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Live streaming apps have a mass appeal and build the trust factor at a super-accelerated rate in real-time.

Video content online is one of the most consumed content at the moment. TV has been replaced as a primary source of visual content. Live video streaming is now the go-to option for instant content for news, events, and entertainment. 

Even though the trend of live streaming started recently, it’s already a gold mine for marketers, business owners, and bloggers.

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What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming app

Live streaming refers to online streaming media that is simultaneously recorded and broadcasted in real-time

Users interact with the streamers via chat rooms and discuss a variety of topics on social media, video games, professional sports, and participate in live events.

Why Create A Live Streaming App?

Live streaming has been one of the hottest topics in the world of content marketing over a few years. 

Top influencers and bloggers are seeing live streaming apps as a new medium of communication and also as a quick way to expand their revenue stream.

Professionals artists, trainers, musicians, and others have been using live streaming apps to create live cooking videos, dance videos, music videos, product launches, webinars, fitness training, make-up tutorials, and more.

live streaming app uses

Live streaming has replaced traditional video in corporate marketing strategies. Businesses are opting for live streaming apps to raise their brand standards, increase customer interactions, and sales

If you are still not convinced then this will enlighten you more on why you should invest in creating a live streaming app:

live streaming app statistics

According to a recent report, the live streaming industry is projected to grow into a $70 Billion industry. 

According to, 80% of people say they would rather stream video live than read a blog post and 82% prefer live video to social network posts. 

45% of live video users are willing to pay for live content.

72% of businesses saying the video has improved their conversion rate, according to Wyzowl.

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Features To Be Considered While Choosing A Live Streaming App

live streaming app features

Easy Live Streaming

A simple UI should help broadcasters to go live instantly and connect to their fans and followers. 

Co-streaming & Player Kill

Users can co-stream with another streamer and go live together. They can interact, earn coins, and get increased viewership together. Using the Player kill option they can compete and earn benefits. 

live streaming app features

Group Co-stream

A host user can add up to 6-7 co-streamers into single live streaming.

Beauty & Live AR Filters 

Users add beauty filters and video effects in real-time to their live stream. They can add audio effects to enhance the experience on the live streaming app.

Moderation Features 

As a host, the live streamer has control to mute video & audio, hide chat messages, hide control buttons of other streamers. They also can restrict and report faulty viewers if necessary.

Revenue Possibilities Of Live Streaming App 

live streaming app revenue possibilities

Monthly Subscriptions

By setting a fixed price, broadcasters get recurring revenues from loyal subscribers.


Viewers can access exclusive live streams through pay-per-view, where they can purchase the content.

live streaming app revenue possibilities

In-app Purchases 

Broadcasters can endorse and promote products through live streams and allow viewers to buy their desired products through an easy check-out process. 


Users can opt for ad-based monetization programs to maximize revenue.

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Choosing A Right App Development Service Provider- Livejet

live streaming app software solution

Choosing the right app development service can easily kickstart your live streaming venture. We have a pre-built, 100% customizable live streaming app software for you. 

Livejet is India’s first indigenously built, low latency, highly scalable live streaming app software. 

live streaming app software solution

Our top-notch features are inspired by popular live-streaming apps like Bigo,, Twitch, and Periscope aim to turn talent broadcast into a business.

live streaming app software solution

Build a live streaming app with intuitive UX to help:

  • Professionals to showcase their talent.
  • Reach a broader audience.
  • Engage with fans and followers.
  • Become popular.
  • Monetize by going Live.

live streaming app



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