parking areas, and numerous entrances and exits make shopping much simpler. Within the Grocery store, one can find: fresh bread delivered daily from our own bakery; a deli counter; a fishmonger; a fresh vegetable counter; a butcher; and a Natural organic produce shop; all of these departments are located in the same building.

The shopping centre features a diverse assortment of stores, ranging from those selling clothing to those selling toys. In addition to that, there is a café. Mothercare, Matalan, Good Earth, Gemini Hair Salon, Toby Toymaster, and BR Guest are the names of these eateries.


Arkadia Supermarket delivers in St Julian’s and Valletta. Shoppers seeking out a taste of home can find it at Arkadia Supermarket. Due to Arkadia’s high standards for its products, it is able to deliver groceries in perfect condition. They also have well designed online grocery delivery apps in Malta.

Arkadia Foodstore is the company’s division that is responsible for food retailing, and it has locations in the Arkadia Commercial Centre, Portomaso – St. Julian’s, Suq Tal-Belt – Valletta, and Swatar. The Arkadia Food store business model is centred on quality and selection, featuring delicatessen, butcher, fruit & vegetable, and fishmonger counters where customers can purchase high-end artisanal goods in addition to attractive fresh produce.

J&M Butcher

J&M is widely regarded as Malta’s finest gourmet butcher shop. With over 30 years in business, J&M Butcher has managed to maintain a reputation for consistently high-quality products. Customers can shop instantly on their website or their online grocery delivery app in Malta and choose a delivery date and time that works best for them. Within the hour, same-day deliveries are able to be completed.

The butcher shop provides delivery services to all areas of Malta, and delivery is free on all orders that exceed €50. All deliveries below this threshold are subject to a nominal fee of €5. Customers are given the opportunity to select a date and time for delivery when they are checking out. They may also choose to pick it up from the butcher shop in Gzira as an alternative.


The popular grocery delivery service Instacart also has online grocery delivery apps in Malta. Apoorva Mehta, the brains behind Instacart, launched it in 2012. As an Amazon employee at the time, Mehta recognized the need for an app that focused solely on groceries. In the summer of 2013, he became a member of the Y Combinator summer batch and received the cash he needed to start his company.

Instacart’s platform can be accessed via the company’s website or mobile app. Personal shoppers in close proximity will be notified whenever an order is placed on the site. These customers are self-employed individuals who get paid on a per-delivery basis. The customer approves the order and the shopper drives to the selected supermarket, picks up the items, and delivers them to the client’s address.

Customers can order groceries via Instacart Express. A yearly or monthly cost of $99 or $9.99 covers unlimited delivery (or orders above $35), lower service fees, and no surge pricing.

Why do Grocery Businesses need an Online Grocery Delivery App in Malta?

Aside from accepting phone calls and playing games, your mobile phone is becoming an integral element of your business lifestyle. The ability to shop online from your mobile phone has significantly cut down on the number of times you have to physically go to a store or market.

Shopping is much more comfortable

Apps that bring groceries and vegetables to your door are a huge hit with consumers. Your grocery store will benefit greatly from online grocery delivery applications because it will encourage your clients to shop online using your mobile app. Customers will be able to quickly find what they’re looking for by narrowing their search results to just include relevant categories and goods.

Promotes customer loyalty

You may establish a loyal user base by launching your supermarket business with an app. Everyone who lives in the digital era can benefit from home delivery. People’s busy schedules make it difficult to go to the daily market and buy groceries and other necessities.

Improve business by tracking the shopping trends

As an owner of grocery delivery apps in Malta, you can easily track the buying habits of your customers by analyzing the search criteria and shopping basket items they use most frequently. Customers frequently take advantage of the to notify me button in the event that an item is temporarily out of stock.

Analyzing the products your clients buy on a regular basis is a huge assistance for your store. In this way, you can avoid making your shoppers unhappy on the day of their purchase by keeping those things in stock. Those who are serious about growing their grocery store’s business or revenue should seriously consider making an online grocery delivery app in Malta.

You can either develop your own app or use solutions like Grocer – a multi store grocery delivery software and grocery delivery app for entrepreneurs aiming to leave a prominent mark on the grocery marketplace business. Inspired by the big players in the category- BigBasket, Amazon Pantry & Nature’s Basket, its grocery eCommerce solution has been crafted to provide an all-around solution to the grocery supermarket business.

Grocer has unique features like Driver Shift Management, Route Optimization and a store dispatcher packaged into a Progressive Web App that delivers an enhanced user experience.

grocery delivery apps in malta

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