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Buy and sell apps are choices people have, to get rid of redundant personal items and find other beneficial stuff at a discount. These apps allow users to list items for sale and browse listings of goods from other users.

Atlanta, a bustling city with its growing economy, has become a hub for entrepreneurial ventures and businesses seeking to establish a strong digital presence. With the surge in online transactions and e-commerce activities, the need for efficient buy and sell apps have spiralled.

To aid aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses navigate this dynamic market, here’s a comprehensive guide to the top buy and sell apps in Atlanta.

Top Buy And Sell Apps In Atlanta

There are two chief business models for buy and sell apps: marketplace and social commerce. Marketplace apps connect buyers and sellers, while social commerce apps focus on building a community of users who buy and sell goods and services from each other.

This blog will take a closer look at the top buy and sell apps in Atlanta, and provide an overview of their founders, their inception, total funding, business models of operation, unique selling propositions, and revenue details.


Founder: Alec Oxenford

Inception & Total Funding: Founded in 2015. Funding $975 million

Business Model: LetGo follows a peer-to-peer marketplace model that allow users to buy and sell various products, belonging to various categories such as electronics, furniture, and clothing.

Unique Selling Proposition: LetGo stands out for its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, focus on local listings and has an extensive reach in the local market.

Brief: LetGo has seen a substantial increase in its revenue, with projections indicating a steady growth of 18% per year. Possessing a wide array of categories and with emphasis on user experience, LetGo has successfully attracted a significant user base within the U.S which contributes to its annual revenue.

LetGo has over 75 million users and has generated over $100 million in revenue last year.


Founder: Nick Huzar, Arean van Veelen

Inception & Total Funding: Founded in 2011. Funding $785 million

Business Model: OfferUp operates as a local mobile marketplace, enabling users to buy and sell various products, encouraging community-based interactions.

Unique Selling Proposition: OfferUp distinguishes itself through its advanced AI-driven recommendation system, enabling personalised product suggestions for users. OfferUp provides a wide range of listings and focuses on safety.

Brief: OfferUp has seen rapid growth, with its revenue increasing by 35% YoY. Its revenue has reached $80 million, due to effective monetisation strategies and strong user engagement. OfferUp has over 85 million users and generated over $150 million in revenue in 2022.


Founder: Carl Mercier, Tami Zuckerman

Inception & Total Funding: Founded in 2012. Funding $34 million.

Business Model: VarageSale is a social commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers for local goods and services. VarageSale operates as a virtual garage sale platform, allowing users to connect within local communities for buying and selling various items.

Unique Selling Proposition: VarageSale’s focus is on ensuring secure transactions and fostering a sense of community within the platform which sets it apart from competitors. VarageSale is known for its community-driven approach and inherent focus on trust and safety.

Brief: With a dedicated user base in Atlanta, VarageSale has sustained a steady revenue growth rate of 15% annually, they generated a revenue of $20 million in 2020. VarageSale has over 10 million users and generated over $42.5 million in revenue in 2022.


Founder: Lucas Lu

Inception & Total Funding: Founded in 2012. Funding $62 million

Business Model: 5miles serves as a hyper-local marketplace, facilitating the buying and selling of goods and services within a 5-mile radius, accentuating convenience and proximity.

Unique Selling Proposition: 5miles distinguishes itself through its emphasis on local transactions, promoting face-to-face interactions and fostering trust within communities. 5miles hinges on hyperlocal listings for success and its easy-to-use interface.

Brief: 5miles has witnessed a remarkable surge in revenue, reaching $50 million annually, owing to its innovative approach to localised commerce and its ability to cater to the specific needs of the buy and sell market. 5miles has over 20 million users and generated over $65 million in revenue in 2021.


Founder: Manish Chandra

Total Funding: Founded in 2011. Funding $153 million

Business Model: Poshmark is a social commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers of new and used clothing, personal accessories, and home goods. Poshmark enables users to buy and sell fashion and lifestyle products, stressing community engagement and personalised shopping experiences.

Unique Selling Proposition: Poshmark’s encourages social interactions, virtual events, and a seamless user experience sets it apart from traditional e-commerce platforms. Poshmark is known for its focus on high-quality items and its community-driven approach.

Brief: Poshmark has established a strong foothold in Atlanta’s fashion market, thereby placing it among the top buy and sell apps in Atlanta, boasting an annual revenue of $150 million. With its unique blend of social networking and e-commerce, Poshmark has successfully cultivated a loyal user base, contributing significantly to its revenue growth.

Poshmark has over 80 million users and generated over $0.35 billion in revenue in 2022.


Founder: Agustin Gomez, Gerard Olive, Miguel Vicente

Inception & Total Funding: Founded in 2013 and received funding of $118 million.

Business Model: Wallapop is a marketplace platform that connects buyers and sellers of local goods and services. It functions as a virtual flea market, allowing users to buy and sell various items within their local communities, prioritizing simplicity, and accessibility.

Unique Selling Proposition: Wallapop’s intuitive user interface, integrated chat feature, and focus on localised transactions make it a preferred choice for users across all markets. Wallapop focuses on safety and is known to target Spanish-speaking audience.

Brief: Wallapop has experienced notable success in Atlanta, achieving an annual revenue of 60 million. With its emphasis on localised interactions and seamless user experience, Wallapop has positioned itself as a prominent player in Atlanta’s digital marketplace. Wallapop has over 20 million users and generated over $63 million in revenue in 2021.

Conclusion: Top Buy And Sell Apps In Atlanta

In conclusion, these ‘top buy and sell apps in Atlanta’ have revolutionised the local e-commerce landscape, catering to diverse user preferences, and fostering a thriving digital marketplace.

As entrepreneurs and businesses explore opportunities in this domain, understanding the unique features and revenue dynamics of these apps can facilitate informed decision-making and strategic growth in the vibrant market.

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Top Buy and Sell Apps In Atlanta
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