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Improvements to grocery delivery apps in Cyprus have accumulated over the previous few years. In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of online grocery shopping and other similar services. All of this can be traced back to the confluence of developing technologies and shifting consumer tastes.

The emerging grocery e-commerce market is an amazing opportunity for forward-thinking business owners, but only if they do their homework first.

One of the most rapidly expanding segments of the overall eCommerce market is of online grocery buying. There was a significant increase in the use of grocery delivery apps in Cyprus as the coronavirus outbreak reached a critical stage. As a result of the lockdown and people’s reluctance to leave their homes, the demand for grocery delivery services from online merchants like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and others skyrocketed.

grocery delivery apps in cyprus

Some of the best and most handy applications in Cyprus for ordering and having groceries delivered to your door are listed below.

The Best Grocery Delivery Apps in Cyprus


Wolt’s app makes it easy for customers to place orders, which is good news for merchants and couriers both. It does this through operating its own grocery delivery apps in Cyprus under the Wolt Market moniker, and by developing a variety of technologies, including local logistics, a retail app, and banking services.

In 2020, the Wolt app was updated to add the ability to place in-app orders for groceries and food, as well as other changes to make Wolt deliveries as secure as possible, such as making delivery completely contactless. Lukasz Gadowski, Delivery Hero’s co-founder, chipped in an extra €7.5 million, bringing the total investment from the company’s early investors and Goldman Sachs Growth Equity to €100 million.


Using Foody, you can easily order delivery or takeout from any of the more than 2,100 restaurants and grocery stores in Cyprus. Everything from burgers and souvlaki to crepes and gyros to pizza and espresso drinks is available. Foody is more than just a food and grocery delivery business; it also has supermarkets, kiosks, wineries, butchers, bakers, and even baby products.

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It’s possible to shop for food, find special offers, and pay for purchases online all from the comfort of this one app.


When it comes to grocery delivery apps in Cyprus, one of the most popular is Supermarketcy. You must first register by filling out the form with your details before you can place an order for delivery (they will be automatically saved in the system). The layout is intuitive, and so are the controls. The app displays both product images and prices. You can save items you’re interested in by clicking the heart icon, and then selecting from your saved options at a later time.

They offer some of the most competitive pricing among online grocery delivery apps in Cyprus, and people living in Nicosia can get superfast delivery within minutes of placing the order.


The delivery services offered by Cheapbasket are unparalleled. There is no cost associated with the delivery. In order to place an order, a minimum of 40 Euros is required. The website claims that orders placed before 3 pm will be delivered the following day unless it’s a holiday or the weekend.

The website is not that complex. The only version of it is in English. The font sizes and column widths are both too small to read comfortably. The prices are relatively in line with those found in other grocery stores. When you include no-cost delivery, they’re surprisingly inexpensive.


Fresco is an alternative, smaller, private, non-chain online grocery store. To put it another way, it’s the equivalent of a grocery shop in your neighborhood. Most items are priced similarly to what one would pay at a physical store. There are some price hikes of 20% – 30%.

You can make a personalized wish list on the website, which is a list of items you want to purchase. However, the like button is only visible when viewing the page for each item individually. The item is unavailable for wish listing in the main catalog.

Delivery packages are handled by the company’s own courier service. To place an order, a minimum of 25 Euros is required. You’ll have to fork over 2.5 Euros for delivery. No cost if your total is more than 40 Euros.

Business Model of Grocery Delivery Apps in Cyprus and How they make money

When developing bottom-up software like online grocery delivery apps in Cyprus, it is vital to collaborate among specialists and engineers across fields.

In order to get an online grocery delivery service up and running, a lot of individuals need to know a lot of different things and do a lot of different things. Design, development, market analysis, and business professionals are all included here. The best option is to work with a firm that has experience making apps for grocery delivery apps in Cyprus. In terms of personalization, onboarding assistance, and business strategy execution, you have a great deal of flexibility.

Apps for Grocery Shoppers – Customer Facing

The convenience of supermarket shopping from your phone is always within reach. Customers can access the company’s offerings via the standard brick-and-mortar locations or over the internet. Online shopping is convenient since orders may be placed at any time of day or night and delivered to any location within the service area. There are numerous convenient tools included in the grocery ordering app that will make shopping a breeze for its users.

Apps for Grocery Delivery Agents and Merchants

Grocery store apps streamline the process of having food delivered to your house. Service providers and grocery store owners can both profit from the increased efficiency of deliveries enabled by features like order management (which could entail geolocation), payment and notification control (push notifications), and countless other advantages for delivery staff.

All-in-one grocery app solutions like Grocer can be a significant assistance for startup business owners in Cyprus who are looking to launch grocery delivery apps. The success of companies like Big Basket, Amazon Pantry, Grofers, and Nature’s Basket served as inspiration for this e-commerce platform.

grocery delivery apps in cyprus

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