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They’re cute, lovable, and playful – we are talking about cats. Don’t be overly confused by cat dating apps, sure there’s cats involved. We are also taking their owners into consideration. That is – cats play coy to get their owners to meet.

Cats are adorable mates in the singles-fiefdom, therefore you’re bound to come across a few cat lovers if you have the habit of spending time on Tinder or any other dating site. Modern day Brits love them as much as the Ancient Egyptians did. There are around 8.5 million pet cats in the UK alone.

A 2017 national pet owners survey shows that there were approximately a total of 95.6 million pet cats in the US households. Notwithstanding the fact whether you’re an admirer of these independent, mysterious, and sometimes aloof felines, who knows you might end up being fascinated by their owners too.


It’s not all rest and no play with cats. Those with a strong animal instinct could go hunting after sundown or otherwise they spend around 25% of wake up time grooming. While they groom you could be audience to some cute poses coupled with energetic cat gymnastics.

Benefits Of Dating A Cat Owner

  • Cat owners are found to have higher IQ and are an educated lot. Cats help in keeping your stress levels low. And cat lovers are usually trustworthy.
  • Cats reveal a lot about your personality. While dog lovers are the life of the party, cat lovers are quiet. They tend to be content. Doesn’t it sound good that a cat lover spends time with you not because he has to but because he wants to? 
  • Cat owners are multi-tasking rock stars. Having a cat builds character and realizes a great deal of responsibility. They scoop through litter boxes, vacuum hairballs, and scrub cat vomits from carpets (cats have more sensitive stomachs than other animals). They have already learned their lesson, so they don’t hesitate to handle the gross stuff. 
  • Cat owners have always been known to choose private snuggle fest over going out. They are low maintenance and trained to be chill at all times.

For a single guy wanting to impress a date, a cat could be a promising way to a woman’s heart. 80% of women admit being drawn to men who like animals, and 85% believe that men who own a cat are adorable. If you’ve got a charming feline at home, don’t forget to include their picture on your profile.

Cat Dating Apps

1. Meet Cat Lovers

Meet Cat Lovers

The internet loves cats and we now have another ardent follower — Meet Cat Lovers. This website has been created for you and your feline brood to meet and bond with people of the same creed. Another incentive worth mentioning here is the resourcefulness that comes along and that too at no additional cost. Meet Cat Lovers is the property of Online Connections that has other innovative dating sites in their portfolio. Hence registering yourself on this site gives your profile the much needed boost in other affiliated sites too.

Meet Cat Lovers site has some interesting bifurcations on their site so as to attract every possible individual such as, single male cat lovers, single gay cat lovers, single female cat lovers & single lesbian cat lovers. That means folks you can meet all the furry-bundles you yearn for in addition to their caring owners whenever you feel like it.

2. Cat Lovers Network

Cat Dating Apps

Over 30% of US households own a cat as compared to 40% of families that own dogs as pets. That works out to a total of 36 million households that provide a loving home to cats. Don’t fret if you can’t seem to find other feline devotees, you certainly must have missed the Cat Lovers Network. There you will find a hoard of like-minded gents like yourself. Get to know a few of them and you are good to go.

Thankfully on the Cat Lovers Network, there’s no elaborate questionnaire to fill out — just few basic rudimentary snippets of information. They don’t need your credit card number, or your profession, instead they have a dedicated team 24/7 to take care of any exigencies that you might run into.

3. Tag A Cat

After Tinder created a trend in the dating scene, zillion sites and cat dating apps came up with novel features and of course geotagging. The one that got our eyes – Tag a Cat, that assists like-minded folks find cat lovers in their vicinity by viewing pictures of their wards. Connect online with someone who shares your passion for cats than spending time searching for potential mates which is much more stressful and prolonged.

On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram users can follow their favorite feeds, comment on pictures, and become friends with other cat owners. It’s the geotagging that sets this app apart as it could effectively assist you to find your furry mate a date within a well-defined radius of your home – you never know who you could run into.

Tag A Cat is for people for whom cat is family and desire to share everything regarding their own cat with like-minded folks. There’s a simple and intuitive UI that can be utilized to create your own feed of new images.

Tag-a-Cat is on iTunes and free to download.

4. Cat Lovers Dating

Cat Lovers Dating

I had three cats and 3 siblings growing up in a farm, so I totally fathom the kind of love that is available on a platter. The same goes for the members of Cat Dating Apps.

This free British dating site features its newest members in the Latest Cat Lovers – Sign Up section, who knows your picture could be staring at you soon.

While browsing through profiles you can view users’ first names, their age, and location. Alternatively you can click on their picture for more information. The site literally states, if you’re looking for a partner in crime who understands your passion for pets, then don’t just settle for anyone in particular. But search for a mate who is as crazy a cat lover as you are.

5. Purrsonals

If you will care to notice, most cat dating apps offer very basic UI experience, but for the Purrsonals App, the game is different. The UI of this cat dating app is aesthetically built and is pleasing of the bunch to tinker with. Except for a surprise wherein a lady comes in a video out of nowhere and goes on to introduce the site to you. Even though she puts on her best act by welcoming patrons with ‘We made this just for you,’ with a kitty in her arms – but frankly speaking it doesn’t break the ice. It would have made sense to get the welcome act through some other captivating manner and not in a fashion wherein most would skip.

Cat Lovers Network

Registration is pretty normal until you come to the section requesting you to mention the personality straits of the social groups you belong to.

And when it comes to searching for like-minded folks Purrsonals certainly don’t excel. Could be the monetizing part or range of questions, there were only a few in my age group in San Francisco and only one with a picture. We know that a picture speaks a thousand words, but when it comes to a person’s appearance that would be pretty confusing. It’s nice to know whom you are speaking to.

But the real deal breaker is, to message someone you have your eyes on, you got to pay and get into a higher hierarchy of membership.

6. Single Cat Lovers

This certainly has not been built aesthetically nor are they good with their color combinations. While the registration is pretty much straightforward Single Cat Lovers is unfortunately as gloomy as the virus we’re all chasing now. These guys have certainly gone overboard with regards to their responsibilities on creating Cat Dating Apps. They inquire you on your physical attributes.

So there you are, they don’t have a good interface – even though they represent a graceful feline. But they require your physical data. I may be a healthy 6 footer, but I want folks to talk about my cat. They certainly put the cat away and the owner on a pedestal – should have been the other way around.

7. Must Love Pets

Must Love Pets

Just as in Single Cat Lovers, Must Love Pets made it mandatory for users to categorize their physical attributes. Most of us wouldn’t want to be friendly to someone who wants to know more about the owner rather than your pet. Anyone would be wary of Must Love Pets because the registration was simple, but then you get an accompanying email asking you to go for the premium membership that costs you.

When you want someone to pay for a service, they got to value it.

But one thing’s for sure, they would love to cater to different genre. If you are not able to upload a picture of your pet for any reason (don’t have a smartphone, digital camera, a scanner, or lack a tech-savvy relative), you could mail the picture to their office and they will upload it for you. The site sounds Must Love Pets, but love certainly lacks.

Conclusion – Cat Dating Apps

Purrsonals stands out among other Cat Dating Apps for their innovative portrayal. But none of the cat dating apps would really match the ardor of a pet lover. There are facets that could have been taken into consideration to make each site interesting and welcoming. This is an opportunity gone begging by businesses that could have taken advantage of a community that is niche and keeps growing. It is a great idea to get dating going on with someone of similar interests or beliefs such as love for cats — it’s great to get a partner out of nowhere and the icing of the cake is your interests match.

Cat Dating Apps

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