ZeboLive Business Model: To Monetize Your Creativity

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Everyone’s invited to share their views, show off their talents and turn themselves into a popular vlog star.

ZeboLive is a live streaming platform for users to onboard and showcase their talent. ZeboLive’s tagline is: ZiboLive is made in India, made by Indians and is for all.

ZeboLive business model has an active community involving creators, singers, comedians, broadcasters, dancers, and others.

Users can receive appreciation in the form of virtual gifts by showcasing their talent. This helps them to monetize their talent and their efforts.

ZeboLive Business Model

There are various live streaming modes on the platform and one to one battle games. Users can create interesting content through the short video platform in the application which consists of many face filters and effects.

ZeboLive Business Model

Chirag Punjabi is the CEO and founder of ZeboLive. ZeboLive has an interesting UI and innovative features. They are professional with their execution and niche focus. Their mobile platform helps new-age talent creators in Tier 2 and 3 cities.

ZeboLive is India’s First Mobile Entertainment Platform for Talented Gen Z Creators. Creators can onboard themselves and monetize their skills. The platform helps creators to Live Stream and create Short Videos.

The platform is initially targeting Tier-II and Tier-III Cities in India.

The platform also helps creators to socialize and generate considerable revenue using their skills. ZeboLive’s mobile entertainment platform for creators from tier-II and tier-III cities has acquired 47000+ users without having raised any funds to date.

Referral Opportunity

ZeboLive has a referral program as outlined below:

  • You begin by investing INR 50,000
  • Then you got to refer at least 5 investors. Each have to invest a sum of INR 20,000 into the campaign.
  • After this, share your investment details in #zebolive on your social handle.
  • After completing the above stages fill a form and you are eligible to receive 20% of the total sum invested by the investors you referred.

Or then you can invest a certain amount and get 2 times the value in coins every month for the next 5years. That is if you invest INR 10,000 then you get 20,000 coins every month for the coming 5 years.

What You Can Do On ZeboLive

Explore Live Sessions or Events

Discover umpteen Live Sessions and Events that’s full of fun, chatting and sharing of knowledge.

Foster new Friends

ZeboLive helps you meet new people who think like you. So make new friends, create business leads and discuss on various topics.

How you can earn on ZeboLive is simple and straightforward. Just onboard yourself, showcase your unique talents to the audience who are on the platform and receive gifts in the form of virtual coins which can be converted to cash.

Live Streaming

Livestreaming is streaming of acts, events, or occasions as and when they are taking place. Here events can be simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. This helps you to earn as well as enjoy the experience while making new friends and fan base.

Live Streaming Online Logo, Internet, Stream, Icon PNG and Vector with Transparent Background for Free Download | Online logo, Live streaming, Streaming

Short Videos

Create your video using several filters and effects. This can be shared on your social media handles and channels with your friends and family.

Key Participants


Admin is the head of the virtual room. Admin can create rooms, edit topics and if necessary modify the rules too.


Moderator has to responsibility to moderate the event. Moderator can accept or reject those joining or consider who to invite as Speaker. They can also remove or confirm listeners. They can manage the privacy of the room.


Any user can join in to a room as a speaker. Speaker can continue the discussion with the permission of the moderator or the admin.


Listeners can join/enter any Public Rooms. They can also enter social or private rooms as per the laid out criteria. They have been given the opportunity to raise their hand to become a speaker for any particular room.

How to generate revenue?

Sending Virtual Gifts (virtual coins)

Users can either send or receive virtual gifts in the form of virtual coins. These can be sent to the speaker, moderator and/or admin of the room/club when they consider them worthy of appreciation. These virtual coins can be converted to cash and transferred to your bank account upon request raised through their wallet.

Paid Events & Seminars

An option is provided for followers or invitees to join certain events. There may sometime be charges to be paid in the form of virtual coins.

Use Cases of ZeboLive Business Model

Community Building

Anyone can build and grow their communities by going live or hosting events such as artists, creators, entrepreneurs, influencers, singers, social workers, etc.


Celebrities and Influencers can collaborate with brands or corporations and endorse them via virtual events.

Hosting Events

Virtual Events are the toast of the season, this is driven by the need of the situation! Users can attend seminars on interesting subjects free of charges.

A Boon for Video Creators

ZeboLive is one of the best platforms for creators to build a community with the help of engaging content.

Networking is the Key

ZeboLive ensures networking happens as a secondary function. This can be done seamlessly and efficiently. This will be helpful on the long run.

How ZeboLive Business Model is different from other Social Media Platforms

Have Control

New and unique content creates a wonderful experience and drives user engagement.

Diverse Users

Communities can be easily formed due to the app. This will contribute to substantial diversity in the kind of users on the app.

Quality Is Maintained

We know for a creator, quality of engagement is imperative and not quantity. This makes the app more genuine and authentic.

App Has Your Attention

There are plenty of features available on this (ZeboLive Business Model) app that keeps the interest of creators on it. Such social networks are worth watching out for in the future.

ZeboLive Business Model



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