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The use of live video streaming apps have completely altered the ways in which people all over the world communicate, share, and participate in online communities and content. With the ability to broadcast live events and share personal memories in real-time, these platforms have broken down barriers, creating a smaller and more connected world.

Live video streaming services have become increasingly popular and in demand due to the exponential growth of internet speeds and other technological developments. Anyone interested in live content—whether they’re a budding influencer, a seasoned broadcaster, a business seeking to grow, or just someone curious—must be familiar with the landscape of the top live streaming apps.

This blog explores the ever-changing landscape of live video streaming apps, showcasing the top contenders that have won over customers with their features, intuitive interfaces, and one-of-a-kind offerings.

The Top Live Streaming Apps

Here’s a closer look at the top live streaming apps, highlighting their key features and what sets them apart.


Co-streaming: A broadcaster can invite other guests to join their show and continue streaming with the help of the Multi-guest feature.

Earn Coins: By monetizing their live videos, creators can earn coins, which can be converted into their preferred currency and then transferred to the bank account.

Filters: Allows users to enhance their live videos with stunning visuals, music, and effects in real-time.

Isometrik SDK: The Isometrik SDK allows live streaming with its many features and customization.

AR/Voice change filters: The user can enhance their stream with augmented reality filters and voice change filters.

Monetization features: Users can monetize their social community.

Control broadcast media feeds: During the broadcast, users have the ability to control the media feeds.

Realtime chat feature: Access the streamers’ chat rooms to engage in user-streamer interaction.

Broadcast settings: Users can set the broadcast settings according to their preferences.

Scrollable Streams: Users can scroll through the streams.

Premium live streaming: You can set up fees in terms of coins to access special content. A great chance for content creators to make money off of their live video streaming offering.

Social Features: Allows creators to stream in groups so as to make and save clips from previous live broadcasts.

Commissions: Kick gives creators a number of revenue split choices, with varying levels of features and account visibility – even a 95-5 split in which creator retains 95% of their earnings.

Less Stringent Moderation: gives streamers more freedom for posting explicit content, whereas other platforms might have restrictions.

Possibilities for New Streamers: Since the platform does not have a lot of members, there is less rivalry, which is great news for up-and-coming streamers.


Screen Sharing: This feature allows streamers to share their video or games directly from their device.

Voice and Video Calls: Allows for two-way communication with the audience or with co-streamers through the use of voice and video calls.

Accessibility: Discord is available for desktop and mobile (iOS/Android), so more people can use it.

Live Chatbox: This feature allows for real-time communication between the streamer and viewers through the use of a chatbox.

Bigo Live

Tools For Engagement: Bigo Live provides members with a variety of engagement opportunities, such as the opportunity to send gifts and interact with one another through live chat.

Content Diversification: The platform features a diverse array of content, including live music performances and game streaming.

Worldwide Reach: Bigo Live gives content creators the chance to connect with viewers all over the world due to their global audience and localization of content.

influencers guide to top live streaming apps

YouTube Live

Analytics: YouTube Live provides users with a comprehensive set of metrics regarding the performance of livestreams.

Monetization: Advertising and Super Chats allow streamers to make money while also allowing viewers to interact with the creators via messages.

Premieres: Build up the audience’s anticipation for a new video by premiering it alongside live chat.

Create Highlights And Share: Users have the option to generate clips directly from the livestream, which allows them to instantly share all the important moments.

Improve Viewer Engagement: Streamers have the option to use a trailer to promote their YouTube Live event, which can increase viewer engagement.

How To Monetize Live Streaming Apps

Here are some of the ways to monetize live streaming apps.

Subscription Models: A subscription model charges users a recurring fee for access to premium content or features. This could be on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. It provides a steady stream of revenue and helps in building a loyal user base.

Pay-Per-View: Under this model, users pay for access to specific live events or content pieces. It is commonly used for special events, such as concerts, sports events, or exclusive webinars. It can generate significant revenue from highly anticipated events.

Advertisements: Integrating ads into live streams is a popular way to monetize. This can be through pre-roll ads (before the stream starts), mid-roll ads (during the stream), or display ads (around the stream). It allows free access for users while still generating revenue.

Sponsorships and Brand Partnerships: Collaborating with brands can bring in revenue through sponsored content or product placements within the live stream. Apart from direct revenue, it can also increase the stream’s credibility and attract a wider audience.

Virtual Gifting and Donations: This model allows viewers to support their favourite live streamers through virtual gifts or donations during the live broadcast. It fosters a strong community bond and directly supports content creators.

Affiliate Marketing: Promoting third-party products or services during the stream and earning a commission for every sale made through an affiliate link. It can be a lucrative revenue stream if the products align well with the audience’s interests.

Benefits Of Choosing White-Label Live Streaming Apps

White label live streaming apps offer many benefits for creators and entrepreneurs who want to use live video without developing a platform from ground up.

Brand Consistency: White label solutions allow businesses to integrate live streaming services directly into their existing websites or platforms with full brand customization. This means the streaming platform can adopt the company’s logo, colour scheme, and overall brand identity.

Faster Time-To-Market: Developing a live streaming app from the ground up requires considerable time and resources. White label apps, on the other hand, offer a ready-made infrastructure that can be quickly customised and deployed. 

Cost-Effectiveness: Building a live streaming platform entails significant investment in technology, infrastructure, and specialised personnel. White label solutions eliminate these upfront costs, offering a subscription-based model that scales with use.

best live streaming apps for new influencers

Technical Support and Maintenance: White label providers typically offer ongoing technical support and take responsibility for maintaining and updating the platform. It relieves content creators and entrepreneurs of the burden of technical maintenance, ensuring the platform runs smoothly and remains up-to-date.

Customization and Scalability: White label live streaming apps come with a range of customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs. Additionally, they offer scalability to accommodate growing audience sizes without degrading the quality of service.

Integrated Monetization Options: Many white label solutions include built-in monetization features, such as pay-per-view, subscriptions, and advertising. Appscrip’s live streaming app allows the following ways of monetization:

  • Earnings from Coins: Streamers can earn virtual gifts from their viewers using coins or individual coins. The app receives a portion of the revenue.
  • Premium Live Streaming: Creators may make money off their work by giving it a personal touch with our premium live streaming feature which requires an additional number of coins.
  • Purchasable Coins: Viewers have the ability to purchase coins and then send them to the creators. They can choose a coin plan and get the coins. A small commission is made by the app for each transaction.
  • In-app Ads: Third-party merchant ads provide your app a commission. Both the total number of clicks and the total quantity of products purchased could be used to determine referral commissions.
  • LiveJet Wallet: Our virtual wallet feature ensures the safety of your currency and earnings. Here, users can turn their coins into cash and withdraw their earnings through a variety of payment methods.

Enhanced Security and Privacy: White label platforms often come with advanced security features, including encryption, secure access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations. It ensures the privacy and security of the content and viewer data, building trust with the audience and protecting the brand’s reputation.


From fostering real-time engagement to opening up new avenues for monetization, live streaming apps offer unparalleled opportunities for businesses and content creators alike. 

With its emphasis on customization, scalability, and user engagement, Appscrip empowers creators and entrepreneurs to launch live streaming services with confidence. Whether you’re aiming to broadcast live events, host interactive webinars, or create a community around unique content, Appscrip offers a tailored solution that aligns with your brand identity and business objectives.

Why Choose Appscrip?

  • Customization at Its Core: Tailor your live streaming platform to reflect your brand’s ethos and appeal directly to your target audience.
  • Scalability for Growth: As your audience expands, Appscrip ensures your platform can handle increased traffic without compromising on performance.
  • Monetization Made Easy: Leverage integrated monetization options to unlock new revenue streams through subscriptions, pay-per-view, and more.
  • Reliable Technical Support: Benefit from ongoing support and maintenance, allowing you to focus on content creation and community building.

Don’t let the complexities of app development hold you back from seizing the live streaming opportunity. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a business looking to diversify, or a content creator aiming for greater reach, Appscrip’s live streaming app development solution is your gateway to the digital stage.

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